Usher - Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Video)



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    Aye girl yeah you da business
    So what the business?
    Don't be shy
    I'm just talkin' to you girl
    Aye ma, yo where yo man at?
    I know you got that
    Cause you too fine to be single out here girl
    Yo buddy done fucked up
    I'll swoop this girl up
    and what I'm bout to do
    He'll feel I did him wrong
    Cause I'm bout go have a ménage
    With this lady and some freaks at the bar
    who like fuckin' with a star
    I told her
    If you fuckin' with me
    Really fuckin' with me
    You go get some girls and
    Bring em to me
    If you fuckin' with me
    Really fuckin' with me
    You'll let her put her hands in your pants
    Be my little freak
    Be my little freak
    Be my little freak
    Let her put her hands in your pants
    Be my little freak
    If you fuckin' with me
    Really fuckin' with me
    Let her put her hands in your pants
    Be my little freak
    #Usher #LilFreak #Vevo

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    1. Kesebonye Legeru

      Nicki minaj😭💪❤

    2. Natasha A

      He didn’t disrespect anyone. He said Nicki and Kim shouldn’t do a battle because Nicki is a product of Kim the same way he’s a product of MJ, Bobby Brown and James Brown. It wouldn’t make sense. He wasn’t shading her just pointing out that they aren’t contemporaries. Barbz of course took it and ran like they always do

    3. Tracy Lewis

      HERE IN 2020 !

    4. tewtsie rolls

      Only 28 mill views? Lol

    5. Reggie Said it

      I know R Kelly was loving the chorus of this song 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Niggatello boi

      Man that girl in red and black killed it . Anyone knows her IG?

    7. Niggatello boi

      2010 was a hell of year, a good year for music

    8. mary janes baby

      Quarantine listening in May 2020.

    9. Mary Jane

      A decade went by in a blink of my eye now I'm 25 🤷‍♀️

    10. Burgandy's Table

      so we aren't gonna talk about the Stevie Wonder sample that made this song so amazing... ok.... that's cool.

    11. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Daddy Usher Raymond those wasn't cops that locked you Alfred Porter twice after they stolen your Google Gold iPhone6 with Brown cover on it

    12. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Daddy Usher I gave Dorval the last letter he from Maximus for Mass Health on the family of 5 but 4 absent parent got caught

    13. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Daddy Usher Raymond your baby girl Mike Jones letter to Dorval yes he is haitian

    14. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Dr Dre told I, Usher Raymond he dont want his little girl Carollynn crying if she cry you see what is going to happen no more tears inside your songs Usher

    15. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Mike Parkinson & Carollynn Raymond caught Mike McGee

    16. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Usher & Carollynn is inside of Rhode Island on a visit to inmate in Federal Prison my Carollynn is from the State of Massachusetts as the Federal inmate and I, Usher is looking for her the crash that took place in August 2019 I seen you but not the baby where did you put the baby you gave birth to

    17. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Usher that is Usher II as Money V holding Post for events to take place to his mother Red Indian Hud he face man to boy you have my name tattoo on you Daddy just you mommy dont have my name tattoo on her yet but this one is on Money V Daddy Usher Raymond

    18. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      If Kobe Bryant RIP who did he leave his home to his wife but I Red got one for that was on standby to get into the NBA

    19. socrown

      i remember in middle school we would have competitions to see who can rap the whole verse without messing up. The good days

    20. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Usher Porter started a cooking classes we took over Martha Stewart classes on TV

    21. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      The five is not allow to have sex only Carollynn can the five is Usher, Tywaun, Lynn-Tyia, Von-Trai, and Makai



    23. Winter Bleu

      Who is watching this after usher gave homage to lil Kim, Nicki’s rival. 😜

    24. DJ. Justice


    25. DJ. Justice


    26. DJ. Justice


    27. thekeep itonehundred

      Where lil Kim at 🤔👀🤣

    28. Antonio Jackson

      When Nicki said EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND... YASSS Her barz and lyricism is everything

    29. Omen

      why is ciara just the waiter-



    31. Jimlyn Samporna

      I'm here for Nicki ❣️💙

    32. Nicole Iwuh


    33. Pretty Face

      I came here since usher syphilis having ass said Nicki was a product of Lil kim

    34. Grind Mode Joe

      This video would have more views if this was Nicki Minaj feat. Usher

      1. maria nanyunja


    35. Khoi Maraj

      We all came to hear Nicki at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>

    36. maria nanyunja

      This song should have never happened. Usher just disrespected Nicki. What's wrong with these men?

