Usher, Rubén Blades - Champions (from the Motion Picture "Hands Of Stone")[Lyric Video]



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    1. Dane Lovell

      I love usher my favorite r&b singer

      1. Dane Lovell


    2. Dane Lovell

      No more war

    3. Nhamuenda Jr

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> that isn't the guy from waiting for love on Avicii song? I don't know maybe he started here.....

    4. Mark

      lol only 240k view

    5. Geovanis Palacios Papitoto

      Amé este está película. 2019???

    6. Raimonda Garnelytė

      Wow Aktor amazing Usher 👌😍

    7. Too Blessed847

      MAN!! this song is really hard to get out of mind, after the 3-4 time hearing this~~ HOOKED! Outstanding movie and cast too!!

    8. Vinity


    9. Corina\TM

      Phenomenal story line Nice Ush

    10. J. Párraga

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> Budú

    11. J. Párraga

      Ruben Bleis :v

    12. Ray Cuts Film

      Check out my Lyric Video to this motion picture.

    13. YSH KING

      Fighting in the ring is more better than war, at least you can get up again and fght and no one dies, should have done this then war GOVERMENT!!!!

    14. Anthony Martinez

      Magnificent video. It's amazing movie and celebrity. Brilliant style and words. Bravo .

    15. Nora Graham


    16. VictorACS

      Only 200k views? What is the problem whit the persons?

    17. Cicero Abreu

      usher muito bom parabéns

    18. Jonas Arndt

      schönes Lied gegen den Krieg👍👌

    19. Estefanía Nevárez

      Ame tu actuación y oh cielos, tu trasero :v

    20. Brittney Vance

      You fight for my country I fight for yours 🤛🏿🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾

    21. jax 102

      good song

    22. Deadly Girl

      Love the song and movie ❤️❤️❤️

    23. Rxes ツ



      hasta aqui llegamos los venezolanos nojoda grandes

    25. French Performer

      this song deserves more views, it's a shame

    26. robertantonnyc

      The full album is out on Tidal. I did a full review on my channel. Check it out.

    27. Mohd Redzuan Anuar


    28. 10MISTERJON

      Now I got the sugar ray reference from 'no limit'

    29. anonimo anonimo

      my panamá😢

    30. Jazmyne

      very touching song

    31. warningmode


    32. 4nir

      Il est sorti quand se film il a l'aire jeune dessus

    33. amelia henry

      Arriba manos de piedra 😙

    34. CoolStuff

      Nice song, but where is Rubén Blades?

    35. HAX


    36. Lucesita Anderson

      nuestra leyenda - PANAMÁ

    37. Anne v


    38. Jose Antonio Yepes

      Es hora de luchar por tu país. Vamos Venezuela.!!!!!!

    39. Jheimy Araúz


    40. Isaac Sánchez Venera

      Usher and Rubén Blades? This is amazing! ¿Usher y Rubén Blades? ¡Esto es alucinante!

    41. Shiny Phillip

      Usher As next Mohammad Ali in this video

    42. Alicia

      Beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️

    43. William Mora

      best song in 2016

    44. Elías González

      BULLSHIT!!!! Everybody knows that Roberto Duran is the principal character in this movie not Sugar Ray Leonard.

    45. Prerana Mandi

      im gonna cry now..... 😭😭😭

    46. DomTheSupa

      this could've been a nice theme song for the 2016 Rio summer Olympics

      1. Antonio Sabado

        you right man nice song , good movie.

      2. kelly jarrett

        get fucked up

    47. ÀD' ÈM

      A L G E R I A 💡

    48. TheMusicLover

      🔥🔥🔥 Fire

    49. Selin Lale


    50. Angel Valle

      wheres Rubén Blades?

    51. Vanessa A.

      Usher Raymond the 4th...I like that😂

    52. Jailan Simon

      Damn he really fits the part for the boxer

    53. Cesar Alday

      PERÚ ✌❤ buena canción en serio

    54. Thomas Avecilla

      Mano De Piedra👊 Panamá... Orgulloso...

    55. Michael Jardon

      Wow usher going for 2 decades dayum.

    56. Barreira

      Just Love It !!

    57. Michelle Macedo


    58. GUTO GUS

      fã desse astro Usher

    59. Lorena Alejandra

      de Panamá para el mundo❤

    60. Stephanie Ines


      1. Nora Graham

        Stephanie Ines 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦yo vive aque

    61. Sayira Coronado


    62. Guilherme Breezy

      BrasiiiiiiL 🙋

      1. Guilherme Breezy


      2. Biell Santos

        que mano Brasil rapaz, brasileiro que é brasileiro fala é BR PORRA! HUEHUEHUE

    63. Anesuishe Mapisire

      True that

    64. Gabriel Ramirez

      Edgar Ramírez = Venezuela

    65. María Rosa

      Edgar Ramírez 😍👌👏

    66. Sidney Mosley

      Waiting on "Missin U" to get a music video.

    67. J Marie

      Just beautiful and inspiring💜

      1. Joan Macklin

        New best music on

      2. California kidd

        Yes it is really inspiring

      3. Mikayla Prince-Brown

        yes it really is

    68. Lori Love

      Good point

    69. hessem granja

      what is name song

    70. America Johnson

      I'm glad he changed the album name, the last one was kinda *Flawed*. I'm really excited to see how hes grown as an artist from Looking 4 Myself. I hope he doesn't forget his Rnb roots, but I also hope he doesn't abandon his hip hop influences. I really hope it'll be as sucessful as Confessions was. Another good song by the Godson of Soul, Usher Raymond IV. 👍👍

      1. Reilly B.


    71. joyce marful

      God bless you toooooooooo

    72. joyce marful

      peace and love ones or others and peoples

    73. joyce marful

      Good your life

    74. Tragiic _Malarkey

      Good song

    75. Lets Mash It Up!

      what about the european release

    76. wyrytewskale

      I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU 💘💘 to France 🇫🇷

      1. wyrytewskale

        +MrWolf 93 SI mdr mais c'était pendant les vacances je savais plus dire mdr

      2. wyrytewskale

        +Cha Vang ?

      3. Cha Vang


      4. wyrytewskale

        +VeryBad Do ??

      5. Necrious-FR


    77. GiorgiFMusica


    78. Sereniti 101

      that almost made me cry

    79. Clement Joubert

      Yes usher ! Mamene