Quetzalcoatl's Last Stand - Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia [60FPS] (Eng)



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    1. Just an Unlucky Irishman in a Blue Spandex

      Nothing says "BADASS" like leaping all the way to the upper atmosphere and coming back down with a flaming ax kick that puts the entire world's nuclear arsenal to shame!

    2. Joshua Nf

      Fate series is so confusing idk what to watch first.This is my first time watching fate series and damn the animation and art is fucking spectacular.I wonder if all fate series look like this.

    3. Andiee

      Episodes 18 to 20 where everyone went all out was absolutely great. The animation as well as the sound effects and the voices were all so perfect.

    4. Dad Dishes Network

      This scene will stand the test of time how ironic... total badass

    5. Owen Erahbor

      Who is that VA???... MY GOOD GOD!! This is amazing

      1. Wazir Amri

        Endou Aya is the VA.

    6. water

      THIS killed the dinosaurs

    7. Joe Joe

      it's not even ufotable bois

    8. alejo790428

      Le falto el máximo poder... agarrarla a ver**zos con el chipote chillon del chapulin colorado. UUff la hubiera destrozado.

    9. Andrew Durkee

      Wish this was her fgo game NP.

    10. Nezka ID

      The fight was gorgeous but the name of the NP was kind of a letdown

      1. Gadiel Rodriguez

        "Ultimate Top Kick" it was awesome for me.

    11. Z.O.M.G

      Not even ancient mythilogical gods of the aztec arent safe from anime

    12. Nicolas DeMattia

      This scene gives me chills every time I see it.

      1. Owen Erahbor

        @GMORK AMV I watched Fate/Zero,Fate/stay night: UBW, Fate Heavens feel I and II, Fate Grand Order: First Order and Fate Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front(which is this one).. You can watch yours like that

      2. GMORK AMV

        Nicolas DeMattia lol I just finished fate/zero and don’t know all the other fates and what order to watch them in

      3. GMORK AMV

        Nicolas DeMattia what series is this called grand order and where do I go to watch?

    13. ANCA .Official

      This animation reminds me of some scenes of Fate Apocrypha and Mob Psycho 100, what an amazing show.

    14. Vladdyx

      For those that don’t know, the name of the OST is Hero’s Mission 🙏🏻

    15. Gabriel Aviles


    16. Generris YT

      The last good episode of the season.

    17. Estarossa of Love


    18. _KenjiTX1_

      This series is so much gods fights hey it gave me GOW I miss those 😭

    19. Eduardo Vázquez Garza

      "cries in mesoamerican"

    20. ScrawnyClownSnatch

      Can't ....stop...pressing 3..... to ......replay.

    21. Archer Jayy


    22. Key Maker

      I have not watched any episode of this anime but i was on the verge of crying when Quetzalcoatl shows her "regret" of not being strong enough and that boy cheering on her. Such wonderful moment 😭😭

    23. Yellow Money

      If Quetzacoatl was at full power and if Tiamat wasn't receiving a massive stat buff from having ingested the Holy Grail, I'm pretty sure Quetzacoatl-chan could've vaporized the beast with that last attack.

    24. finesse laflare

      Escanor: Am I a joke to you?

      1. finesse laflare

        @Owen Erahbor okay kid

      2. Owen Erahbor

        Please Escanor should sit on a bench or something

    25. Al Thomas

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> i think Tiamat needs a mint.

    26. Sántos Pótus

      Any idea as to what the soundtrack's name is that plays at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="6">0:06</a> onwards?

      1. giloguy101

        Hero's Mission jpsel.info/video/bideo/aHfFlWGsx65ln6o.html

      2. Aura King


    27. Ignis Veteris

      A jump to the sky and turn into the rider kick !!!!

    28. Drvisage Nguyen

      It the legend fight =))