      1. Natasha A

        He didn’t disrespect anyone. He said Nicki and Kim shouldn’t do a battle because Nicki is a product of Kim the same way he’s a product of MJ, Bobby Brown and James Brown. It wouldn’t make sense. He wasn’t shading her just pointing out that they aren’t contemporaries. Barbz of course took it and ran like they always do

      2. stan obregon

        @Sadia Sadiq he said she was a product of lil kim in a recent interview.

      3. Sadia Sadiq

        Wait how did he disrespect her

      4. Luna

        It's still a great song tho

      5. foreverroshelle


    37. RapQ B

      Queen of rap

    38. G Fears

      Why did people stop using polow da don omg this beat is knocking

    39. G Fears

      This beat and the baseline are infectious- stevie wonder sample if I’m not mistaken

    40. Natural


    41. Nautical Neptunian

      she really rode this beat and taught us our reindeer, a legend 😂

    42. Official King A


      1. kleenup2

        @. It ain't about sounding alike. Lil Kim brought the sex and raunchiness to female rap. Yall lil young mufuckas need history lessons. M.C. Light, Queen Latifah, and Roxanne Roxanne were the start of female rap. Lil Kim and Foxxy Brown brought the sex and raunchiness to female rap.

      2. loulou boys

        that herpes is getting in his head

      3. .

        C eeZar No she isnt. They sound nothing alike

      4. C eeZar

        She is

    43. Lamonte Hughes

      Ciara @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> 😍

    44. Ais Sam

      You don't deserve this Queen to be in your trash music

    45. Alexia Mckenzie

      Still love this

    46. Alaysia Jones


    47. adriana

      usher didn't have to DISRESPECT nicki like that

      1. Yammzy Shumba

        No he did not.

      2. Nhlanhla Ubisi

        @Dwacia Ancrum and he's a product of Micheal Jackson whats wrong with that?🙄 yall get mad about everything its ridiculous

      3. Dwacia Ancrum

        @Shayla R he said nicki was a product of lil kim

      4. Shayla R

        @Tera La'Shun Right I'm Confused

      5. Tera La'Shun

        Hold up... what I miss? What Usher do to her?

    48. Will Hartman

      and now Usher is jealous of Nicki’s longevity in the game 😭😭😭😭 he fell offfff

      1. iliana Martin

        Bennat Gunsake waif actually it his nickis and Doja cats number one. The week of may 2,say so was at number 5 the week of may 11 it was at number 6 so where exactly if you think Doja was gonna reach her #1 at? Nicki Minaj hopped on it a brought it to number 1 she was fighting for the spot with a R&b icon Beyoncé..

      2. Bennat Gunsake

        Juicy Barb either way y’all keep claiming it as if its Nicki’s number one when it really isnt and now ur using it to discredit any legend in the game who dares to say something about her like Usher. Y’all stay dragging Lil Kim when she hasnt spoken about Nicki since like 2016

      3. Dwacia Ancrum

        @Khloe Rah'jae you sound dumb af, usher debuted in 1994 and he definitely didn't fall off 5 years after that lol

      4. Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt.

        @Bennat Gunsake The reason why doja cat got a number 1 waz because of Nicki Minaj and the barbz dumbass 🙄

      5. HEYZAETV

        Bennat Gunsake correction: because nicki was a feature it was also a number one for her as well.. don’t try to correct me

    49. Will Hartman

      nicki queen of rap

    50. Monique Green

      Usher dont ever come for nicki in your life

      1. Dwacia Ancrum

        @Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt. so this one picture, claims she copied her lol

      2. Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt.

