TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - The Dream Chapter: STAR

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    TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - The Dream Chapter: STAR

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    1. abeer 19999

      My sweet

    2. 우주최강문빈

      이쁘다 이뻐

    3. Tu Yo

      Moa presente

    4. yeonjun cakep

      Who's here after The Dream Chapter : Magic Trailer??

    5. Yayas

      comeback here because their new era is coming

    6. dunno

      they are coming back!

    7. Damon Waenger

      *The Dream Chapter: STAR* the shining debut of TXT *The Dream Chapter: MAGIC* the magical comeback of TXT yaaas we're ready for the full album of our princes TXT

    8. Zaara Khan


    9. Wissal BTS


    10. milkybananas

      TXT Dance Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge Is Available On My Channel, Don't Forget To Watch It

    11. SweetJelly Bean02

      Who's here after the teaser of The Dream Chapter:Magic

    12. bitch lasagna

      I just came back here bc of the hype mAN I'm screaming, promise

    13. Naomi’s YT

      i love these short animations! they’re so nice ✌︎

    14. Phoenix Küznetøv.

      Beautiful intro sisi

    15. Cherilyn Seguis

      TXT comeback October

    16. Jimin’s Jams

      Beautiful MOA's patiently waiting for TXT's comeback.

    17. Eloïse 엘뤼즈 KPOP


    18. Alicia :x

      BTS Is better 💕😘💕💓💓😘

      1. Fran TXTღ


      2. Fire Blaze


    19. Lux QO

      Ya han pasado tres meses desde el debut de estos bebito y yO SIGO LLORANDOOOO. 😭💙💛

    20. SPEARB_ TINGZ!

      The first couple of seconds and I'm already having Wings flashbacks 🤣

    21. 루빗랜드

      완전 극혐이네

    22. Olivia Hayes

      I wonder if the txt members will get stage names

    23. Osi BTS Live

      Биг хит скатился до тхт де наши батностики?

    24. BTS • Billie eilish

      Their logo is so fucking cute! 😤💖

    25. Darmana

      BTS SUKS

    26. Choi Sun-hee

      Parece marca de remédio kkk

      1. jazmin

        too many k's

    27. Bluna Plays403

      Never compare Bts And Txt -~-

      1. jazmin


    28. Tô Thị Thu Sen

      당신은 개입니다, 당신은 동굴 남성입니다 동굴 남성은 개가 어디 있는지 알지 못하도록 확신합니다. 동굴 남성은 개, 개 짖는 소리는 훨씬 좋게 들립니다.

    29. 반짝이는나


    30. Steven matthew Nathaniel

      bts suck like adolf hitler from nazi germany

    31. 5SOS • One Direction • TXT

      Soobin ahhhh

    32. le Wan

      Theories everywhere;;; somebody please crack the code cuz my brain ain't working anymore

    33. kim tae- hyg hyg

      Plasse BTS e txt

    34. b

      Fallow me pls ARMY AND txt fans ❤ @sopemelon

    35. 영재김

      ... woow

    36. bts y mas

      Bts!!! Txt 😝😝💩💩💩

    37. Mihscka

      Theres better things out there :v -_-

    38. ishak zek

      i like bts

    39. Camila Ramos B.

      Son geniales, ya descargue las 5 canciones Star Preview, I♥️you TOMORROW X TOGETHER... Tienen mucho talento y una luz propia no son la sombra de ningún otro grupo...

    40. render lender

      Let's go TXTras!!!

    41. msandls

      Wow! That's a great animated logo!!!

    42. Jo Tee

      Hold up, does txt has a fandom name yet??

    43. Abigail Nichole

      My new ring tone be like

    44. chungbiumg829

      Who can let me know the pronunciation of the Korean title?

    45. chungbiumg829

      Bangtan Boys becomes seonbae.

    46. Rosario Army

      Nadie remplaza a BTS

      1. nina c.a

        No estan para reemplazarlo entiéndalo

    47. 그리고 그는나는

      BIGHIT please help the street animals

    48. Colorful Goddess

      We managed to get a 10 seconds long video with just sounds to 2,4 M views

    49. UwU Crew


    50. 박서윤

      Wowww non vedo l’ora

    51. QuetahFiceBroke


    52. Emmanuel Rojas


    53. Andre Ornelas

      Son basura txt tontos nunca les llegaran ni a los talones a BTS

      1. nina c.a

        Vergüenza ajena tu comentario, recién estan empezando y los comparan con un grupo que lleva años en la industria que ridiculo

    54. Army Blink

      Guys crown official MV came out...please st**am to get more v**ws💪💪💪💪

    55. Sarnita Sarrang

      Choi Soo Bin,Choi Yeon Jun, Choi Beom Gyu,Kang Tae Hyun, Huening Kai,TXT ❤❤❤❤❤ BTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    56. Mr.Prikii

      First song and it's already a bop..that's the proof that they have talent and that their not just gonna be great because of Bts :)

    57. whirlwind MLP

      I’m so excited guys!!

    58. Alexa Villanueva


    59. Reiana Faye Matawaran


    60. Aura Vanessa

      Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