The Only Marvel Hero Who Never Fought Thanos



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    This Is Who Never Fought Thanos
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    The Mad Titan Thanos has had one of the most interesting character arcs in the MCU. He started off as a purple guy with a ruffled chin sitting in a floating chair and barking orders at aliens, to a genocidal maniac who single handedly wiped out half of all life in the universe. Talk about going from 0 to 100 real quick. While he’s made his fair share of enemies and a very small amount of friends, we decided to take a look at who Thanos hasn’t fought before and there’s one hero on that list who may surprise you, including our good friend Rocket Raccoon.
    That’s right. Despite seeing each other at the Battle of Wakanda, Rocket and Thanos have never fought. In fact, they’ve never even had a conversation or been face to face. Something tells us that there’s more to this missed encounter than meets the eye. What if Rocket was purposely avoiding Thanos because he actually agrees with his plan to get rid of half of all life in the universe, only to have a change of heart once he lost Groot? It may sound crazy, but this theory makes much more sense than you think.
    We’ll get even deeper into this interesting theory about everyone’s favorite trash panda Rocket so enjoy the video, let us know what you think about this theory in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more MCU content.
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    1. CBR

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      1. Juan Pinoy

        You have to remember, Rocket has short legs. Kinda hard to get there fast with little legs.

    2. I M Ofage

      Rocket met Thanos in the MCU. He flew the ship and flipped over the gauntlet after Thor chopped Thanos' arm off.

    3. Minwell it’s a nickname Be grateful

      I think he just stayed by groots side and probably didn’t have a communication device like the others at most I would say he tried to keep groot from getting killed by him

    4. The witch Doctor

      Rocket would have went for the head with a sniper

    5. Shafi and Techs


    6. Prestin Douville

      Legs to short to get there fast enough

    7. faaaduma

      Thanos probably thinks he is a rabbit😂

    8. Naail Morshed

      This is my favorite youtube channel

    9. Erik Stols

      There could be the fact that he was to late for the fight because he only got there when groot died

    10. Cecil Pierre

      Does it always have to be the mad titan just call him the mad eternal.

    11. E E

      That would've been a sick fight if rocket had prep time to build weapons

    12. GutSea II

      Nova,fantastic four,captain Britain, quick sliver,ghost rider,she hulk,and even spider man because spider man not in mcu no more those are some people that did not fight thanos

    13. Kieran Hornett

      Batman vs Rocket Raccoon who wins?

    14. The J Studios

      Thumbnail My mom shouting at me because I haven’t cleaned my room:thanos Me crying for no reason

    15. proud of india india

      Raccoon has fought

    16. MJ - Walker

      Thanos and rocket did sore of met when the averagers went to where he went after he snap his fingers to question him about where the infinity stones were!

    17. lzz kyra Killabunnix

      Thanos: insect

    18. Vang Family

      Hawkeye never fought thanos

    19. Comp Lex

      Quicksilver for obvious reasons.

    20. Slimey beam

      Nor did quick silver!

    21. fairlyodd

      We need a rocket movie

    22. kashini Pie

      Screen rant anyone😂😂

    23. unsteddie music

      Hulk didn’t fight him after the first time he lost. Maybe he changed his mind and agrees with Thanos’ plan. Also the turd I flushed down the toilet didn’t fight Thanos either. I should have captured it but it escaped

    24. Eric Fisher

      Lol im sure this was made by the power of weed... What if Thanos is I can't believe I didn't think this...rocket's father

    25. SuperBadBro 2

      I mean, to be truthful, the fantastic four never fought thanos. Wolverine never fought thanos, to get really specific, venom is an anti-hero, and he never fought thanos.

    26. Sun Hat

      We have very clearly defined proof that Rocket is the smartest of his kind. He says that he is an experiment. Therefore the ONLY of his kind, and the smartest of his kind. Also the dumbest of his kind, sexiest, ugliest, biggest, coolest, etc...

    27. I am Woody

      Ghost Rider didn't fight Thanos

    28. TKendog23

      Antman never fought thanos either


      You forgot the camera man

    30. Ryan Crusher

      The Black Order helped Thanos to get the stones so he did not kill half of the universe one handed

    31. SoulZ ‘

      Um CBR do you know how many marvel heroes there were? A LOT of them didn’t fight thanos...

    32. James Limberakis



      maybe rocket racoon can't fight thanos , because he is too small to defeat him.

    34. Kyle

      CBR sounds like a train company


      hawkeye never fought thanos too.

    36. ABHAY ALLA

      Where is shuri

    37. Mackerel

      Nor did Mickey Mouse...

    38. Electric Lizard

      Rocket actually confronted Thanos in Endgame

    39. The Wealth Generator

      Hawkeye and Ant Man never officially fought Thanos on screen

    40. King Dot

      Are you and screen rant owned by the same company

    41. Ryan Wheeler

      Hulk never fought thanos, he just got his ass kicked.

    42. A98

      CBR: The raccoon practically has to break his neck to look at Thanos in the face! Adult Groot: 👀

    43. Voltage 15

      Nova didn’t fight Thanos

    44. 1000 Subs Without More Than A Few Videos

      But Rocket could've made all the difference if he did fight What a wimp

    45. JAZZ MAN1212

      Deadpool didn’t either

    46. Eagle ZGamer

      This video doesn't need to exist, this is literally a video full of bullshit theories

    47. T Bone

      Endgame should of been all of the hero’s fighting thanos instead we got that trash ass movie ... and hulk should of got a rematch

    48. zoom evolution

      The only hero to scare the shit out of thanos... Wanda. Not capt marvel "the most powerful" wanda scared him shitless.


      Dude...he's a Raccoon for Christ's sake! That's a reason in itself. How would he fight the Mad Titan? Talk him to death?!

    50. teakey

      Rockets not really a main character

    51. Solid Zane

      Uhmm... Wasn't Rocket present at the Thanos beheading? Before the 5 year time jump... I suppose it would be accurate that they never fight... But they did meet... Or am I misremembering?

    52. Rando Guy

      Groot didn't fight Thanos

    53. José Hernández

      Hawkeye hasn’t fight thanos neither

    54. Thomas Fenton

      Wow! I never would have guessed that!

    55. Darkwing Dank

      Yup, time to unsubscribe from this. Stop milking these movies and fucking do something original, can we shut up about Endgame already? Fucking wasnt even that good, my lord.

    56. Believer E.C.

      In Infinity War, it is literally pointed out that Rocket is afraid of Thanos but ok

    57. Danny Benhur

      He is key element in defeating Ronan and Ego...if met Thanos he would have made a bomb to defeat or atleast blastoff his gauntlet like he did with Ronan...

    58. Carrington Oliver

      Jesus, what a waste of time this video was...

    59. scottymcdotty87


    60. WHU-HAPPEN??!!!!™

      Because he would have been ripped in half in like .3 seconds. And even Rocket doesn't have a gun that would have even slowed down, Thanos.