Usher - Don't Waste My Time ((Official Video) [Shorter Version]) ft. Ella Mai



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    Watch the official music video for "Don't Waste My Time" by Usher feat. Ella Mai
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    Good lovin', no questions
    Reach out and you'll touch me
    Bad habits, don't judge me
    Just don't waste my time
    Good lovin', no questions, babe (Ooh)
    Reach out and you'll touch me (Ooh)
    Bad habits, don't judge me (Ooh)
    Just don't waste my time
    #Usher #DJGotUsFallinInLove #OfficialVideo

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    1. Anandha Monteiro


    2. Recee312 Cupz

      USHERRRRRR I ❤️ love this song‼️ Thank you Boo.

    3. Shalencia Johnson

      Everybody was in this video

    4. Butterfly Segh

      Nice song 🥰 I love Moroccan architecture ❤️

    5. Life is Beyond

      Summer jam in my Cruiser

    6. Douglas Oliveira

      Cadê os brasileiros ❤️☕

    7. Douglas Oliveira


    8. Tony Turner

      same stolen Michael Jackson moves as usual throughout his career.

    9. Carollynn Usher Porter Raymond

      Nextel Wireless Service is Porter Management Inc Co that used to be Cruz Management Inc Co but Nextel is Sprint Wireless Service carrier that is Niurka Pitts that took Nicole Morgan to court for Von-Trai Porter but Usher Raymond is Daddy David Jones

    10. Brenda Kendrick

      Usher and Ella Mai on point love this sing

    11. Brenda Kendrick

      My jam stepping all by myself🥰🥰

    12. ItsMe_Aubrey Curry

      Snoop dog: *makes food* everyone else: mY fo0D tAtsE likE CoLoRs

    13. Shaundra Lee

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> King Combs with Uncle Ush!



    15. Martina Moore

      Yes Yes YES!!!!! This vid is giving me Pharrell Frontin' and Snoop's Let's Get Blown vibes!!!!!!

    16. Siobhan White

      I see Diddy son and Usher two son they sure are having a good time dancing it must be a fun song 😄🌟🌟🌟😊 yeah.

    17. Shaheen Omery

      if you dont like this you dont like the 90's

    18. rudyrugbyrudeboy

      Who is the Asian dancer girl?

    19. Adrian Bowie

      Usher has cemented his status as one of the greats continuing to produce hits after hits in different decades!! Much respect to his dedication and love for his craft

    20. Black Jack

      I love the fact she keeps her clothes on..thumbs up ..sell udrself not ur body

    21. Andrea Rentz

      No one even commented on snoop being up in there! This video is dope af

    22. Erika Davis


    23. Ishmael Muhammad

      Good Music 🔥🔥🔥 Ella is FINE ❤

    24. randall king

      This song kinda has that feel of " Joy" by blackstreet ! Great song though !

    25. Holly Semien

      I see you Snoop cooking it up👁️ and Jermaine (lol shorty)🥰

    26. ambmars

      Vedo wrote this song! Love it. Hope he writes more for Usher. This song is my favorite new song. Need more like this.

    27. Theodore Roosevelt

      Ella Mai killed it! I want her solo version of this

    28. ADD إضافة


    29. Big Unk

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> All up in the videos

    30. Niki Williams

      Love this in 2020💕

    31. John Oloo

      They both killed it in this song 😋😋😛😛😛

    32. Loretta Jackson

      USHER 🌷 Fire 🔥🤩💗 smiles 👄🏍️

    33. biG LexaveIn

      This track is dope!!💥💥 I love how they put Michael Jackson beat in it from let me show you the way go. My new tunes for the summer

    34. Danny Kenney

      Usher got another summer anthem.