    29. Allison Corona

      Finally some good representation, they didnt do us dirty

    30. ImAnEternalLightBeing InAPhysicalBody

      The Feather Plummet Serpent : QUETZALCOATL is the Aztec Primordial God of Creation and Civilization , and the Same Feather Serpent God in Mayan is KUKULCAN that's why Jaguarman call Quetzalcoatl "Kuku" cause KUKULCAN, also Jaguarman is Tezcatlipoca an Aztec deity warrior of battle and conflict represented by the Jaguar, so the NOBLE PHANTASMS of QUETZALCOATL are : Piedra del Sol (The Sun Stone) is the "Aztec" Calendar Monolith found under actual Mexico city which was built over TENOCHTITLAN the Capital of the AZTEC EMPIRE is not Mayan is AZTEC,/ "Ultimo tope Patada " Noble Phantasm is " Xibalba" the "Mayan" Underworld = is the meteor that went down in Mexico , over the Yucatan Peninsula state, 65 million years ago and killed the dinosaurs , and Third Noble Phantasm is "Xihuacoatl" is the "Aztec" God of Death! So Quetzalcoatl is a Mix of Aztec Toltecs and Mayan God of Creation, in resume the Feather Serpent God SUMMONED by all mesoamerican ancient civilizations from the first mother civilization of mesoamerica the A MASTER OF SPIRITUAL COSNCIOUSNESS KNOWLEDGE EMIGRATED FROM ANCIENT ATLANTIS TO ANCIENT GOLF OF MEXICO BRINGING WITH HIM 7 TABLETS WITH ATLANTIAN KNOWLEDGE TO MEXICO WITH THE FIRST CIVILIZATION OF ANCIENT MEXICO THE OLMECS FROM 4,000 to 2,500 B.C., THEN TOLTECS,THEN MAYANS AND THEN AZTECS ending 1521 A.C. (After Christ) when the invasion of the Spaniards took place in Mexico so called mesoamerica but in reality was CALLED "THE ANAHUAC" which was the area where many civilizations and cultures developed for thousands of years ! AND A PROXIMATE OF 30 MILLION PEOPLE WAS SUMMONING THE SUN GOD aka QUETZALCOATL!

    31. Ellie Brinjane

      too bad she's gone after that! i wanted to see more of her

    32. Woop! Sh*t

      did she die? 😭

      1. blackvial


    33. Will Diep

      tfw this scene is way better than episode 20 FeelsBadMan

    34. Joshua Santos

      What's the music that starts in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> so epic!

    35. nightbling890

      Anime really knows how to ruin my favorite mythology

      1. DemiGodz 694

        @nightbling890 The Mayans called Quetzalcoatl as "Kukulkan". Kukulkan was a Mayan high priest and not exactly Quetzalcoatl's human form. The Mayans praised Quetz as their supreme god with Kukulkan leading them. And FYI Fate deviated most of its character's mythologies to the real ones. In the case for Mesoamerican mythology, the Mesoamerican gods are microscopic aliens that came from space and reached earth through the asteroid that caused the extinction of primordial lives (Chicxulub Asteroid). The Quetz we're seeing here is just a fraction of the true Quetz since this is just one of its hosts. This Mesopotamian female host is the one who appeared most and has the most records in the Throne of Heroes. Thus, the official Servant form for Quetz in Fate series. Gods in Fate can't be registered to the Throne of Heroes unless with a host.

      2. nightbling890

        Jasper Sullano yes he is.. he’s called the brother of the other 3 gods. His human form is a old man with a headdress..

      3. DemiGodz 694

        @nightbling890 As if Quetz is a man in the real mythology

      4. nightbling890

        Jasper Sullano by who? Weebs I’m sure. Quetzalcoatl isn’t an annoying chick

      5. DemiGodz 694

        Lol how? This was even praised

    36. Kimberly Darby

      There entry budget went in this minute which is why ep 19 was delayed

    37. Mongo

      This is so sad *plays Vicente*

    38. Vinanda Andar Kusuma Atmaja Arifin

      My wallet deserves this

    39. Cylus O'Brady

      Just saw episode 20, and her attack is definitely remains the most impressive in the series, I thought EA may have trumped it but this is the best right here, the series peaks at this moment. All hail Quetzacoatl!

    40. Lorian Grace

      How convert 60fps? I need tutorial pls

    41. Patrick Soriano

      This is so cool. Can't get enough of it. I just love how they give mythical heroes and creatures a twist on their abilities with accurate references.

    42. Magsushi Nerd

      **When you throw Gae Bolg at a Rho Aias**

    43. RegalPlays

      Am I tripping or is Tiamat using Rho Aias?

      1. Navy Paladin

        Not Rho Aias, just a shield generated by her skill.

    44. KpopWorldLife

      ENUMA ELISH was fucking amazing. But this fight is beyond perfection

    45. Charuzu, Automaton Artificer

      Holy freaking hell. They have managed to ace this Singularity. I am blown away.

    46. wolf bane

      Escanor : " that's my girl just like her old man "

      1. Tainted

        @wolf bane the extinction level attack that escanor cannot top, now shush fanboy

      2. wolf bane

        @Mongo escanor : " who decided that "

      3. Mongo

        wolf bane you got it mixed, escanor is the son

    47. Sir Colesworth Sheepmen

      Thats hot

    48. Israel González


    49. Tainted

      The world has never seen such sight of pure love for humanity as when Quetzalcoatl became a self destructive meteor, strong enough to wipe off all life on earth, just for the pure chance of letting humanity live on - Im not crying, you're crying!

    50. Attila Horváth

      I can't stop watching this bc it's soo epic!!! 😮🤯

    51. Sveinja

      Someone know the name of the OST ? :c

      1. Darren Jackson

        Hero's mission

    52. Layfon Alseif

      I want the soundtrack for that so bad it played amazing for leonidas and for gil vs enkidu . So impactful i love it

    53. rioluboy

      After this Anime Leonidas and Quetzalcoatl have become my two favourite characters like damn!

