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    I know you think I'm afraid
    To take a chance, and go to the deep end
    Usher baby
    Turn the lights on
    These waters can get a little busy
    But I got experience
    Don't mind trecking to the storm
    Long as I know that you're here with me baby
    Shedding all your innocence
    I see the walls are looking like they might precipitate
    Until I'm in so deep, it's up to my waist
    But I promise girl I ain't afraid
    It's raining inside your bed
    No parts are dry
    Loving makes you so wet, your legs, your thighs
    And ever since we first met I knew that
    I, I knew I was ready baby to take that dive

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    1. Jonae Harris

      I remember that he was being accused and sued for making women green in between their legs. But i like the song...

    2. carollynn porter raymond

      I, Carollynn Porter Raymond is in love with my husband Usher Raymond the American singer and actor the children was taken from me illegally I am gambling on ours children under my ACH account at City of Boston Credit Union to the address 588 Columbus Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02118 USA

    3. Shelly Smith-Mitchell

      Thissss right here......DAMN!!! Usher did his thing!!!

    4. D.Dyer

      Usher has been around since I was a kid. Still 1 of my fav Artist!

    5. Melissa Unicorn

      😄 Boi stop **in Big Boi's voice**

    6. Carollynn Red Red Porter

      The woman you see inside this video Dive by Usher is not a born American she born outside the USA and do have arrests records held inside the USA haven't been deport yet match up Rihanna with her

    7. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    8. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    9. Carollynn Red Red Porter

      I, Usher Raymond mother in law Shirley Porter dont get no food stamps

    10. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    11. Audria Miller

      i was here may 2020

    12. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    13. mzlovable always

      I love my babe 😍😍😍 u know this song ❤❤❤❤ my love😔

    14. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    17. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    18. Carollynn Red Red Porter

      I, Usher Raymond had Jamaica W.I. cops on radar on my Carollynn Porter and myself 24/7

    19. Nyree Dix

      Lovvvvvve this song 🔥

    20. Aj aa

      This song was sooo slept far one of my best Usher songs

    21. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    22. Carollynn Red Red Porter

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    23. Vonna Amy


    24. Usher Carollynn Porter Raymond

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    25. Usher Carollynn Porter Raymond

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    28. Nando Red Malachovski

      Don't forget we are on pictures with real mom you Von-Trai is Usher at the age of 16 years old kidnapped by DSS/DCF taken away from his mom unlawfully and was put into danger he was illegally arrested as a minor with a man I Carollynn had domestic violence with he is stuck he is tell you to arrest that one Justenn

    29. Nando Red Malachovski

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    30. Adaji Victoria

      2 0 2 0 During self quarantine

    31. Nando Red Malachovski

      Dennis Potts is living in the State of Louisiana this is his nephew Usher Raymond singing inside this video marry to his niece Porter

    32. Hypotheticals Are Pointless

      Remember when Usher Dive and Treys Songz Dive In was out at the same time? lol

    33. Butterfly Wings

      This is such a beautiful song. Song about a man not afraid of commitment. This never got the play it deserved.

    34. mdooms76

      One of the sexiest, classy, well produced videos ever made.

    35. Nando Red Malachovski

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      I love this sexy song👏👍😸🎵❤️

    38. Sidney Milagros

      This song makes me feel like I’m in love on a beautiful island away from this madness happening rn in the world 😍😔

    39. Nando Red Malachovski

      You are me we are not killing my Calloway Hinson jr, my Usher Raymond, and yourself I took you while inside the Battlefield to Jeramy Santos facebook the last one at the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School

    40. elle frye

      Usher the ho. I am happy your boat sunk and the sharks ate you up.

    41. Nando Red Malachovski

      I, Usher Raymond is remarrying his wife Carollynn Porter she is forever mine where fo she think she is running off to without my last name attach to her body that is my whole name she is taking in a blink of an eye good job baby your Usher still do love you ours Carollynn Benjamin Bernanke Porter this one is mine

    42. Nando Red Malachovski

      Usher hit Carollynn she is use to it you will not be the first and most the last one I am over relationships I think they all suck hard to trust another men with me keep Carollynn Porter's four children they know where I am at to find me again I never ran away that was Tywaun who ran away from home under the age of 18 years old and I never chin law him or HIPAA law him good for all of you inside the battle to no gain but to be yourself again I gave up

    43. Angela Young

      This is so sexy yes

    44. Shaniki Smith

      I like this song. Yeah it's still going on until 2020

    45. Terry Achieng

      My fave🔥🔥🔥😍


      Legend 🙌🙌🙌

    47. MsElisMom

      Why am I STILL in love with this man? 🤷🏽‍♀️I’d truly risk it all for one night with Ursh babee

    48. Joseph B Williams

      My song.. 2020 still 🔥🔥.. To my darling wife❤️

    49. nubianfx

      Very underrated song.

