Usher - Crash (Behind The Scenes)



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    1. Anthony Owens

      please check out knock at the door that end your marriage

    2. Leondra Williams

      Ama winners

    3. S Nicholson

      who's the director/s? choreographer/s? dancer/s? Model?

    4. April Knight


    5. Vee Franklin

      Hardest working man in show business, this is the reason he’s my fav entertainer, love me some U R!! 😍😍😍😍

    6. Maria Salagaras

      I have to do some good old fashioned 'watch in the studio' (or perve)!

    7. Maria Salagaras

      He's a beauty, the flexibility! Mwah! XX :)

    8. Corina\TM

      Yes Jamaica only you can get him to move

    9. Unique Worship


    10. Raimonda Garnelytė

      Wau beautiful Usher 😍

    11. Yerandy Avila

      I'm from Cuba I'm your fan number 1

    12. CINN CERE

      We should work together Im working on some music would be great to work with you

    13. CINN CERE

      Wow alot of work Usher you are truly one of the greatest.

    14. Aly M

      Beautiful ❤️ Pure art

    15. Gabriela Arena

      best artist ❤❤❤

    16. Esmeralda Oporta

      hello,betifull video God bless you I love your music congratulations

    17. MeriHapi Menmetusir

      usher's work ethic is admirable, and worthy to imitate, at the same time I hope he gets all the rest he needs☺☺☺

    18. Prizzy Dee Dee

      Love this man...

    19. The native group Small town folk

      Bro I wish I can dance like usher lol

    20. Ross Calvary

      No strippers or sex shit, just good quality music and hard work, much love, my idol 😍😍❤

    21. BEZARA Florent

      I'm cry if hear this song, cuz i lov so much it

    22. Florent Bezara

      I love so much this song, really

    23. Shadow

      Fuck you, you jealous piece of shit

    24. OmgitsRossy

      Love this song so much and him

    25. And i Oop MonstaxBts

      how is he 37 and this adorable????? #LivingLegend by the way its been over month and i could not find the CD in any stores ushers comeback only in digital release ??? some one please help thank you :)

    26. Kalitoz Kaliente

      Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown should of perform.... This song gets to him! Wondr why 😍😍😍

    27. luca Shepp

      yu are the best on the world i love your voice and i have all yur Album. Hello FROm Naples (Italy)

    28. Oummi 059


    29. Oummi 059

      Usher is best i love him ! he have quality hé s Amazon! i am à fan

    30. Naeem Ayub

      Amazing. Definitely a fan.

    31. B SB

      he's soooooo cute ! 😹😻💔❤❤❤❤❤

    32. Damen Dooms

      i relly love this

    33. Tino Bacela

      This guy's dedication to his craft is inspiring

    34. MissSATURNIA

      That's why I love Usher! He's always giving his fans the best!

    35. airilove17

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> those movements are smooth. I love seeing artist behind the scenes videos. I can see their personality and creativity firsthand.

    36. Aidan Woods

      Fuck you for copyrighting revenge.

    37. tawanna cook


    38. Kaila Barnett

      me to 😻

    39. Kaila Barnett

      he is so cute his music is so awesome 💝

    40. Falis Abdi

      Omg my Usher i Love the song

    41. MisterBinx

      Usher's so smooth when he dances in his videos. Watching these you realize how hard it is to get it down. It's a lot of hard work.

    42. TheMusicLover

      Fucking AWESOME!!!

    43. Caroline Moemoe

      very nice

    44. Jastinder1

      U sexy thing Usher, yr music is so dope, luv it xx

    45. FlawlessAndFancy


    46. Wadson Cleiton

      wadson bom musica

    47. Syeella

      i love you usher!

    48. Pretty Roqayya

      he better make rehearsal and concert documentary .

    49. Addam souza

      Usher vem para o Brasil ! Esperamos você .

    50. afonso jrush707

      nos bastidores vemos uma parte de Usher muitas das vezes desconhecido pelo seu universo de fãs e seguidores mas, gostaria de pergunta-lo se podesse o porque das lágrimas? será que passa-se algo na sua carreira ou na sua vida pessoal e tenta desabafar?

    51. Lalaloo

      I listen to this bop everyday

    52. Franzinhaa24

      😍😍 ta ficando perfeito.. te amo lindo 😍😍

    53. jorell19 lampano


    54. Kareen Everison

      Usher is The Greatest Entertainer Alive today. Noone ever told The Ming of Pop and Greatest Entertainer of all time Michael Jackson to sit down or retire ever and Michaels Last album and live concert was in 2001 when he was 43 years old why should usher retire when he's only im his 30s smfh

      1. Vee Franklin

        Ikr but what else do you expect from this young generation that knows nothing about great entertainment, all they know is Chris Breezy and he's not on Usher's level period idgaf what his fans has to say, I've been a fan of them both for many years but Breezy don't move me like he use to. Usher's 37 and still can sing and dance his azz off!!

    55. Bron Dose

      Paul George got some moves, #footwork

    56. Saul Galvan

      You are amazing usher :D

    57. Deanna Gardner

      sucess, smooth, strong 💪👍

    58. Greatest Ever

      Usher...when u cry, I cry. I'm guessing it's most likely crocodile tears (in the vid), but I can't help it. I care whaaaaaay more than you'll ever know.

    59. The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule

      I wonder he got the tears shot. it looked authentic

    60. The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule

      I like how humble he is. he gives credit to the dancers and praises them. very respectful

    61. Etwitch24

      Usher is getting up there in age but he's still smooth as ever, one of the best performers of all time in my opinion

    62. Yaya HYFR

      I love how involved Usher is in the creation of his work. True professional and he eat Paleo....YASSSS!!!

    63. zulyreyes_xo

      Still obsessed with that chocolate man!! love me some him!! ❤❤

    64. london11314

      he so dedicated to his craft I love it

    65. moe Moe

      usher a goat! humble and hard working. 🙏 much love from Africa

    66. Essieyana Gibson

      I love seeing him dance wish I could dance with him!

    67. Saar liefje

      very nice boo

    68. Victoria E

      Absolutely love Usher!!! Can't get enough of this song!!!!!



    70. LukeNewba

      Sou fã do Usher...

    71. Camiila Silva

      BR na área 😏🎧🍃

    72. Klarysse Frazao


    73. Anonimowaa . !

      Poland Usher

    74. Benjamin 2006

      1k like ha gotee

    75. Missy Harl

      You are truly amazing!!!

    76. Galaxy Cat

      lol he looks exactly like my uncle, I know its weird but I think it's funny

    77. Jackson Palmeíra SÓ FORRÓ

      Remember 2001? Concert for Michel Jackson! ❤

    78. Nadia Khokhar

      can someone tell me the red shoes usher and the dancer have on PLEASE the ones at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

    79. german Segura


    80. Ileysha Fernandez

      I watched usher sense I was 5 I love his music choreography his the best I hope I can go to one of his concerts his awesome 👌✌😊❤️