Usher - More (OMG Tour Live at the O2)



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    "At the age of just 23, Usher already has four studio albums under his belt and has been dubbed the ""king of hip hop soul"". He released his debut album, Usher, at the age of just 15 before coming of age with the bestselling My Way in 1997. This album spawned three chart topping singles My Way, You Make Me Wanna and Nice & Slow, all included on this DVD. His most recent album, the multi-platinum selling 8701, released last year, sees a move to a more mature, sultry R&B style and contains his most recent hit single U Got It Bad, also included here.
    Despite his success on record it is in the live arena that Usher truly shines. He himself says ""I love the stage, to dance and perform. The stage is my first love."" This DVD captures the electrifying stage show that is the Evolution 8701 live tour. It is a brilliant combination of lighting, pyrotechnics, stunning choreography, romance and sex appeal.

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      My God! What sexy powerful moves the back up dancers do. That's the energy I want to see Usher baby doin! 😘

    2. Jim Garrity

      Asked a friend to be an usher at my wedding.... don't think he understood what I meant but man could he dance...

    3. Perfect Potential

      Hardly anythang can beat the original beginning of the song.

    4. sebin Lee

      Into the Unknown opening sounds like Usher's opening hahahaha Usher should have sang Frozen ost

    5. SnK CrUsAdErS

      Better than KPOP

    6. Barbie Wilson


    7. Colin Mgandela

      Damn this kid Usher is fire <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> Go get them my dawgs!

    8. Colin Mgandela

      The back dancer's entrance on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> is savage!!

    9. 정훈남


    10. Tore Jesper

      Not much singing from him in the main-vers 😔

    11. MoahGentle

      I wouldn't expect Usher to have any less badass dancers.

      1. Colin Mgandela


    12. Erin Toney

      Ashley and Saidah dance with Beyoncé too.

    13. Ayanfe Akinsola

      Good costume. It is like Michael Jackson.

    14. Jullian Torres

      Ik my boi usher sweating in that hot ass jacket

    15. Salim Aza

      Usher is the First . NO COMENTS

    16. Prince Osita

      the king legend 😍👍😍❤one love bro

    17. Ricky Thomas

      Why is this song no longer available anywhere?

      1. Faith

        Here is the original!!

      2. Zahrah Agha

        @Rhaegos the Lightning It's still available, it's just called the RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix. That was what was considered the official single!

      3. Rhaegos the Lightning

        Ricky Thomas I wanna know that too, brother.

    18. Summer2020

      Pero sino canta apenas solo es playback que decepción y disimula con bailes asfixiado

    19. Vikram Khanna

      I am beast animal monster in the mirror of

    20. gdfr yassir

      And light it up

    21. しのゆー

      (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a>) What is the name of this dancer?

      1. Colin Mgandela

        I know he's good.

    22. Kem Anh bán

      Love. U

    23. RevivedSoul

      Wow that was intense and sick. The coregraphy was the best i have seen. Usher did well even if it was playback because the song has alot of lines and he did good long tones.

    24. Allan Shingy

      Love this

    25. Damian Wilshaw

      I was there man

      1. A_fr_o Nee

        i cant see you tho

      2. Mohamed Bettouy

        You were soo lucky 😍😍😍😍😍

    26. 賢渡邉


    27. 賢渡邉


    28. 賢渡邉


    29. 賢渡邉

      . BOX TO BOX

    30. 賢渡邉

      Danny welbeck

    31. 賢渡邉


    32. 賢渡邉


    33. 賢渡邉


    34. King Lockett

      My favorite song from the tour

    35. C W

      he needs to shave

      1. F Off


      2. AustinLeo Decker

        Bhop I agree with you! Same too Justin Timberlake!

    36. Nico Rabe


    37. 草、おことわり


    38. horaciosi

      (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a>) And they say white people can't dance.


        +horaciosi Who ever say it is an idiot. The current best dancers are mostly white.

      2. TheRenegadeStarr

        Thats more pf a general sense when ppl say that and hes currently doing his job... Of course he can dance

    39. JG

      he's weak comparing to Josh Groban:) usher uses playback playground and what he sings is poor

      1. Colin Mgandela

        @Mister Washington Damn straight!

      2. Colin Mgandela

        @Huy Nguyen My nigga!!

      3. Colin Mgandela

        @Crow BIZ Very poor. There is no comparison between the two.

      4. Shubham Gupta

        He's the King of RnB dont judge him by his pop performances check this he dances and sings like crazy here

      5. Shubham Gupta

        listen to climax live this is a dance track he can out sing anyone in the industry

    40. linda larsson

      so good music

    41. Katy Colelan

      Just cause you have five fans doesn't mean ur popular

    42. islam hammal

      im a big justin timberlake fan but is great to love him

    43. Hosanna Diogio

      We dace to this iin dance class

    44. SoftPeach .TVTM

      So sexy love u usher

    45. Sucemabit57

      Does anyone know any way I can buy that jacket?

      1. Wagner Silva

        Everybody Like that Jacket, I Love Jacket´s

      2. poeli1

        nice :)

      3. Sucemabit57

        i tried to look for it lol

      4. poeli1

        e bay?

    46. Kevin Ramones

      El mejor.

    47. ketawheat mcquay


    48. Cherryblossom098 AJ


    49. JALY FAN

      Super handsome

    50. Cristiano Furquim Bianchini

      This show is phenomenal because the dancers dance in a sensual way and it still strips using classical elements, the bearings, the way they exploit their flexibility, what a Diva should really do!

    51. Henry Reasco Corozo

      lo mejor que puedo hacer todo el dia es ver y escuchar a el mejor del mundo -,.,-. Usher ,..-., te esperamos algun dia en ECUADOR -,.,

    52. Sam Mazon

      Like this

    53. mailinh11

      Lubię Ushera,ale na koncert idzie się posłuchać śpiewu w wykonaniu artysty ,a tu więcej można oglądać niż słuchać.99%playback.

      1. JG


      2. mailinh11

        Zgadzam się.Pozdrawiam.

    54. Dark_Wolf2499

      Yo usher man you got a lot of Facebook accounts

    55. J. Jhon

      The best Usher Excelent

    56. Doppe Angel

      You need a haircut nigga O.O

    57. Franciele Brito

      Como sempre arrasando y love you usher ♥

    58. Bang N.G

      Come performance to indonesia "jakarta" please !!!!!!

    59. Cristian Turtu

      Come to Argentina please !!!!!!

    60. Petr P.


    61. Só os Brutos


    62. Poohthabear

      Its says 44 years ago

    63. Liz M.M


    64. Joshua Perez

      AWSOME performance one day I hope I can see you in person go usher

    65. shyrella Turner


    66. Mary Coite

      Omg can i get a taste of that

    67. amalec saavedra

      More music

    68. Scott

      He's just seriously awesome!

    69. Spreefarbe2

      G E R M A N Y Cool Usher & cool Live performance

    70. amalec saavedra

      T amo mijito riko Dame ijos

    71. alejandro luna morales

      Yeah Epic

    72. Crus DatProGuy

      Usher is someone that makes epic songs to listen during night compared to others.He is like a gem.We need more people like him.

    73. Crus DatProGuy


    74. peter griffin

      wanne fuck hihihhiihhi ~Peter Griffin

    75. Ingrid AmoR

      Wow! It's amazing!

    76. Daniel Santus

      Por q nao ta lançando novas musicas ?