The Morons Of Coronavirus



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    1. WegZurHölle

      stupid people and fear of something does not proof that this something is that dangerous, it just a proof of fear.....

    2. R3TR0FUNK

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> thank me later

    3. mrRyanappelmans

      Great moves Ethan keep it up !

    4. King Treedede

      The way Ethan coughs he probably infected people with corona before 2020

    5. Beth Anderson

      The best thing to come out of the Coronavirus was the return of this channel

    6. R

      Remember when these people were funny? Do you?

    7. Ethan Hatfield

      Dude it sucks because those kids ruin it for all the rest of us my age. Most of us are decent caring individuals, but its the ones who think hunger and poverty are a higher priority than a deadly pandemic thats brought whole countries to their knees.

    8. bilias hour

      That cope land dude is the most terrifying looking human I've ever seen, his face makes me so uncomfortable. I'm convinced he's the devil wearing a human skin suit 🤔

    9. IC Reporting

      There's no silver lining, only silver solutions.

    10. Ra's Al

      "It's a Virus, i Get iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt, i Respect iiiiiiiiiiiit" Um Come again?

      1. bilias hour

        You are a dad

    11. Instantaneous Nothings

      The reason people don't care is probably because boomers and older people are either more vulnerable or they are paranoid about some kind of apocalyptic biblical shit. "If old people die off it doesn't mean Jesus is coming back." Is the point. I think alot of people are adopting this view because of religion. Not involved with psychology but we are kind of unbrainwashing ourselves as a society, morally at the moment and when that has happened in history something bad happens, unfortunately the coronavirus I think is the reason for starting this. I know this may sound a little delusional. Don't quote me .

    12. Bela Skoflek

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> I guarantee they made a lizzo joke but cut it out before final post

    13. Fridgelord13

      close... boomer

    14. ToxicMatt

      Imagine just leaving for months and still getting millions of views

    15. Acrozy Austin

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> that girl looks like that twitch streamer that was begging for subs and calling people leaches if they watched without subbing


      wow ethan, great moves, keep it up, proud o' YEW

    17. The Narcissists Enemy

      All jokes aside colooidal silver does fix a lot of infection type diseases... but of course it's relatively cheap to make, and can even be made at home, so it's not widely promoted.

    18. profnigs

      that was lizzo.......

    19. Oaisus

      Hila and Ethan finally found the sticky note with the h3 channel password

    20. Adrien-Alex

      As someone who has a health issue, along with many other friends of mine (one who just beat cancer a few weeks ago) I ask you all please don’t just think old people are affected by it. We are staying inside, but with people that are sick going to stores and around the neighborhood there is still a chance we can get it. I’m 16 and have barely lived my life, but this virus could end it. Please, stay inside and stay safe, I beg of you. You could even have health issues you don’t know about.

    21. Spiderific!

      Whenever there is a crisis, it can really bring out the good in people. Unfortunately, it can also bring out the bad in people. It's usually people that were already assholes and crooks that then use people's fear to profit off of them in their time of need. Watch out for those snake oil salesmen. And by the way, in case you were Silver, colloidal silver, etc.. does NOT cure viruses or honestly, anything. And if you take too much of it, your skin can turn bright blue. Seriously. All over. You will look like a Smurf. And it's permanent. Look it up. The condition is called Argyria.

    22. Joseph Waldo

      If you’re low risk it’ll effect you the same as the flu If you’re high risk it’ll effect you the same as the flu Both kill, flu has been killing more and for longer. The only thing is that corona spreads faster

    23. ADR ML


    24. jess cuno

      That jump suit is dope

    25. its ya boi

      They were so bored they decided to upload lmao

    26. Zelda Link

      You are a dad

    27. Yelo-Bone

      An upload? Huh, this is new

    28. Richard Irvine

      Much needed levity in a moment of despair. Thank you Ethen. Keep up the good work, and for making such good points about people being so naive. Take care.

    29. jay b


    30. Pooper Dooper

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="764">12:44</a> I don't know why but his skin looks kinda fake to me. lol

    31. D W

      "Dollar store Juggernaut" ha ha ha ha

    32. Shifan Akbar

      When the chips are down, these "civilized" people, they'll eat eachother.

    33. Benoit Levesque

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> when Ethan only had 1 chin

    34. Crawdaddy

      Price gouging, looting, scammers, and dumb ass people, it always happens in every god damn crisis or issue.

