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    I'm the kind of brotha
    Who been doin' it my way
    Gettin' my way for years
    In my career
    And every lover
    In and out my life
    I've hit, love and left the tears
    Without a care
    Until I met this girl who turned the tables around
    She caught me by surprise
    I never thought I'd be the one breaking down
    I cant figure it out why
    I'm so
    Caught up
    Got me feelin' it
    Caught up
    I don't know what it is
    But it seems she's got me twisted
    I'm so
    Caught up
    Got me feelin' it
    Caught up
    I'm losin' control
    This girl got a hold on me
    #Usher #CaughtUp #Vevo

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    1. Aries Bayeta


    2. steven Stansbury

      What girl got my grandson caught up?

    3. marhar101

      This beat is slapping my a$$ all up! 🍑💃🏻😜

    4. Leannoo!! Suh Believer

      I was tryna find this song for the longest.

    5. wil cheung

      They should've done a better job of editing the fight scenes it's so fake

      1. 니나 NinaLuv ニーナ

        This was over 10 years ago 🙄

    6. Margaret Burns

      I liked her as well, but she is caught up, and can't get out of it

    7. tyrone archer

      Was the girl in the video alesha Dixon

    8. Dirtie Diana

      why does one of the henchmen look like steve harvey .-.

    9. Landen Drake

      I forgot how good a dancer Usher was. Shame on me.

    10. Nonhlanhla Pinzi

      Usher really did a good job on this entire album 😍😍😍

    11. Aryan Verma

      That’s the preacher from black lighting

    12. Fanel Fabien

      Usher Ray said B its you messing with the 8 a Toy Beyonce Knowles....its not mega man in our fantasy he 5 mega man B don't try nothing trust me...okay USHER love said Beyonce

    13. Fanel Fabien

      This is too real...said the adience usher ray speaking to 8 year old mind of his he this nice but he sees Beyonce Knowles is 6years...we USHER RAY Homie guys these guys not retarded 1 to 10 especial Xena son he 1years old older than the Universe....from metal soldiers squad they all from...repeat they not retarded you well get lost Beyonce Knowles is 6 years old to Usher Ray he 8 too homie 8 years old....finish...

    14. Lucas Vasconcelos

      alguém 2020?

    15. Matheus Vinicius

      2020 alguém?

    16. J Dub

      The real King of r&b

    17. Helena Keynes

      This is amazing

    18. Seish's Mom

      I forgot how talented this man is......looks, dance moves, and an incredible voice.

    19. J B

      The girl in ridiculous heels outrunning the thugs, so stupid... :D

    20. Edgard Mendes

      2020 Brazil alguém

    21. Cyberdemon Mike

      Never have been a big fan of this song... The video is dope AF tho.

    22. Rachel Aimer

      Trying to figure out who would dislike this classic then I had to think it’s more than likely the ones born in 98 and later🙄

    23. GVOSOUL

      Usher slid on the whole song 🥶

    24. Clarence Anthony

      when I was a kid The fight scene is epic now that im 54 I realized , they have all those designer suits but dont have money for guns

    25. Fanel Fabien

      Now I'm in Florida NY is losers ask Jimmy Joseph shake my head Jimmy Joseph yeah Fab....

    26. Fanel Fabien

      Usher making the floor slide Florida

    27. Fanel Fabien

      They saw usher did not get destroyed

    28. Sharday Osaghae

      Please Usher come back with a tour! Miss this music so much ❤️

    29. Darrell Davis


    30. AlI Zulqarnain

      Caught up in illusions of the mind

    31. Danny Lones

      best g-wagon ad ever huh

    32. Çetin Yıldırım

      Mükemmel ötesi 👌✌️

    33. Suzanna Santos

      Melhor musica dele

    34. Orlando Brown

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> on is gold

    35. SELA Tibbs

      Try to imagine MJ dancing to this song, cuz you kno he did!!!!!

    36. Yung Faness

      i Been A Usher Fan Since Bout When The Tennessee Titans Lost That NFL Championship Againest The St Louis Rams An Tennessee Titans Had That NFL Championship Game Won

    37. Yung Faness

      Usher is The Best Singer in Singing History

    38. Yung Faness

      Fire!This Song is Fire

    39. Yung Faness


    40. Stephen Davey

      Banger 🦾

    41. Roy AMAC


    42. Katerina Atsa

      The work he's doing with his feet..!

    43. AmirKingW

      Remember my mama playing this in the car

    44. Akinde Suoyomiete

      My favorite song by Usher, t'was sampled by Davido- don't mind loving you

    45. Esha Brown


    46. Warren Meekdreezy

      Listening to this song in Africa kenya while in quarantine, legendary 💥💥💥❤❤

    47. Striker

      3.6K don't know good music and they listen to One direction.

