[MV]SEVENTEEN - Happy Ending MV

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    [MV]SEVENTEEN - Happy Ending MV
    2019.05.29 Release
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    1. Amni Mn

      Seventeen is a whole package. I said what i said.

    2. Janhvi Singh

      I love the start where Vernon sings happy ending-2 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    3. Lucélia Rique

      best MV you are incribles

    4. katriel bernice

      damn ngl seventeen seriously has NO bad songs

    5. fallin flower

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    6. Bella Mi

      HAPPY ENDING ROM Happy ending, happy ending Yeah oh, oh oh, oh oh kimi ga hitsuyou da Yeah eiga mitai ni sa Yeah saisho no shiin no hohoemi de toki wa tomari tada hikareta kimi ga hitsuyou da Yeah (kimi ga hitsuyou da) eiga mitai ni sa Yeah (eiga mitai ni sa) donna pinchi mo kimi no koto dakishimeru tameni koeteku Yeah yeah Yeah stand by, one two, and action sou shujinkou ni narikitte kimi no koto mamoru yaku wo yatte kimi wo osou akuyaku wo yattsukeru kono sekai wa itsumo Easy come easy go dakedo kono eiga no saigo ni Oh baby kikasete kikasete aishiteru shiteru itte hoshii itte hoshii aishiteru Woo Happy ending, happy ending Happy ending, happy ending No whoa no no no Happy ending, happy ending kimi wo nakase cha (Hmm hmm) tada de wa okanai (Umm umm) Dash vroom vroom, arm boon boon Lip go brr brr, hit the duru duru kono monogatari wa kimi wo mamoru hanasa dakedo ne endingu wa kimi ga boku wo tasukeru Yeah arifureta tenkai wa gomen da ne kimi wo sukuu dake janai futatsu no endingu futari sorezore te wo nobashite tsunageta Happy ending kono sekai wa itsumo Easy come easy go dakedo kono eiga no saigo ni Oh baby kikasete kikasete aishiteru shiteru itte hoshii itte hoshii itoshiteru Whoa no Happy ending, happy ending Happy ending, happy ending No whoa no no no Happy ending, happy ending meguriai aishiai saikou no shiin ga dekiagattara saigo owatta sukuriin ni nagareru kurejitto hikaru kimi no namae tonari ni iru boku no namae wa zutto issho sa rasuto no rasuto mo utsukushii Whoa sou Happy ending hanashitai hanashitai itoshiteru shiteru moratte moratte aishiteru Whoa no Happy ending, happy ending Happy ending, happy ending No whoa no no no Happy ending, happy ending

    7. Honey Bee

      Saw Wonwoo with that Police outfit No one:.. Carats: lovin it Me: take me, officer .I don't care.I committed a crime for fallin for youu TT I supposed to love OT13 men fairly XD

    8. Noor Farhin

      12,267.... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!! I love seventeen and carats!!!!

    9. Kim Taeyeon is my everything

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> & <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> best. parts.

    10. SebongSev _17

      Happy ending ~~

    11. pvrple sky


    12. Valentina Prima Ballerina


    13. Cait B.

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    14. Noor Farhin

      12,259... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!!

    15. stan seventeen

      فيرنون في البدايه طالع خقهه

    16. Honey Bee

      Seventeen in one line behind Hannie, appreciated uwu

    17. FeeCoups17

      I really love the guitar, really!!!!!

    18. Amni Mn

      my happy ending

    19. Noor Farhin

      12,251... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!!

    20. May Navi


    21. Ana Mohd Rafi

      This is another level of dab.

    22. Noor Farhin

      12,244... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!!

    23. cherry bomb

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    24. cherry bomb

      Happy ending

    25. Intan Nur Rahma


    26. 조슈아ellaine

      i will play this legendary song in my wedding day ㅠㅠ really a bop.

    27. Sungwoon Haneul Seokmin BBCarat

      Hoshi with Spaghetti video, hope no one forget that hahaha XD

    28. Cotton candy

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    29. nana mia

      HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY to SEVENTEEN 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💎💎💎💎💎💎💎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Amni Mn

      *HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY SEVENTEEN* You'll forever be our happy ending (dab)

    31. Kwon Soonyoungie


    32. Z W


    33. Theaddictedcarat Seventeenisbae

      Wonwoo bias wrecked me in that uniform :

    34. Cynthia Gonzalo


    35. Mina Willenton

      missing Hoshi's red hair hour :3

    36. Noor Farhin

      12,219... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!!!

    37. Honey Bee

      Haana shitai hana shitai~ aishiteru shiteruu~

    38. Caratdeul 052615


    39. Nathalie

      fuck they're so fucking pretty

    40. 윤보

      에잇이랑 2인으로 춤추는건 준휘나 정한이하고 거의 하는듯? (외계인같은 돼지의 개인적인 생각입니다)

    41. Sarah T

      12m.. we should str17m this too

    42. Amni Mn

      happy ending is really a good song, i turned my friend into a carat with this song ;) She slipped hard into the diamond life

      1. Amni Mn

        @Mina Willenton my fav japanese song ever!