    35. Games 4 Days

      Gamestop after my trade is done Love me tender Love me sweet Wrap your lips around my meat Watch me giggle Watch me grin Watch the gamestop Jiz roll down your chin. That is all.

    36. Ivan G-S

      I love his coughing demos. so funny !

    37. Isaac Picado


    38. Mr. BlueSky

      Oh my god. The mad man actually did. He got papa john for a bit.

    39. snurk agurk

      The reformation was a mistake

    40. Sadic Corpus

      "The entire humanity has the coronavirus since 1980 in a dormant form, it has been awoken through sound wave technology, this event shows that people become more and more profitable and disposable tools rather than humans"

    41. Athena Gates

      That track suit looked like it had dreidels!

    42. Lidia Olejnik

      It's not only old people dying...

    43. Click Boom

      Its a pitty there's no virus to only wipe the earth clean of all the dumb shit selfish assholes...

    44. my skin my logo

      Damn it, I miss this

    45. Hobby Tastrophe

      OMG! COVID-19 is a viral pneumonia, not the effing flu!

    46. Hobby Tastrophe

      That TV preacher looks he is demon possessed!

    47. Wjej Wjje

      I didn’t know

    48. Wjej Wjje

      They told me t do it

    49. Wjej Wjje


    50. Wjej Wjje

      It was Tuskegee

    51. Antonio Roche

      damn that televangelist pissed me off lol

    52. Dorothy Potter Spanish

      This is definitely not a toy. Thank you for this excellent compendium of assholery.

    53. Ace Ventura

      That’s right. If you go to the bar, YOUR GRANDMOTHER WILL DIE!!!!

    54. vash47

      watching this video is like this guy died and then was resucitated and forced to make a new video by gunpoint. there's no real emotion, authenticity, like a corporate advertisement. Just sterile.

      1. vash47


      2. kelly bodley

        Are you talking about Ethan?

    55. Gimmy Jibs

      Cant fix stupid

    56. spartanclams

      where the trump family says morons

    57. Sigurd Ilsøe

      Liverpool, England, United Kingdfom - Is NOT technically part of Europe. Please do not judge us for their behaviour. We, the real Europeans, are not like those bafoons.

    58. KP_2ndAmndRights

      * no toilet paper was wasted in the making of this video.

    59. Nodrodsky

      Vanessa Hudgens should like, have a lie down soon as possible like.

    60. Александр Мороз

      You can say "fuck", dude, relax

    61. DareToBeDeviant

      Hudgens, please stop perverting the English language. Seriously, what is it with everybody's speech and spelling having been reduced to that of a kindergartner's? She's, like, so totally, but y'know, whatever... right?

    62. Cokane


    63. Juho Koirikivi

      "The virus isn´t that serious" A week later: Over 300 000 cases in US "Also don't forget to poison yourself with silver solution"

    64. Generalpoonslayer69

      The UK is not Europe. And no this has nothing to do with Brexit.

    65. monkeytactic118


    66. Timelytyba 28

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="795">13:15</a> ironically he looks like the devils

    67. Carin Fonk

      Ironically it's those people that make quarantine easier for me. Knowing their lack of care for safety and likelihood of catching Corona makes me absolutely want to avoid the outdoor at all costs so I don't have to witness their idiocy.

    68. Georgios Kalivatsis

      Unreal how retarded people are

    69. Josh A

      To the oven with you 2

    70. Maya Nasser


    71. Ruth Denisenko

      That goblin dude is fucking scary and reminds me something from a horror movie or at least Sabrina on Netflix :D

    72. rnr45s Alicia

      I like how people think that just because it's spring break, the virus will be like "oh okay, i'll infect you later"

    73. xoobo vola

      The prayer dudes hand was wet. []-[] what the heck is that? bleh! Stop touching my tv screen dude.

    74. FrickOffMeM8

      Lol Rudy Go Bert he said it like Flight



    76. Nick GALLUZZO

      I find it really funny that Vanessa Hudgens is talking about the virus while listening to version of the song “Fever”.

      1. xoobo vola

        Ur a simp

    77. Yung Tuna

      papa john is just forever the intro to everything now

    78. lyx69

      Nashville undefeated!!

    79. Motives

      Our world is full of idiots and mankind is just gonna fuck itself over because people are not taking this seriously. People like my age think they’re invincible, but people around the age of 18 or even younger have been dying too, with no pre-existing conditions!

    80. Marco Manjarrez

      At least we'll know who is an idiot and who doesnt deserve any acknowledgement. Its barely gonna matter, but we'll know