        @Dwacia Ancrum 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 My bad that video only had one pic lemme find another video

      3. Dwacia Ancrum

        @Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt. nicki minaj just received her first number one a couple weeks ago and kim didn't copy foxy because she came about before foxy 🙄

      4. Barb.Arianator.Kitten_ 4_Life_Periodt.

        @C eeZar No he wasn't Nicki started it bc ik lil kim didn't invent a meat dress did she she did not invent fendi did she? And what was Nicki supposed to do invent new colors u r so dumb and Lil Kim is a product of madonna and also Nicki got inspiration from foxy which lil kim copied and also Nicki Minaj's outfits and rap skills r better Lil kim can't rap as fast as nicki and nicki has flows that lil kim couldn't do lil kim has the same flow in every rap unlike nicki Nicki rides every beat and is still getting number 1s till this day and what is Lil kim doing also Nicki invented a New style and Kim is Copying it Like Lil kim ain't worn inches until nicki made it a trend

      5. C eeZar

        Usher was right tho

    51. Mckay's Jnr

      Who else still forwards to nicki’s parts 😆

    52. Mckay's Jnr

      Who else is here after usher disrespected the queen on shaderoom

      1. Yasin Bozkurt

        Nicki is the owner of shaderoom. We waiting for her.

    53. That Melanin Girl

      Since she's a product of lil kim why doesn't he have any features with her? Nicki is in her own lane! Doesn't have anything similar to Kim.

      1. vanassa evens

        Nhlanhla Ubisi EXACTLY FACTS!!

      2. Nhlanhla Ubisi

        @vanassa evens exactly 🤣 Nicki is an evolution of Lil Kim its funny how they want the new girls to respect Nicki but they stay disrespecting the OG'd before her hypocrisy

      3. M J

        He ALREADY had a song with Kim. Y’all must be babies! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. vanassa evens

        You guys can argue all day about how Nicki is this and that, but at the end of the day.They would be no Nicki Minaj without lil Kim😂😂😂

      5. Denisha Little

        I don't agree with how he said it; however him and Kim did a song called Just Like Me. The My Way Album. I had to look it up myself.

    54. Adyan Owusu

      Who came here after Usher was talking shit, and know that Nicki saved this song.

      1. Dwacia Ancrum

        Yall really think usher need nicki Minaj to make a hit 🤣

      2. Mimi Sargent


    55. keys seate

      The host of 'Who wants to be a millionaire' asked the contestant to name Santa's reindeers. If I was that contestant, I would have won thanks to Nicki Minaj.

    56. Cocoa Femme


    57. Errol Thornton

      1 of the hardest beats ever

    58. Diva Cookn

      Bombest Ass Cut ⭐️🌺🌺😍🦁💋 2020 still . #Jus4real Bad Boy

    59. Chloe Gafoor

      Go Niki you go girl

    60. Manal Ait Salah

      "used to be bi but now im just hetro"

    61. Maja Majci


    62. WOLFIE

      10 Years later and i still come back to this song OLD IS GOLD

    63. Domi Alexus

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a>

    64. Bobby Phifer

      All my players turn up

    65. ria barreto

      thought nicki was into girls lol 04/2020

    66. Luis Daniel Santos

      Who came after the Say So line “used to be bi but now i’m just hetero” ?

    67. Brielle Chanel


      1. maria nanyunja

        I can't wait for a song with just the two of them.

    68. yep I'm tray

      A weh dem a look pon r so fah? A weh dem hear bout?

    69. Tamisha Carter


    70. Susan Baldwin

      Nicki is the main reason why so many guys get so much love in the club...

    71. Mack Miah

      where is the explicit version?? i swear i remember there being one ... ://///

    72. Thee OnyxMonique Channel

      Still fire in 2020! Especially with that badass Stevie Wonder outro!

    73. sapphire scott

      Looking back... I had no business listening to this at 12.

    74. Jay dot.

      I'm dying Nicki tryna hit on shawty but violently yelling the reindeers in her face 😂

    75. Jene Lance

      Mannnn this right here! I miss being 15

    76. Thea de Charlo

      This nicki Minaj was thee best! #artist

    77. Martavious Tisby


    78. Bj Evans

      2020 throwbacks baeee

    79. Andrew Hammonds

      Still banging in 2020