    50. Muhulo Musenyesa

      2020, anyone ?

    51. Julian Reese

      This song has two different meanings... Think bout it🤔😂

    52. Thobile Bisisiwe

      Most people don't understand why i love this guy so much 😍😍😍😍but with this song he nailed it seriously...... It's my favorite song ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    53. Kameko Manda

      Such a beautiful song. Still loving it in 2020!

    54. sonbren4ever

      still love this

    55. sypriel sanzy

      Still listening! 2020 Its just a MASTERPIECE! The song and the video clip of course!🔝 Love you Usher! ❤ #FANFORLIFE

    56. Candace Joseph

      April 2nd 2020❤ and many more years to come

    57. Nando Red Malachovski

      Sorry Nando Malachovski your Carollynn Benjamin BernankePorter is lost I am trying but I have alot of problems at home my family and I been separated from 2013 because my son Von-Trai was playing for the Mattapan Patriots in Mattapan Mass USA

    58. Nando Red Malachovski

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    59. Joicy An Mendiola

      Usher ❤️🥰🤗

    60. Nando Red Malachovski

      Wyan Allen gave Your Carollynn Porter Raymond I cheap Sentry Radio just to say he is the head mob Alfred Porter from Dorchester Mass C11 we caught you on March 30, 2020 again on taxes

    61. Nando Red Malachovski

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    62. Nando Red Malachovski

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    63. Richgal Lxjojo


    64. Nando Red Malachovski

      Nando Malachovski yes I Carollynn Porter DOB 11/14/1977 do love Usher Terry Raymond DOB 10/14/1978

    65. Christina Travis

      Usher baby

    66. Diva Cookn


    67. Fawziyya Mapp

      This video reminds me of De' Angelo's video from back in the day.

    68. Stefani Chakarova

      He is so fine in this video!

    69. Kendall Adaramola

      Usher is wearing that shirt

    70. Frances King

      2020 still here

    71. Nando Red Malachovski

      Tywaun Porter was also seen at 50B Park Street Dorchester Mass 02126 but Mommy Carollynn Porter Raymond name is not on no paperwork just Tywaun Mongo Porter as the father and Shirley Porter as the mother on my facebook I put down my mother Carollynn Porter is Homeless the bed ticket 89 meet bed 120 on March 27, 2020 a poke into that is my cousin dont be yelling at my cousin

    72. Nando Red Malachovski

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    73. Nando Red Malachovski

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    74. Nando Red Malachovski

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    75. Hezekiah Meyers

      🔥 Who is listening this in march This performance is fabulous <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> 🔥🔥 👇💕

    76. Michael Ugorji

      2020 .. during the Corona virus quarantine. Who else was here ? Give this a like

      1. Inayah Sharif

        Here 😭😭

      2. El W

        This is the shit ......

      3. Carlos Smith

        Good love making music

      4. T J

        A lot of Quarantine babies will be here in Jan 2021. Thank you Usher lol.

      5. Stephen Shuman

        Michael Ugorji “Take that dive” and start herd immunity

    77. Nando Red Malachovski

      My man Nando Malachovski is with me inside of 588 Columbus Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02118 I am eating tuna, salad, and bread at the table he is from Brazil his name is Jose Pena on the payroll of Alfred H Porter's Real Estate

    78. Nando Red Malachovski

      My Carollynn is never leaving me Carollynn try again you was trying to cut me off but you holding Usher tell me you are never leaving Usher he is always thinking of her you both are one you both do love each other

    79. Nando Red Malachovski

      Nando Malachovski: Usher words are say to the fake me let me hit you not real him or the real I, Carollynn Porter I am out you two are going to kill alot of people for the illegal brain storm to rebuild up electronic devices to find the real Carollynn Porter facebook pictures I built many of them from those aliases name to get back the New York Stock Exchange money back

    80. Ash Jac

      The sky is beautiful that way.