MORBIUS Official Trailer (2020) Jared Leto, Marvel, Action Movie HD

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    MORBIUS Official Trailer (2020) Jared Leto, Marvel, Action Movie HD
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    One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.
    Director: Daniel Espinosa
    Writers: Gil Kane (comic book & character), Matt Sazama (screenplay)
    Stars: Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, J.K. Simmons
    © Sony
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    1. Nur Jaf

      Who is Missing SUICIDE SQUAD TO ICH MISS ❤

    2. Shardhanand Singh


    3. Beni Bean

      Bur...Liburrrrr...Liburrrrr.....Mantap jiwaaaa

    4. Christian Ledesma

      J.K. Simmons is a main character, Vulture is here, there's a Spidey poster but it's the Raimi version, WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!?! Idk but looks very interesting and definitely excited for it!!

    5. Denix

      චූන් පාන් සද්දෙ ආවෙ මට විතරද🙄

    6. Karma Deva

      When corona virus 🦠 is compatible with human. 😂

    7. MR JOKER00

      You guys can watch all new upcoming movies trailer here

    8. Gary Wilson

      Comic book many, many, many, MANY! years ago, Blade found out about Morbius. The story(comic book) Morbius came from another planet.


      he failed to become joker so he became a batman

    10. Tung H

      The only person that survived the coronavirus

    11. Brandon Krugel

      I hope this movie gets an R rating and ties into the spiderman universe and follows a similair line to the 90's cartoon, gonna be epic.

    12. KurdBest.Tv

      Whem i see spiderman i really happy

    13. Angel Salcedo

      Morbius, morpheus, WALRUSES!

    14. Lynn McKenney

      Morbius is very cool, but I kind of wish they had gone with morlun. That has to be one of the most brutal spiderman encounters I've seen to date.

    15. Mailus Phoenix

      Enough marvel movies(or superheroes/villains in general), the whole thing has already taken place, the big event is over... You can see how desperate and out of touch the film industry is when Morbius, but not Cyclops, is gettign a movie, they clearly do not care about characters, only products, and a "relevant" celebrity face... Only if the knew how fed up and tired people are of these movies, cause they hardly qualify as movies anymore, just products... Imagine it does well, we get a Morbius secret, and the human race becomes officially dumber than pigeons.

    16. Ke Tho

      Leto? not my marvel anymore...

    17. DailyBits

      I'm confused isn't that the vulture from Spiderman at the end

      1. DaVinciNewton MLBB

        Yes. It was connected to MCU spiderman.

    18. E314

      After fucking up Joker in SS the only role I'd cast him in is a very mute waiter

    19. HK Ved

      Morbius...when Joker gets bat-possessed

    20. Somesh Shinde

      I think corona Virus came from him 😂

    21. 그대와함께


    22. Trent Kaschube

      No thanks

    23. crunchie crybaby

      so this is where jared went after dc lmfao

    24. Azmi Nugraha

      this is show where the coronavirus comes

    25. El mini pro 2354


    26. curse Love

      Spider-Man almost died cause of him or more like if Spider-Man did not get help he would have died. cause he was huntjng Spider-Man for his blood.

    27. Rashik Reza Fahim

      the movie name should have been "batroidman"

    28. Jimmy ore guerrero

      Jared my love.

    29. FindYourWay Chucky

      Well since everyone is asking and i am amazed how no one actually knows....Yes he is part of the Spider-man universe also part of the Marvel.He has connections with few Marvel characters like Wolverine,Gambit,The Fantastic Four and especially Spider-man.He also appeared in the tv series in the 90's of Spider-man.

      1. FindYourWay Chucky

        @Ricky Spanish Never played that game since I stopped at playstation 2.But i think Spider-man 3 on playstation 2 also had a vampire mission but it didn't include him

    30. healthy life style changes


      1. HxHorse

        healthy life style changes he is a good actor but he definitely didn’t save that shit writing of Suicide Squad

    31. kev tow

      Marvel will give us everything except the Daredevil Man Without Fear that we deserve. smh

    32. P I L L O W J A M

      Corona virus spreader

    33. Alexandro Gonzalez

      What's up with the plants vs zombies song...

    34. MR JOKER00 ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ Watch new movies trailer and Best movies clip here

    35. Bùi Thắng

      Corona :>

    36. Scott T

      The forming of Sinster Six and next up.....Carnage!

    37. Garret Burrow

      Sony is the autistic step brother with the clubbed foot trying to steal some of the glory from his older brother Disney Marvel...

    38. Hong Fei Bai

      "I have a rare blood disease." Bloodwerk has joined the chat.

    39. Arumugathash Shivaphiriyan

      That violin background music I already listened any one know ????🤫🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Koschasty 98

        Beethoven- Für Elise

      2. Martin Thompson

        Sounds like the Westworld theme

    40. Anthony Blair

      Hell yeah!!!i got issue #1 first appearance of morbius comic book!

    41. Endri Nrilli

      The name of the song the protagonist is singing?

    42. Review Things

      Much better role for Leto

    43. luxury VLOG

    44. luxury VLOG

      latest video---

    45. Thằng Em Trai

      Bat man

    46. sreekar sree

      HERO or VILLAN

    47. Imron Ramadhani

      Batman homecoming 😂

    48. Namita Mondal

      Net is not working

    49. अनुभवी बाबा

      I heard this BG score earlier

    50. Harry Munro

      Glad it’s not mcu this would kill the franchise

    51. Randy Ujang

      lets see who is the better batman.... Robert Pattinson or Jared Leto.....

    52. Gloria Chavez

      Ohhhhh jared❤❤😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘

    53. Sahil Quereshi

      Dracula Untold 2

    54. Cool Wing

      Time to call Blade!

    55. SamZ Vines

      Watch my channel

    56. Ray Ardi

      Morbius yang makan totem spiderverse, bukan ya...?

    57. Necy Tho

      Yes I can't wait

    58. A T

      He looks like brunette version of ✝️Jesus Christ ✝️

      1. A T

        @DelanaFromAway You are free to believe anything as I do.

      2. A T

        @DelanaFromAway Jesus Christ can have all kind of hairs, he's god.

    59. James Gomez

      Was that the doctor

    60. starr mann

      another cult favorite brought into mainstream 😒