Usher - Versus Track by Track



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    Music video by Usher performing Versus Track by Track. (C) 2010 LaFace Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. Raimonda Garnelytė


    2. Isatu Kabia

      He's got gr8 sense of humour, it's funny seeing the cheeky side of him.

    3. Pretty Roqayya

      i love stranger .

    4. Am Achiaa

      Love em all...yeah Ush ??...

    5. Saulius Šemiotas

      Where is "Guilty" ?

    6. konohai87

      when he says ah like 100 times while he speaks he is also thinking about a song called ahhh

    7. Samara Junqueira

      excellent --- Sent From ushervevo's AppRats (Facebook App)!

    8. angela wijaya

      usherusherusher. yeah man. lol

    9. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @LadyMyara ok, we were both rude, but you are more... ok, he visited his dentist or the lighting was strange, he was at studio...

    10. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @aJoanaMarques and now he s divorced.... oups i already said that...

    11. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @Xx7anoonxX yeah, he is different and the same at the same time, we love him in every style!

    12. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @Paautom thanks! his voice is so different in the good way!

    13. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @Hayar96vsSorPain and now he is divorced... good luck!

    14. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @Hayar96vsSorPain ok, maybe for you and many others this video is boring, but to me and other fans its interesting, versus was a hit album with dance athems and urban tracks and i wanted to listen ushers opinion for track by track...

    15. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @vataliaable you re not the only fan in the world, i hope, i m greek and i admire him as an artist and entertainer!

    16. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @LadyMyara artist is natural, stupid!

    17. Anastasis Pinakoulakis

      @IssabellaCute it doesnt matter, we, the fans love him!!!

    18. Joana Marques

      Hayar96vsSorPain I love his lips :C xD

    19. vata prancke

      I love you Usher :))

    20. Haydar Ghafoor

      this is boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring... -.-''

    21. Haydar Ghafoor

      i think he loves his lips... he is toutching 'em all the time :p

    22. Xx7anoonxX

      its nice to see yuh without any diamonds ... fresh new look ha ^^ n i heard lay yuh down .... loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it xxxx

    23. Paautom

      I love your´re OMG

    24. Joshua Babs

      tenth :]

    25. vivekpsuresh

      @MsBluberries haha

    26. Tadas Kudrickas

      Awesome !