Usher - She Came II Give It II U - Behind The Scenes ft. Nicki Minaj



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    Music video by Usher feat. Nicki Minaj performing She Came to Give It to You - Behind The Scenes. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. Yefit Alamo

      where is the queen?

    2. Awall Wallace

      Usher FOREVER 🤜🏾🤛🏾👌🏾🙏🏿

    3. Emily smith Beauty blog


    4. Manbha Khongjee

      How come I never heard of this before!!!! Smh

    5. Celestin Sheika

      Omg Pharrel😍😍

    6. Ellhy Geep

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a> I hear Nicki laugh 😂😂

    7. Yolandaz NostalgicTv

      Now that was a fun behind the scenes..

    8. Bruno Andrade

    9. Jean Miranda

      Escucha The Air Sessions por JeanMiranda #np en #SoundCloud Listen to it @UsherVEVO @JustinBieberVEV

    10. Okage

      ok so i understand, you wanna creep people the fuck out with this song, i gotchu

    11. Jerry Junior Official

      Vevo has the official music video for the song, just go to Usher's vevo channel.

    12. TaySoGlo

      Usher isn't illuminati that's why.

      1. Celestin Sheika

        He s a chritian

    13. Martin Mateo


    14. Martin Mateo

      Fuvk ya"ll how's who don't like usher :-)

    15. shuggasmakk

      So cute

    16. Biggy Ushs nkili

      Rien a dire c'est lui et lui seul qui sera dans mon coeur comme artiste

    17. Jay Reece

      Why am I having a hard time finding the actual video on youtube all of a sudden? It's not even on his Vevo

      1. Jay Reece

        Nevermind. Found it on Ushertv. I just wanted to see it for Nicki Minaj :)

    18. Paola Ruiz

      When's the fucking music video gonna come out

      1. GO! Go! Zeppeli!

        already came out on ushertv

    19. Real Kid Original

      Hey, check out this track on SoundCloud: Real-Kid Original CONQUER!

    20. The Prince of Dance

      I like Bro, I m 2 Usher

    21. The Prince of Dance

      I like Bro, I m 2 Usher

    22. K1A9T8E5

      Usher! Please visit Poland!

    23. Dean E G

      Check out the Deep House Remix of Usher's "She Came To Give It To You".

    24. Heather

      So catchy

    25. wattafa wtfa

      & NICKI MINAJ???? :(

    26. misspink6287

      Looks like fun!

    27. Carmen Brown

      usher is so articulate when he speaks

    28. Unorthodox Hooligan

      Usher needs to reinvent himself. He has been singing about the same thing, the same way, doing the same dance steps for almost 20 years now. He has been in the game WAY too long for him to constantly give these lack luster videos, performances, albums, songs. Usher needs somebody on his team to say "STEP IT UP" this is coming from a Usher supporter. I know he's better than what he's been doing these past couple of years

      1. Skodz Gaming

        I think he make good music but he is not a 20yo hot bitch with big ass so he can't sell as much.

      2. Unorthodox Hooligan

        Oh okay

      3. D. Foxx

        @Unorthodox Hooligan Pharrell produced Blurred Lines. And Pharrell has produced for Usher since 2000 and I guess I should refer you to This Ain't Sex (2008) from Usher's Here I Stand album...but Good Kisser isn't really a funk song either and still sounds nothing like Blurred Lines or Get Lucky or any other song along those lines

      4. Unorthodox Hooligan

        Yea it's different but it's also kinda following the funk, pharrel produced, sound that Robin Thicke came with a couple of years ago

      5. D. Foxx

        @Unorthodox Hooligan the last song he made that is actually different than ANYTHING else on the radio is Good Kisser, which is why it's done better than She Came to Give it to You

    29. Ferrer Zorola

      I don't mean to be rude but why do singers love Pharrell Williams even if all of his productions sound the same? this is not some "Michael Jackson-Earth wind and fire-afrocuban-808 whatever", this is give it 2 me by Madonna and blurred lines by that one hit wonder, recycled!