    35. Shannon Demarr Leonard El

      Nope that's not Bobby brown looked like him lol

    36. Shannon Demarr Leonard El

      Lol I'm tripping

    37. Shannon Demarr Leonard El

      Did I just see Bobby brown

    38. Carollynn Red Red Porter

      I, Usher Raymond is looking for Warren Mantu Mongo's lawyer for his disability he have to many children he can't get it he owe child support

    39. Apple Choy

      Kelly Rowland is a informant!!!

    40. Apple Choy

      Kelly Rowland had sex with Jay-Z in the natural!!!

    41. Anniece Washington

      Love Usher, Love this song, love this video

    42. tamara white

      Loving the video ❤️

    43. Tamika Daniels

      I see traditions being passed down

    44. Latasha Clayton

      Thanks Usher/Ella. I knew this.was a good one. Yeas Usher

    45. Tonnette Bell

      My shit

    46. lila ramires

      I love it

    47. Shannon Beamon

      He looks like Tre Songz

    48. Jablazin

      That dance scene..litterally makes me want an invite to any and all of Usher parties..just a fun happy love it

    49. Aninha Timberlake

      I Love foi my music Usher parabéns kissssssss I Brasil love music

    50. paradise paradise

      I need you little one

    51. mega man

      Lol he's getting so old 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Regina James

      I have loved ❤️ Mr Usher from day one. I pray to meet you one day. God continue to keep you, your Beautiful Mom and my future Mother in Law Ms.Johnetta in his care.

    53. M Kaw


    54. Carollynn Red Red Porter

      I,Usher Raymond is taking off with Shirley Porter I am never giving her back to my wife Carollynn Porter Raymond because she stolen my mom I am taking off with her real time

    55. Carollynn Red Red Porter

      I, Usher Raymond do love my wife Carollynn Porter Raymond

    56. Empress Nia


    57. Fear me Not

      Yooo we need more of this in 2020

    58. Tamika Daniels

      I love ❤️ this song and video It needs more radio play Summer banger

    59. Men Maturity

      Usher kill this glad to hear some good music from usher

    60. Charlesbjtown

      When you can draw as many stars that are in this video, you know you still got it.

    61. Shannon Cleaves

      I L❤️ VE that couple dip and spin @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="172">2:52</a>

    62. Alex Yancy

      Now thats some nice R&B ! We been waiting a long time for it.. The charts were infected with Cardi B. for soo long.. Nice 9O's Vibe by the way, luv it !

    63. Tuka

      Don’t understand why this song isn’t blowing up. It’s so good

      1. Tyana Jones

        @Diane Emaleu but still failing

      2. Diane Emaleu

        @ Tuka its actually climbing the charts. Slowly.

    64. Shannon Cleaves

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>. The girl with the fro wearing the red glasses looks cute

    65. Shannon Cleaves

      Hey I saw Evan Ross @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> 😍

    66. babechamp14

      I think I saw Ari in here, as well as snoop. I hope he gave her an apology for the bs comment of his to her. Just don't kiss or touch her, we know what he do on his free time.

    67. Jen Dhlomo

      I bet they all got high after eating that food prepared by Snoop.

    68. Barbara Dates

      I'm straight digging this song

    69. Janet Samuels

      i love this song but now i need the lyrics for sure

    70. Loretta Jackson

      USHER🌷 Good to See U*keep it 💯 coming 🌹2020 smiles 🤩💗

    71. Diva Cookn

      I should of been in that video

    72. Diva Cookn

      Beautiful Bomb cut...owwwww don't waste my time

    73. uy97

      short version without Jamey Kennedy so much better thanks director

    74. Mu Jin

      Shoes up... cute.. or show up... Both work.

    75. Jonathan Fowlkes


    76. andre Ingram

      Dope.. & black don't crack unless you smoke it

    77. Stace T

      This is my favorite song now in 2020.... I listened to this about a 100 times. Nice, smooth, and sexy. 80’s baby

    78. Christopher Bradley

      It's like a ella mai vibe

    79. celeste harvey

      This song is so sexy and fun😁

    80. Dawn Campbell

      I love this track....Usher brought that fire back!!!