    48. Justus Equality

      The powers that be prayed over this song before it's release. He channeled Mike Jack like no other on this one...

    49. Nelson Motorsports

      yooooooo absolute classic had this on my ipod mini

      1. AaronRagland TV

        Yes, this is some of the best old school Usher. Why can't they make music like this anymore?

    50. terri borrero

      I would enjoy if usher sang a duet with Rihanna or Beyonce

      1. Salu Fazo

        He has a duet with Beyonce

    51. NightFlash

      Came here because of Thingamajig.

    52. Alex Haskel

      Everyone: Let’s fight Guy in red: Aight let me do a backflip

    53. Norran Farley Santos

      BR em 2020 da um 🤙

    54. Clovis Faial

      Queria achar os clipes de “Seduction” e “Red light” ☹️

    55. Dina Gui#drum


    56. Ysack Melo

      This song is of the hour, my dream is to be like you USHER, a singer from USA, one day I will go to USA, because I have a relative around

      1. AaronRagland TV

        That's cool that you're an aspiring singer.I'm an actor/songwriter.How long have you been singing?

    57. Trust Saylee

      MJ vibes

    58. jhenynha Lopez

      I from Brazil in 2020 quarantine

    59. Miguel Powelista

      What up Pinky...where Craig??

      1. AaronRagland TV

        Lol.Yep,that was Clifton Powell in there and that was one of my favorite characters.I wonder how he got selected to be in Usher's video?

    60. Daniel Nunes


    61. Neto Santos

      Que legal !!!! Esse vídeo da pra ver que tem bastante influência do Michael Jackson!!!! Parabéns !

    62. Kennard Badger

      Yo I was 5 years old when this came out I used to know every word 😂😂😂

      1. AaronRagland TV

        This is a decent song too.Do you sing?

    63. Dio Cordeiro

      People are crazy given more credit to Justin T than Usher. No way!

      1. Dio Cordeiro

        @AaronRagland TV make a poll and you'll see.

      2. AaronRagland TV

        Justin Timberlake just happened to link up with the right producers and has had great success.Usher also was produced by some good people and I hear you.Where did you hear people giving more credit to Justin Timberlake?

    64. Faarax Shidan

      who reached as ''CUT UP''

    65. the algerian guy


    66. LoLa

      This song could be released today and would go #1.

      1. M R

        @KusaNgBiTZcallmeKush I really hope he promotes the album like crazy and convinces fans to buy the album; the last album Hard 2 love was forgotten so fast and people have been talking more trash about Usher since then. I hope Usher finds a way to build so much hype for Confessions 2. Doesn't every great musical act go through challenges in order to get back on track? I really hope Confessions 2 is that album that brings him back. He deserves so much better in his career than he has received since late 2012.

      2. KusaNgBiTZcallmeKush

        @LoLa He's releasing confessions 2 so he'll go top, regardless.

      3. LoLa

        @AaronRagland TV we if Bruno Mars can do oldschool and this is more current then I feel it would still knock. If he has a strong push, whether by him or his label, it would do well. Also Tryese proved it as well. He went #1 with a raw R&B album and last but not least, people buy more old music today than they do current music.

      4. AaronRagland TV

        As much as I like that song,I don't know if that could happen with the current trends that are going on.Why do you think it'd be #1 today?

    67. Marcos Vinícius


    68. Hazel Dell

      Who does a backflip in the middle of a fight? 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Michal Pintir

        when u too RnB during the fight :D

      2. Striker

        Power Rangers. 🤣

      3. Hazel Dell

        ryan kemp 😂😂😂

      4. ryan kemp


    69. Ben

      quarantine got me here

    70. Emily Crawford

      Easy Action!


      Wow this takes me back, love you and this song and in that order. Usher Baby and that I new

    72. Kristine B

      Man, this guy can DANCE!

    73. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

      One of my favorites by Usher! Had no idea one of the fellas from the short-lived R&B trio City High co-wrote this amazing cut. No wonder I love it so much, lol!

    74. Stephanie Drummond

      king of r and b he been relevant since 1994 its 2020

    75. Aybeniz Ozmet

      Çok kaliteli şarkı 5 yaşında dinledim 15 yıl aradım sonunda buldum teşekkürler Usher..

    76. Selease Rodriguez

      One of my favorites!

    77. First Last

      Anyone here from TikTok? 🎂😂

    78. Sabrina

      I wonder if he knew what adlibs and runs he was gonna do as he recorded. 🤔 Its so clean and creative. 💯💪 Vocally, he just danced all over the track. As usual his vocals are expressive and so well placed.

    79. Al Joistile

      I bet Chris brown won't challenge Usher to a dance off.

    80. Kim Walter

      effortlessly hes sings and dances ITS LIKE SECOND NATURE TO HIM....SIMPLY AMAZING!!