    30. Kareen Virgo

      Usher has always done the Michael Jackson thing since the very start of his career in the 90s so don't act brand new and the video is already up on usher TV on here so stfu and subscribe

    31. Lane Long

      😂 i love usher he's so funny

    32. Abigale Whyte

      Cool song

    33. Christie Miller

      its a great video usher! love it and thanks for sharing behind the scenes love ya! TeamUsher4Life

    34. toomuchgame441

      This track is not doing so hot on the charts... Bet if he was white it would be top 10 by now

      1. toomuchgame441

        @Roberta Judd Fulham Usher is easily a legend in the RnB game. But the fact that a decent song such as this gets no spins but an artist like Sam Cooke can be looked at as such an icon with his very average sounding Soul tracks speaks volumes to what I'm ultimately saying

      2. D. Foxx

        @Roberta Judd Fulham Because you honestly can't name many black artists who top the charts compared to how many white artists do. It's nothing new, but it's hard to say for an artist like Usher who's been in the game for over 20 years. Sometimes older artists have a harder time maintaining relevancy.


        Well my eyes or English deceives me for that is exactly what it comes off as. So let me ask Why would him being white make it better?

      4. D. Foxx

        @Roberta Judd Fulham he's not saying being black would hinder his success, he's just saying if he was white, he wouldn't be struggling as much as he is now. But overall race doesn't really matter


        Yea because being black has hindered his career thus far at such a young age and huge accomplishments in the industry. Oh Yea ...he's doing just fine moron.

    35. D. Foxx

      Why the fuck is the music video not on Vevo, but the behind the scenes is? What kind of fuckery is this? Usher, what is going on?! And we're gonna need a HIT from Usher. I love his singles, but I need that hit man

    36. Sebastian Camacho

      This song is great, I love the beat to it. The only thing I dislike is how he's trying too hard to be Michael Jackson.

      1. Yolandaz NostalgicTv

        D. Foxx Before MJ passed away he was asked who he liked, and he said Usher.

      2. D. Foxx

        @Sebastian Camacho well if you heard all of JTs music then you'd know he tries to be like MJ too, but you gave us information that we really didn't ask for lol. I love JT too, but I wouldn't give up any type of my sexuality for him haha

      3. Sebastian Camacho

        Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson were thinking about making music together before his death. If MJ were alive to this day, he and Justin Timberlake would thrive. I'm only 15 years old, stating my opinion to the public JPsel community. I'm not sure how old the people are that are reading what I wrote. I'm a Justin Timberlake fan. Always have, always been. I always will. He's one of the few men I'd give up pan sexuality for.

      4. D. Foxx

        @Wonderland1994 I've seen a lot of Michael's performances and I know his style and I've seen elements of him in Usher, but he's been that way from the start of his career and it's worked for him just like it worked for Michael when he emulated other artists too. Don't forget that MJ copied other artists as well and She Came to Give it to You sounds like an Earth, Wind & Fire type song, yet it does have an MJ vibe, but MJ wasn't the only artist making this type of music. I agree every one copies MJ, but like Mike said, "In order to be great you have to study the greats"

      5. Wonderland1994

        @D. Foxx I said the way he`s walking on stage not kicking his legs back.You said about Chris Brown song "Fine China" but what about Usher`s song "She came to give it to you" ? when I first heard this song I thought it was Michael Jackson song.I think that you don`t know that much about Michael style or you don`t wanna know.Maybe you should watch Michael`s performances ,music videos.The way he was singing ,behaving on stage and maybe then you would see that it`s very similar to what Usher is doing right now.I can agree with you about Chris Brown,NeYo,Justin Timberlake.There are so many artists that are copying Michael Jackson now and Usher is one of them

    37. Sheka Brown

      Kaelynn and FeeFee !! Yeses

    38. jammie lala

      OMG! Amazing!


      Shout out to you

    40. Capri jackson

      great song

    41. Old Gregg


      1. Kimani George

        @jalyn parker the video been out

      2. Kimani George

        @jalyn parker the video been out

      3. Jalyn Bre

        Lol nvm I misread the title.. Sorry you were right

      4. Jalyn Bre

        @jalyn parker is*

      5. Jalyn Bre

        @jalyn parker out*

    42. Nina Semone

      Love it keep that dream alive thats a total mix of all related music he does n mix wit Micheal im wit it 313 luv

    43. Nafisat Habibi

      budget is a amazing man he had something different everytime and I love him for his music and uniqueness bye 9th comment YAAASSS HAHAHAHAHA

    44. Oscar Martínez

      Good Song!!!

    45. silvia lopez

      I love you! ♡

    46. Monika Molčanová

      106th view 😍😍

    47. Romario 1989

      Love it!!

    48. Urs Truly TARUN

      First Comment ...Usher Roxxx 😍😍😍

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    50. Eric Ranocha