Meet the Man Who Has Spent $70,000 Playing a Mobile Game

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

3.7M 再生回数3 711

    Sony’s mobile role-playing game “Fate/Grand Order” takes up most of 31-year-old Daigo’s time-and a lot of his money: His in-game purchases total more than $70,000. It’s worth it, he says. Devotees like Daigo have made “Fate/Grand Order” Sony’s most profitable game ever.

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    1. Exoteric Greek

      thats why japanese players are 'good' they arent they just pay to win lol

    2. FGO Fanatic

      Everyone is basically his waifu, meanwhile I grinded 900+ SQ to NP5 Kiyolancer

    3. Jhobs ILGF

      I want to have a beautiful wife someday 😩

    4. Jayden ssj

      70k yen

    5. Haryseus Gaming

      Keep up the good job whales!! There are still other singularity that needs to be animated

    6. Suraj Nag

      This is child's play i have seen somebody spending 100K$ on just a purple cap that gives 50% more critical attack. Typical mobile micro transactions.

    7. Baby Rage Gekyume

      He could've bought game that is more fun with 1/1000 of this price

    8. slaserdude

      ME IN 2017: That’s too much I don’t think I can spend that much?! ME IN 2020: I’m close to siding with u my fellow master...

    9. Sãmer Altêr

      "Though the game is free to play، paying for rolls increases the chances of winning." No it doesn't, the game is completely free and winning without paying a *single cent* is pretty easy for everyone... You pay for rolls to get characters you want and love that are rarely obtainable. That's it. Stop lying to the viewers.

    10. bayu mahendra

      Whale face reveal?

    11. A s h 。

      Anyone knows if hes got an youtube channel?

    12. João Victor

      This guy need help

    13. Pinecone Gaming

      *cries in stheno spooks*

    14. Pachitaro

      Thank you, brave soldier

    15. George Adusei

      He's not a gambler, he's an addict. Gambler goes to Kenny Rogers!

    16. Orville King

      "<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a>" I recommend this: ** So grateful it exists in 2020.

      1. Chang Bo

        What is it?

    17. sanjeev

      * better not move you out of your house*

    18. Yusuf Raihan

      Mever knew fate grand order is sony game

    19. Eris

      He surely doesn't look someone who is broke.

    20. X-Jpeg

      Imagine when the game actually ends up discontinued

      1. yaderx1

        Well, that day will definitely not be soon with the profit of the game.

    21. Nerdburger85

      What a waste!!! Lol does he not know about real games??

      1. yaderx1

        Except that this is a real game.

    22. Billy Gil Music

      I just want to know how he made that much money by investing in stocks

    23. Ja Kei

      JPsel caption on this just give up and put "Speaking foreign language" i mean i know the caption for english is already there, but why still put it in caption if its just gonna say "speaks foreign language" lol

    24. Fletarious

      I did play this, but some of them are facts ah, don't mind just wanna utter of my bad luck...

    25. Steven Anja

      "<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a>" I recommend this: ** So grateful it exists in 2020.

    26. Akai UwU

      Well yeah i would spend zillion if imma play that game

    27. Hot Boy

      Still a *F I L T H Y C A S U A L*

    28. Swissy. Chris

      This man is the definition of stupid

      1. yaderx1

        He's having fun, he's spending the money because he can afford it, and he doesn't seem like someone in financial trouble ... I don't know, you're the only one acting stupid here.

    29. TheNoobWays

      EA Games : We're the most paid game in the world! Fate/Grand Order : Hold my sake..

    30. Kowloon Kurosawa

      I am never spending money on microtransactions unless it's DLC that actually adds to the game. I can't imagine spending $70,000 on a free game. Break the cycle people.

    31. USER_NAME1429

      this is why i don't play mobile games.

    32. Toro Totoro

      isnt the opening scene from Fate Zero tho?

    33. Spanishdog17

      This isn't Darksydephil?

    34. Miguel Casares

      I wanna thank this man, if it had not been for this video made on him I would have never found this game... I hope I can one day face him and proudly say "I have finally spent $7000 fgo" and I want him to tell me "I am so proud of you, son" so far I am $200 in.

      1. Max Power

        Whoa dude, take it easy 😂

    35. enemay

      I spent $50 on a Thai...erm working lady... and she moved me long time..Well actually it was more like 20 mins total and hung out for about 1 hour and a half.

