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    hey guys heres the official marvel infinity saga teaser trailer they showed at SDCC eailer this year, still no exact details on this release, but as they do we will post on it....
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    1. Brian Bastante

      I already own all the movies and I still want this

    2. Tonatiuh Dancing Group

      Now this is just insane

    3. harry luis locsin

      Hey i have a question: did you see the scene where antman was supposedly hot wiring the van then after that clint gave the glove to black panther. When black panther was going towards the van you will see the antman in giant form holding a flying alien and stuffing it in ine of the holes!

    4. Sushmita Rajput

      Nick fury new screat avengers coming soon .🙂🙂🙂🙂

    5. Here's the Dealio

      Imagine if Stan Lee narrated this

    6. Matt Adcock

      I would like to have this

      1. Here's the Dealio

        This dude is giving them away good luck

    7. vtpontier


    8. naveed khan


    9. aaron rivera

      Its all over and this still speaks to my heart. Avengers forever!

    10. Bartoy Total

      Can wait to watch

    11. Michael Hoover

      That metal clanging in the beginning still gets me everytime

    12. ItzAndrew

      I personally think it's fake because it only uses scenes that have been used already

    13. farsendor

      Iron Man forever!

    14. Allen Copeland


    15. Greg Latiolais

      cool vid. thanks for the news.

    16. Thirumeni Elavazhagan

      I feel bad for this kids who born after endgame.

    17. Andrew T

      I want to edit EVERY Marvel movie together in 1 large movie in the actual timeline of the characters for a 3,000+hr movie! It’d be epic!

    18. Kyle Carvin

      Can't wait for this movie

    19. MR. Saddleback


    20. Nikhil kumar

      Give this man an Oscar for this edit 😂😍

    21. alles kaputt


    22. IVCaboosEVI

      The sounds of striking iron still gives me chills

    23. CrAzE Volt

      I wish I was old enough to get a job and buy this This is part of my childhood and all I would ever want is to Store the Infinity Saga in a Safe place, forget anything about the MCU Then in the right time, in adulthood, I lay in a Couch With my wife and kids and tell them an amazing story about the Infinity Saga I can re-live my childhood once more

    24. Taurai Mungwari

      A thing isnt beautiful coz it lasts but because it will end

    25. Mfon issa

      Is the ps4 give away still on ?

    26. David Mora

      What a great movie and way to end the franchise. They could build on this and, perhaps, work on a franchise team for the Infinity Wars.

    27. Bebe

      Y esta es solo la primer saga del anime "MARVEL" :v

    28. Bebe

      And this is just the first saga of the marvel anime :v

    29. Lane Gentry


    30. Adam Warren

      Vision: A thing isn’t beautiful because it last 2:21 me: it’s a privilege to be among them

    31. Carlos Okumura

      More like an era than a saga

    32. A Lee

      They didn’t put Black Panther in the last part

    33. S Higgins

      I wish that I could win a game system. This was my comment. lol

    34. Fun Show

      Would anyone provide me the official video link pls ..!

    35. Greg Lemon

      Love your videos.

    36. Christian Jackson

      Phase 4 here we go

    37. Aaric Plush Studios - Plush Videos Gaming and More

      We will never forget the main avengers

    38. No Reply

      Fucking epic

    39. jejan c film

      There was a avenger5 falcon is captain America yes this is true I'm not joking 😃😃

    40. Ryan Mahon

      I'd love to have one

    41. Shane Jordan


    42. Spencer Brown

      Love it

    43. Clem Aloy

      The infinity saga is a brand not a movie. Whole saga's best line . I LOVE U 3000❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. Roland Mousseau

      Thanks for Marvel Movies Collection Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Iron Man 2 Thor Captain America The First Avengers The Avengers Iron Man 3 Thor The Dark World Captain America The Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers Ace of Ultron Ant-Man Captain America Civil War Doctor Stranger Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Spider-Man Homecoming Thor Ragnokor Black Panther Avengers Infinity War Ant-Man and the Wasp Captain Marvel Avengers EndGame Spider-Man Far From Home ❤️Thank You For Marvel Studios❤️

    45. Mike Lucas

      This trailer was on fire dude

    46. MadGameBoy

      5 seconds of the incredible hulk, absolutely nothing of HULK...

    47. Jotaro Kujo

      Legend have it, if you show this trailer to marvel fans 10 years ago they would say it's fanmade

    48. NaturalisticLeak

      The hype I had when endgame was announced! *Good times*

    49. NaturalisticLeak

      “We are not makers of history, we are made by history”

    50. Jay C

      is it just me, or does it seem like it happened so fast, and that Iron Man doesn't seem like it has been out for over ten years.

    51. Daniel Elliott

      Yee yee!

    52. Kyla Turvey

      I’m speechless

    53. Eric Turbett

      I love the infinity saga so much! Such a wonderful beautiful continuous story that they have achieved

    54. elsa evans

      the capitan change to old capitan

    55. O.R Outlaws Rebooted

      Literally wanted to start crying bc honestly Tony was THE reason this all started and now he’s gone and this trailer is a beautiful tribute to him. Wonderful job

    56. Ghost Face

      Fake saga nothing official

    57. Prestonplayzfan Saswin

      YOOOOO I need to see this!!!

    58. W0NK042

      What an amazing 10 years, to be a comic book fan.

    59. Adam Pablo


    60. Sonja Venter

      Wow this is sooo amazing...its been a journey 🌻