Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look

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    “Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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    に公開 7 日 前


    1. Steven B

      Let's see ... do I wanna spend my money on women led movies where they openly hate white males ? NOPE …. Marvel can F' OFF

    2. George Yiacas

      Its water weight roffl

    3. handsom.chris

      My excuse when someone tells me that i'm fat "It's mainly water weight"

    4. Jesus Christ Repent

      HOW TO BE SAVED : 1. Admit that you are a sinner. 2. Turn away from sin. (Repent) 3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, was buried and rose from the dead. 4. Through prayer, invite Jesus into your heart to become your Saviour.

    5. Attila Kóbor

      Imo, this looks horrible. Hope they just f*cked up the trailer

    6. ThreefireOn 001

      Hey marvel pls make a tv series about kid loki with timothee chalamet

    7. Nobody

      Please make more films i am getting tired of watching the same 22 films every month...

    8. Geraldthewitcher2

      No really, who the hell was that guy????

    9. Death Kombat

      I thought TaskMaster will be the next villain of Spider Man🤔 What is he doing in Black Widow movie?

    10. Ray Hernandez


    11. Adam Malkovich


    12. Duckling Rage

      The guy she was fighting was Clint right?

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        No, by the setting of this movie (after Civil War and before Infinity War) Clint is on house arrest after escaping the Raft prison by Cap. Why would he antagonize Natasha and her friends?

      2. Mister Widow

        It was Taskmaster.

    13. Maxime Racicot

      Trailer looks awesome, watched it several times. But trailers be trailers... this “special look” is most likely meant to boost interest, but it does the opposite. The tiny holes in the trailer grow bigger. I’m now skeptical at best. Expected this is, and unfortunate.

    14. Kayne Tesoro

      My theory is that the enemy she face in this trialer is not an enemy. Its hawkeye

      1. Kayne Tesoro

        Aww okayy thank you. Hahaha

      2. uncanny dcmarvelous

        @Kayne Tesoro They already confirmed this movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. Hawkeye's getting a mini-series on Disney+

      3. Kayne Tesoro

        If you will see at the end of the trailer. She said "who the hell is that guy". Because that enemy has the same uniform or costume that hawkeye wear at the endgame. The scene in there is that natasha came to see clint in Japan killing those samurais. Which Hawkeye's life before. That's why there will be a hawkeye movie TAKE NOTE: in civil. Or even though bin ultron natasha is already short haired. So why the hell you said after the civil war. The last time Natasha has a long hair is way back in iron man 2

      4. uncanny dcmarvelous

        No, by the setting of this movie (after Civil War and before Infinity War) Clint is on house arrest after escaping the Raft prison by Cap. Why would he antagonize Natasha and her friends?

    15. Gabriel Pino

      so does this take place after Civil War but before Infinity War?

      1. Mister Widow


    16. Sampson Ray Simon


    17. Hunter Cohen

      Is the enemy of this movie Task Master?? If so I’m so down for that!! 👍👍👍

    18. Evan Smith

      Why do people care that this movie takes place before endgame? I dont get it.

      1. Mister Widow

        Because it isn't a progression of the MCU. We're just visiting a story about a character who we already know dies. So it just seems pointless.

    19. Brevin Floyd Catinsag

      Please, don't kill Taskmaster. He's my favorite Marvel villain.

    20. jv America

      See you in a minute 😀

    21. Toxic


    22. Toxic

      I forgot tony stark is going to be in this movie and NOW IM MORE HYPED FOT THIS MOVIE

    23. PRO AS F**K!

      00:14 waitt... Are those Pim particles in Natasha's right hand (slow to 0.25×) 😲

    24. Nikola Kungulovski

      ahhh that fake Russian accent ruined everything...

    25. 1 CrimeDrama_Girl

      Vormir is the 2.1k who disliked.

    26. Sophie

      When does this take place again? And why is it only coming out now? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    27. Victor Aguilar

      Plot twist they brainwashed jim hopper and had a mk1 Captain America serum that made him aged slowly


      Why can’t they gender swap Black Widow? Can’t she become a guy?

