Usher - Numb (Official Teaser)



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    "Get a sneak peek of Usher' upcoming ""Numb"" video now! 'LOOKING 4 MYSELF' AVAILABLE NOW -"

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    1. MIA MINI


    2. Zimasa Tshezi

      Thts hrts me really cz i like usher's sng

    3. kylee menacho

      carlie, love 31

    4. taraheartsmusicc

      I did a cover of this song! Check out my channel :)

    5. unis blizzy

      usher is fucked ,,, what happened to hiphop music ????

    6. Josepe Gutierrez

      Happy B-Day You are the Best

    7. yesica zilli

      Te amooooooooooo!!!

    8. dfvgbhnj

      i fucking love Usher! Happy B-day, Usher!

    9. Gloria Guadalupe

      Happy Birthday Usher!!!♥

    10. Alpha Diaby

      Baaaad. Already done with scream

    11. PolonskaOlga

      Обожаю Ашера!!! Крут нереально :-)

    12. EdDyEVEVO

      Check out my COVER of usher's scream please its on my page leave some feedback thanks THUMBS UP PEOPLE SO PEOPLE CAN SEE THIS COMMENT THANKS

    13. Pa


    14. linamero

      believe me, i'm not :p

    15. 100DeGree

      /watch?v=eHqjZD3lb4M :)

    16. Ruqayyah

      he just gets sexier with age

    17. Poly Queen

      amazing cant wait :)

    18. TheRDvlog

      his key is patience

    19. Kingdom4Real

      That's only "Hot 100" singles though, Climax did reach #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts for 12 straight weeks(airplay) and the R&B UK charts, and Scream went #1 on the dance charts. I don't Numb is going to top the Hot 100 nor any other chart that is USA oriented but it may top an international chart like spain, france etc. I believe he's waiting for the perfect moment to release Euphoria, that right is a CHART topper, but there is so many artist dropping hot singles, he's being patient.

    20. Swaggy Dominguez


    21. Nando Gomes

      Top de mais!

    22. TheRDvlog

      lets hope its gonna be a number one single... if its not its gonna be Usher's first album without a single reaching number one since his first album "Usher"

    23. Magalí Magalí


    24. L Geezy


    25. Ashley Smith

      love usher, he must come to belgium

    26. daddy wolf pup

      hmm that song has n o personnality... i love usher anyway

    27. yada jaiprasert

      born for kill JB

    28. Weezyove

      Usher babyyy love

    29. bob53371

      when i bought his new cd i threw away every other cd i ever bought

    30. RB¸¸ Santos

      Showwww!!! i Loved♥♥♥

    31. delmesha cleveland

      Love the meaning behind the song. Love me some Ush and can't wait 4 the video


      yeah man dance

    33. Ms. Dez

      i love usher

    34. nazrul lol

      coool dance

    35. Shayniice Ali

      how does he get sexier every song!

    36. sallyluvsanime

      Usher baby! Love you!

    37. DaddysLittleAngel18

      This really is a Teaser!

    38. CherieChina

      love NUMB .good job baby..

    39. Leoy1076

      this song gonna be huge ,,,, Usher is a great artist with a great voice ....

    40. Inès Zitouni

      Omg I love this song, can't wait for the video !!!

    41. Cristian Muray

      Al fiin!!

    42. princessepalm

      caaaaaant waiit

    43. Jonathas Davi

      To esperando isso também, será que ele nunca vai vim pra cá

    44. Natania Raymond

      love I'm crazy about you! This teaser is great! You are the King of R & B!! Perfect!! Come to Brazil! I Love You! ♥ Yeeeeaaah Man! Usher & Nat ♥

    45. Amira Ouekkai

      All I want for my birthday is an Usher,

    46. L Geezy

      hey guys.. please check out my freestyle dance video to this song :)

    47. Culaaaa

      Loooove this sooong, my favourite with Climax and Lemme See

    48. Gaye Kübra Arslan

      I cant waiiiiit !!! You should say "Yeeah Man!" :D #muchlove

    49. Raja Harris

      Hope not! He has sons... until he admits it , only God can judge

    50. mrmat1231

      he meant at this part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a> and it really looks like we found love, but, so what?

    51. sony2612

      omg usher is so sexy

    52. ThisIsCat Sousa

      this song is beautiful! :D

    53. Jemima Gourgel


    54. L Geezy

      USHER!!!!! :D please check out my dance freestyle/ light show video to this song

    55. ninaaaaaaaaahh

      i love this song!!

    56. Raja Harris

      The haters can just beat it! My dude aint gay but i bet u broke!

    57. Raja Harris


    58. Adrien L

      Climax, Lemme See, Euphoria, Scream, Numb.


      i love

    60. Chloe

      3 Usher's songs

    61. xCHRISFx

      and yet you waste time by clicking on this video just to leave a negative comment. When you do something like what those 2 have done. Then you can come back but other than that. They have lives for sale at walmart. Buy one.

    62. XxNinjaStarz

      This song is amazing and this relates to me when I can be numb in tough situations like where I can't do shit feel useless and that. Usher your such an inspiration man. :D

    63. RSIvana3


    64. no limit

      Usher Ush!!!!

    65. tolisPOLOLIS

      time for people to remember what kind of a star usher is!

    66. L Geezy

      please check out my dance freestyle/ light show to this song :)

    67. digthewarmth

      tisk, should have been Euphoria :)

    68. Siobhan Walsh

      looking good usher

    69. Bryndis Hildur

      almost peed myself, he's too goddamn handsome

    70. Jose Manuel Cadena

      artistically, USHER!

    71. Gabriel Brunot


    72. Sheronika


    73. MsRaymond

      Work it usher baby ! That's why I love him hes talented emotionaly and just everything he do.. That backbend and dancing insidie a box is spectacular go usshherr

    74. Nathália Carvalho

      Arrasou *-*

    75. TheRDvlog

      CB can never dance in a bcoz he needs space. Usher can dance anywhere :)

    76. leeuh12

      oh my god, hes a box.

    77. Lucky Nicholas


    78. Lea E

      Love him

    79. Soz Meziry

      I know this will be Numb of the Year Love you usher ♥