    36. Russ Yetzer

      Me on Magia Record trying to get best girl

    37. Khesir

      Here i am thinking of how many 5 star servent he gots....

    38. Jhayson pesidas

      Same here I Always play the Fate grand Order🙂

    39. T P

      The ultimate pay to win, you better win every game.

    40. Lokilocke


    41. Just Some Random Italian Spearman Named Cú Chu-lame

      Paying for rolls increases the chances of winning? I don't know what that means but are you by any chance referring to GSSR banner?

    42. Pokechao

      >"Sony's RPG" >"Sony's" Type Moon and Delight Works be like: *Are we a joke to you?*

    43. JOꓘER BØY

      Kid : What will you give me in my own when you die Dad : Here take this its so expensive Fact that kid sold it 10$ to his friend to buy ice cream

    44. hyou zan ren

      ....? His bank accounts is millions spending 70k is like a drop in the buckets! 😜😜😜

    45. IPlay

      The game doesn't even look fun 🤨

      1. IPlay

        Um josiyah stop

      2. IPlay


      3. IPlay

        @En Freak seems cool

      4. En Freak

        @IPlay its like a parody of star wars.

      5. IPlay

        @En Freak oh good even tho i don't know what that is keep it up

    46. Peridoxペリドクス

      I'm willing to sell my soul to the devil to get Jack the Ripper tbh.

      1. En Freak

        Same to get bb summer

    47. Catzin_ Alpaka

      imagine being a whale

    48. Loveless Shoot

      The ultimate E-player is here!!!

    49. Brian Alleyne

      They showed JPselrs 😂😂

    50. Brian Alleyne

      A man of culture 😌😌

    51. Mark Ruiz Pajaron

      man, you can buy FGO scale figures with that. But yea it’s your money do whatever you want lol

    52. Retro Prime


    53. Gilgamesh

      70k? That’s like 10 saint quartz!

    54. FlukeyKent

      ....EA has entered the chat

    55. justfor temporory

      “Paying for rolls increases the chances of winning “ Asterios and Hans: .........

    56. Skollbal ge

      Just Think The Face Of The Dev When Someone Spend 70.000 On The Game

    57. Mạnh Hùng Trần

      watching in 2020

    58. Andri Firman


    59. ROBERT

      He’s gay

    60. Gonzalo Martin

      Of course it's FGO

    61. Ultimate Life Form Kars

      I would spend the same amount only for Saber Astolfo

    62. Yui eating a hambagauerh

      One word: *_wHaLe_*

    63. Deimos 22

      Of course it's fate

    64. Straaanded K

      “But I wanted it to be level 5” $2500 later:

    65. Xidis

      I bet this guys have all the limited time servant on NP 5, Max lvl, Max Skill

    66. pavew ew

      FK I cant even download the game ;c

    67. Ubermensch

      Microsoft taking notes for their Xbox exclusives

    68. Useless


    69. Marc Flyman

      Imagine loosing the account

    70. Bryan Cardenas

      I mean, if he can afford all that and still live his life without having problems let him do whatever he wants,

    71. Anti-Nihilist _

      Not that weird considering how much people pay for alcohol or cigarettes or buying a new car every few years.

    72. somz saltz

      As long as hes happy why does it matter

    73. Frxfrx Alex

      Only 70,000k? Ha datruthdt has mostly spent 100,000+💀💀

      1. Avatar Luck

        I mean,this was posted on 2018.

    74. Soul Breaker

      Dude really I have only spend 50 dollars in fgo the game but if I had a job I would spend to get my waifu Atalanta I already have stheno Euraley and Medusa just need Atalanta and also Erishkal I want Erishkal

    75. FAFNIR Ace

      Yorokobe shounen Btw he is good at managing Stock lol I hope I can learn more about it in the future

    76. v1 Spawn

      Hes enjoying life, who are we to say it's wrong

    77. LXW arts

      By the way you can't delete your google play purchase history at all.

    78. Kooky_Bottomry

      Lvl90whale be like:

    79. Takeru Kurosawa

      spending money on the gacha games is ridiculous bc if u spend more time in it u can get every thing u want, rest in peace 70k T-T

    80. Autonomous green

      They should make the characters cheaper.