    29. siddhanth guha

      No special powers no super suit Black widow is the real deal❤️

    30. Joshua Baratheon

      Florence Pugh ❤

    31. R!L'M

      A human wearing heavy metal armor and a hood, so it's gotta be the Taskmaster huh ? Ya'll do know there's another character who fits that description other than Taskmaster, right ? I think this "guy" right here is not Taskmaster, but it's actually Iron Maiden. But i dunno, for now it could be anyone. It could be Clint Barton because he could use the bow in superhuman accuracy just like him and this could possibly explain the whole Budapest thingy, it could be the Iron Maiden because she's also a Black Widow and hence why she could "copy" Natasha's move. Or maybe, it could be all three of them. But let's be real tho, it could just be Tony Masters the Taskmaster himself 😆

    32. Samid Dadashov

      0:56 pubg mobile 😎😎😎

    33. Mustafa Lokhandwala


    34. Purple gacha Girl

      *when 2 days after bw release is ur moms birthday* HAALLEELUYAA

    35. The Man vs PC

      Never thought black widow was a spider

    36. Andrew Douglas

      Taskmaster will be female. It’s just a matter of who in the cast is playing the character. Rachel Weisz maybe?

      1. Mister Widow

        Look at the body. Does that look like a woman to you?

    37. Meena Raj Sharma



      Taskmaster looks so cool

    39. K Nichole N

      How the hell did I miss this?!

    40. Ali khan

      Pym Particles in Black Widow Hand Any one notice ??? 0:13 play

    41. Andre's

      Who the hell is that girl*

    42. Andre's

      Who the hell is that girl*

    43. ศุภณัฐ พงษ์ปรีชา

      I do want to see how Nat defeats Taskmaster. Though Taskmaster can imitate her styles of fighting, there must be some weakness Nat can identify. For example, While fighting with Taskmaster, she calls Steve. Nat: Cap, how do you use your shield? Captain: I bla bla bla Nat: Oh, I see. Come on Task. I'm ready!!!

    44. Jerry Gilbert

      What timeline is this movie took place? Is it before Avengers 2012?

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        After Civil War (maybe specifically after Natasha leaves Tony) and before Infinity War.

    45. Riley Royer

      Has anyone forgotten the cool fake face device that BW had in CAWS to look like one of the Council ladies? Maybe this could tag along with the theory floating around that her sister could have taken her place in Infinity War.. hmmm.....

    46. Madhav Khandelwal

      0:14 Are those Pym particles in Natasha's hand ?

    47. Rajput Boy

      Fabulous treailer of black widow

    48. Rajput Boy

      Superb look

    49. somu singh

      I think taskmaster is the villain from her past. The man with the shield is probably the Taskmaster... You know the symbol on his shield...Right?

      1. somu singh

        @READ Comics Sarcasm...

      2. READ Comics

        Oh wow you are so intelligent to figure out that Taskmaster is the villain. That is general knowledge that it’s Taskmaster einstein. Anyone can tell it’s Taskmaster

    50. somu singh


      1. somu singh


      2. Ailsa Ni

        Dead avenger has a movie Hawkeye: I'm gonna end this man's career

    51. anwar muhammad

      Everybody know this is just an illusion she's actually in the Soul Stone

    52. Aivin Sastrillas

      taskmaster 64

    53. 100 % COMÉDIE : MAURICE

      She has pym particles right on the trailer

    54. Chris CaMo

      Natasha 💔😢

    55. Beast Boy Sumit

      Spoiler alert: Black Widow wins

    56. Burnin In Texas

      Sick and f*cking tired of marvel movies....

    57. LEGO Kid 101

      I guess Red Guardian is like the newest hero to appear live-action

    58. acematthew01

      Tf did you do to taskmaster?? Like what is that?? A silver motorbike helmet wtfff Edit: Dude looks like a power ranger.

    59. Daniyal A

      This looks so good! Not what I was expecting. Like a mix of Salt and Atomic Blonde, not your typical cgi-cartoony Marvel movie.