      1. Im Morky


      2. rioluboy

        @Im Morky MOLON LABE

      3. Im Morky

        Yeah man this ep and the ushiwakamaru/Leonidas vs gorgon eps give the chills man 😂

    54. Anime Channel - Panji Pewe

      querzelcoalt learn how to do rider kick...

    55. JuuzouSuzuyaTG

      Does anyone know where I could find more fan art of this?

    56. DaveyA3

      *𝗔𝗿𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝘃𝘀 𝗟𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗿 𝗳𝗹𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗲𝘀*

    57. Senior Yellow Mountain

      Only Japanese people can make a special attack sounds so good in Spanish, hahaha!

    58. monkey d luffy

      She's not dead is she?

      1. Navy Paladin

        Spoiler alert! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jaguar Man saved Quetzalcoatl but Quetz definitely burned away a lot of her Divinity.

    59. Edward Elric

      Hinokami Kaguya! Oh wait, wrong anime!

      1. Owen Erahbor


    60. Kelsey Johnson

      I can’t wait till the soundtrack comes out

    61. ShadowIsatis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> Tiamat's Surprise Pikachu face.

    62. Kelsey Johnson

      Man I hope the other singularities get animated. I know they did Fuyuki and Camelot is coming soon.

    63. MariNate

      Top 10 animated scenes all time.

    64. The - •Δ•


    65. Aspirant 78

      Huge respect for quetzalcoatl

    66. Ray Venesia

      Wow, look how all the fgo player's wallet got used on this animation.... Just. Beautiful....

    67. 8440k

      Hate me but <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> Quetzalcoatl' does wear panties <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> if only we could get an uncensored version of this anime, it would be great!!!

    68. Helmwall

      Dinosaur killer

    69. Clynt Deanmark L. Villamor

      Is she dead? Or nah?

      1. Bolt Blue

        Nah. In the game, she was rescued by Jaguarman afterwards. I think she would have died if it wasn't for Taiga

    70. Marisirosaurus

      Did she die after this scene though? 😭

      1. Bolt Blue

        Nah. In the fgo game, she was rescued by Jaguarman.

      2. Navy Paladin

        Spoiler alert! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jaguar Man saved Quetzalcoatl but Quetz definitely burned away a lot of her Divinity.

    71. Chesh!re Valravne

      Is she dead?

      1. Navy Paladin

        Spoiler alert! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jaguar Man saved Quetzalcoatl but Quetz definitely burned away a lot of her Divinity.

    72. Brutalyte616

      Thank goodness Tiamat blocked that instead of trying to dodge it...

    73. ZA WARUDO

      Don't worry guys she's not dead

    74. 香風智乃

      Reminds me of Sieg vs Karna but without the ultra plot armor

      1. Deathstar 699

        Everyone in fate has plot armor normie

    75. Danny Wang

      Quetzalcoatl just overpowered Tiamat at half power. How is she not one of the seven Grands?

      1. frek nivek

        @I N C O G N I TO he was said to be the strongest servant in the FSN cast, he is not the strongest of all servant, he is just a high tier servant on the same lvl as normal karna, enkidu, ozymandias, etc

      2. JoJo Reference #4

        @I N C O G N I TO his eyes are special, that's a requirement for the grand caster along with Merlin and Solomon, but not one for grand Archer, he may be powerful indeed but doesn't meet the requirements for grand Archer

      3. Sebastian Lie

        @DemiGodz 694 just reply to statement gilgamesh is a cheat code

      4. DemiGodz 694

        @Sebastian Lie We're talking about Grands here so why bring those two? Just let them fight in LB4

      5. Sebastian Lie

        @DemiGodz 694 arjuna alter and super karna wants to talk to you

    76. Nesnaj Ersenia

      Soooo Ufotable: Unlimited BUDGET Works Cloverworks: Unlimited CASH Works Edit: The Animation team are AMAZING PEOPLEEEEE!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK

    77. Travis Rehder

      Coming this Christmas, Can't Wait for her in the Event 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    78. Misza Kowal

      but like have u seen episode 19 of kimetsu no edemon slayre???

      1. Im Morky

        Yeah UFOTABLE has the superior animation skills but i mean this episode as a whole tops Kimetsu no yaiba ep19 by a mile imo. We got a 1 minute sequence in demon slayer ep 19 that was nut worthy. Then theres this 8 minutes of fucking chaos that just makes your jaw drop. UFOTABLE cgi use and animation quality is unbeatable though.

    79. Stanley Charles

      *Tiamat after surviving a bunch of noble phantasm* Tiamat: SMELL LIKE BITCH IN HERE! ALL YALL SMELL LIKE BITCHES

    80. Derek Wong

      And that’s where our money goes, Big Time WORTH!!! Good Job All FGO master