      2. Mina Willenton

        my favourite title track :3

      3. Honey Bee

        Uwu ~

    43. Noor Farhin

      12,208... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!!

    44. swiilk_

      Nag kikasite kikasite aishiteru kana ba ngayong araw nato?

    45. swiilk_

      Have you kikasite kikasite aishiteru-ed today?

    46. fallin flower

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    47. Bboy Akito

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a>

    48. jane francis

      Every band is having few masterpieces but Seventeen's all songs are outstanding

      1. Amni Mn

        agreed. All their songs including their unit songs are really really good.

      2. fallin flower

        Pls dont use the 3moj1, it will freeze the v1eWs :( thank you

    49. Army Forever


    50. Cotton candy

      V1ews : 12 197 698 Keep str3@ming, thanks ^

    51. wwenjunhui

      happy ending jun is superior

    52. maremningtyas ika

      이노래 너무 좋아

    53. Sungwoon Haneul Seokmin BBCarat

      Before choreography was out, I was wondering if they were abusing the floor like Getting Closer hahaha>

    54. fallin flower

      12 191 313

    55. Eleonor park

      Bebitoooos 💙✨

      1. fallin flower

        Hi pls dont use 3m0j1,, it will freeze the v1ews :( thanks

    56. Zuzanny Perez

      Jun puts and angel face when it was his turn to sing

    57. fallin flower

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    58. 세븐틴 얼굴이 내 미래보다 밝음

      요고 내 일본 곡 중 최애곡이라구 진짜...❤️

      1. fallin flower

        Opss dont use 3m0ji sweetie, it will freeze the v1ews :( thanks

    59. Berenice Lopez

      Seventeen will be always my Happy Ending

      1. fallin flower

        Hello there, pls dont use 3m0ji,, it will freeze the vi3ws thanks

    60. Frankie Benjamin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> wrecked my bias <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> ends my bias list for life

    61. Honey Bee

      Idk if I'm being silly or what~ But DK's first part made me follows his hand, everytime I was watching this with that snapped finger background music TT *mesmerizing*

    62. FeeCoups17

      That Vernon intro ugh

    63. Amni Mn

      Easy come easy go but i'll be supporting seventeen till the end.

    64. Cotton candy

      Vi3ws : 12 181 421 Is anyone still str34ming this art?

      1. swiilk_


    65. fallin flower

      Vi3ws : 12 175 333 Fighting Carats!!

    66. Junnie Jun

      12 174 555

    67. swiilk_


    68. Valentina Prima Ballerina

      I fell in Love with the song immediately when it started ! Just like "thanks" only 1 sec passed and I was ♡ so, love at first _sight_ truely exists :)

    69. Sungwoon Haneul Seokmin BBCarat

      Jun saying " _Oh Baby~_ " blinking his eyes after that if he a cat, that's mean he love you /or happy with your company ~ I think he's a cat :D And if Woozi see this he might think I'm a lunatic as Hoshi XD

    70. Anishka Zstars_Dk_7teen

      One of my favorite song..

    71. Amni Mn

      Praying a happy ending for seventeen, carats and everyone. Because everyone deserve to be happy :)

      1. Amni Mn

        Sungwoon Haneul Seokmin BBCarat amiin, thank you so much!

      2. Sungwoon Haneul Seokmin BBCarat

        Amiin~ hope you hav happy ending tooo~

    72. sharon barce

      Keep streaming CARATDEUL!!

      1. Sungwoon Haneul Seokmin BBCarat

        Hwaiting~ and happy swimming

    73. Junnie Jun

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    74. Lizeth Huanca Machaca


    75. Cotton candy

      Dear CARATs, lets str34m to *15M* !! You got this!!! Lets fight together!!

    76. Amni Mn

      what i love the most about seventeen is their personalities. They're very natural and being themselves.

    77. SeokSoon 17

      Mingyu looks sexy in this

    78. Vanessa Rayos

      Hooked when this came out and then there’s the korean ver (which felt weird hearing it ‘cause I’m used to the original japanese ver-been playing it since it came out and after the release of the korean ver PLUS performing it in several shows, I immediately got used to it and began singing to it haha like it clicked really well but then now I go back to this mv and hearing it all over again, still remembering AND singing the orig japanese ver BUT THEN also sings some parts in korean which made it into a fusion of korean-japanese lyrics 😂

      1. SeokSoon 17

        Haha this is me

    79. Junnie Jun

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    80. Vanessa Rayos


      1. fallin flower

        Sweetie dont use 3m0ji, it will freeze the vi3ws, thanks