1. Complex

      Season 10 premiere! What’s your favorite episode of Fresh Prince and Martin?

      1. Murder, ServedRaw


      2. Thormidori

        Haunted House Halloween

      3. Swift My wife

        Don Perignon lpp

      4. True Aries

        All of them!!

    2. Sum1udontNo e

      Stadium good is complete trash spent over 600 on there website didn't hear anything on my order for a week finally emailed them and acouple days later they give me some generic email saying they refunded me my money. I went through my PayPal which has over a 1000 on it and it also connected to my checking account so idk what to say

    3. brando corleone

      Now this when JPsel kill Kiki kill netflex

    4. Ahmed Raza

      man that af1 offwhite was dope.

    5. Jackie Ashley

      Can't wait to g back to NYC to shop there love sneakers!!! They are so high can't afford them don't hurt to look

    6. The KING

      Americans and this ugly fashion NBA Sneakers🤮🤮🤮

    7. Devon Vertuin

      Almost 10k just for some fabric

    8. Mariah G

      For that much the salesperson Should have handed Marty Mar his card back

    9. CHARAF KH

      Honestly i do think you can still have a good shoes game /style within 100 $ budget . You do not need a shoe that costs 10 000 $ !! .

    10. Official PaulyNation

      So those 100+ Jordan's on Footlockers were fake then???? Wtf lol

    11. Khalil Oliver

      Get travis Scott

    12. Devin Yu

      i want those shoes

    13. Junior Davis

      That's brotherly love right there

    14. Lewis Jones

      "I like to coordinate" nice John Witherspoon reference

    15. Lewis Jones

      I remember Martin gave those crispy ass Jordan 12's to that kid on Christmas

    16. Hay Den

      Daaaaa it’s rewind time

    17. memento mori

      Please have JACKBOYS on the show sneaker shopping (TRAVIS SCOTT, SHECK WES, DON TOLIVER,POP SMOKE)

    18. Lorenzo Segatta

      So that we can open in Miamy and the enterprize will be extended.# W The allovertheworld SUPREME PARTY.Olèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèè

    19. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

      The interviewer did a good job. He knew about the shoes, the actors and their work, and how to engage with them. It's nice to see.

    20. Josh Henry

      These guys rule!

    21. Thando Purance

      7:05, you welcome.

    22. Kristoffer Cedric

      Why is Joe La Puma awkward as fuck? He has that vibe that he did his homework and he will force it to the guests. No interaction whatsoever. Just empty blasts of 'definitely' and 'right'.

    23. Johnny Dagoat

      All them shoes they just bought is 200 dollars in my city🤦🏾‍♂️

    24. Noel Everett

      Great guys

    25. Julian Keen

      You should do youtubers too like cash nasty or jesserthelazer

    26. J Bird

      Return them thangs yaa...

    27. Clipper BHD

      $2200 for some off white forces 😬

    28. ryan jugg

      Fw it they chill af

    29. Marquis.2x

      What kinda shoes did joe have on

    30. Buford Blue

      Spot Nike Peaceminusone. Find out, then u are a real FAN of Gdragon */*

    31. Golden Stxnce

      he really didn't want to buy it LOL

    32. Iner Jones

      Almost 9k for some freaking shoes. Awwwww hell naw to da naw naw naw. Im from Memphis TN I shop at walmart for my shoes and my kids shoes. Yall walking on a new car, house, an all these bills I got. Must be nice.

    33. Davante Imhoff

      Jordan 1 Shadow go for like $200 smh they had to have bumped up the prices cuz they knew they got money like that

    34. iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

      I stopped wearing J's n high school.. If they don't cost at least a grand I can't rock with them

    35. Niagara

      I love how at the 1:00 mark, will is standing with the bel-air 5s behind him


      The two biggest Uncle Toms in the business teamed for the ultimate tap dance routine

    37. Radza Martin

      What shoes are those that Joe has on? I'm trying to buy ASAP

    38. TheMinuteMan

      Martin in the sunken place

    39. Jp Gunna

      Them prices tho 🤦🏽‍♂️

    40. Laura Doyle

      Trainers are so expensive in America 😮😮

    41. none noone

      Martin shoes and comedy was better

    42. Spartacus Détection

      cool les 2 son au top!!! jpsel.info 😊😊👍👍

    43. Nigga

      The OGs. I don’t like this Joe guy. Culture vulture

    44. Jeffery Palmer

      I swore martin was going to open his door and hit it on something again.

    45. swapnil verma

      I still feel bad for mkbhd.

    46. Jason Clarke

      They both have more millions in their bank account anyways😂😂😂 and Martin pulled that visa Black Card so I know for sure he has that 💵 💵 💵

    47. Bill Gears

      Thank you for making me feel like I went to the store With guys Sorry Martin Lawrence & Will smith It’s my fan accent That makes me feel this way😂L😎L😂

    48. DeShawn

      Martin has better taste in sneakers

    49. Tracy Shakur

      Martin’s class reunion with Pretty Ricky and Gina shows up with her mouth swelled and all jacked up! Along with so many more... Hard to choose.

    50. javier aguilar

      If i was on Sneaker Shopping i would ask Joe all the questions and turn it to him sneaker shopping

    51. GEORGE Pig

      YEO GET COMETHAZINE IN THIS 💥 he will deadass pop out with sketchers or sum🧑🏿‍🦯

    52. edien hincapie

      8k ??? Yeah no worries I’ll treat you will

    53. Ryan

      Next have Jack Harlow go sneaker shopping

    54. KING KOPPA

      0:39 that nigga Will sole them boots off the set of Wild Wild West 😭😭😭

    55. SaSSyM8 07

      Hahaha yoo 4:59 is lit wills on beat! 😅🤟

    56. Charmcity77

      How the hell does this have 2.3K thumbs down. People get your life together. Whats to hate bout this?

    57. bruce frunzi

      U guys should do glokknine

    58. IVI4I_IR0

      4:57, that freestlye man 👌

    59. Savage Cheeseball Dude

      Can’t believe he didn’t see those Nike X Spongebob shoes

    60. dinerøø

      0:17 Martin Lawrence "lets get it"