Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look

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    “Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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    1. Chris Pap

      Looks like a very good movie

    2. Nutcracker’s Crack

      A little prediction... you won’t watch this movie in May.

    3. Fighting Flanker

      Soundtrck Please?? Anybody!!

    4. Surunga 15

      In <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a> there is a black widow logo on the street

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Surunga 15 dang! Good eye!

    5. Friends Don’t Lie

      Simply can’t wait for this movie I know it’s gonna be awesome 😎❤️❤️❤️

    6. Nilu World

      Beautiful love

    7. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit


    8. Nireeksha Shetty

      So basically black widow is the strongest avenger among the og since she beats the taskmaster (obviously)........... As the taskmster knows every avengers skill🤔🤔

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Nireeksha Shetty basically. She’s the best fighter. The others may be stronger but she’s faster, smarter, and knows more fighting styles.

    9. The Legendary Ray

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> this scene gives me chills!

    10. RandomGaming2.0


    11. Cioaca Cristian

      This is better then the actual trailer

    12. Beatz

      You want a strong female lead film you are ...the only film where women doesn't fight like men she fight like a woman ...which is better than men's fighting...

    13. Aryan Bhardwaj

      The Taskmaster may be Hawkeye as Ronin

    14. Nacho Jar Studios

      Disney+ kills all interest in watching minor Marvel movies in the theatre for me. Unless it's something insanely hype and/or an Avengers film, I can just watch from home in a couple of months when it comes out on the streaming service.

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Nacho Jar Studios nah fam. You have to see a movie this action packed in theaters for the experience. It’s worth it.

    15. A being from earth

      Pretty cool right ik cuz IMM BATMAN

    16. dixitsir

      The cgi is incomplete

      1. Ducky MoMo

        dixitsir this is only the trailer. Marvel likes to fool us!

    17. Tucker Hawkey

      Everyone knows this is ridiculous right? She's like the most useless member on the Avengers why would they make a movie about her?

      1. Dominique Docen

        Tucker Hawkey are you a different type of idiot, because that comment was (I’m sorry) so beyond stupid. Did you even watch endgame? Black Widow legit sacrificed her life FOR THE UNIVERSE. Without Natasha the avengers wouldn’t have won in ENDGAME. FACT. Without her, hulk wouldn’t have been able to snap to bring everyone back and tony also wouldn’t have been able to snap away Thanos and his army and you have the audacity to call her useless. ALSO AGAIN SERIOUSLY, if it was that ridiculous then why are they making a movie for her, oh yeah that’s right for all the obvious and deserving reasons why, which you are too ignorant to realize. Boy bye!

      2. Ducky MoMo

        Tucker Hawkey yep! Forever Red and Red Vengeance. They are actually very good.

      3. Tucker Hawkey

        @Ducky MoMo She has chapter books?

      4. Ducky MoMo

        Tucker Hawkey you should read her comics and chapter books, maybe your mind will change.

      5. Tucker Hawkey

        @Ducky MoMo She's still lame though

    18. Son Gohan

      Taskmaster throws the shield. Music intensifies.

    19. Inner Child


    20. Kaila Hartman

      Pick a team Black Widows or Charlie's Angels

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Kaila Hartman black widows for sure!

    21. Adhy Bae

      Natasha: "Who the hell is that guy?" Villan: "I am Taserface!!!"

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Adhy Bae 😂

    22. Millie Bannister

      Thor: who the hell are you guys? Natasha: who the hell is that guy?!

    23. Young Ceez

      All the widows are gonna die in this movie except for Natasha

    24. Grant Paulsen


    25. Daniel Pereira

      It would be dope if Marvel puts up Iggy Azalea's Black Widow track in the final trailer.

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Daniel Pereira YES

    26. Loki's Queen

      Who is here after the realise date got moved up!!

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Loki's Queen IT DID?!

    27. James The YouTuber

      Can’t wait for this movie!

    28. ASD ADD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> anyone who says that the other Widow is taskmaster, this scene disproves that as she is fighting Taskmaster in this scene

      1. Ducky MoMo


    29. Palwinder Kaur

      I think, In this movie Lot of secret Scene are located.

    30. bhushan pimpalkar

      Is black widow holding Pym Particles at 0.14

      1. Ducky MoMo

        bhushan pimpalkar we will find out soon!!

    31. Taylor Schweb

      is it just me, or do y’all think the trailer would’ve been more interesting if it had been a creepy lullaby with nat’s voice over?

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Taylor Schweb that would’ve been wicked! 😂

    32. Rajesh Kumar Maity

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a>

    33. studlee

      Hawkeye better be task master.

    34. Clinton Saville

      I have information that leads me to believe Scarlett Johansson and I may in fact be related in life but who knows the truth... for me it would just be cool to know we are and she would entertain maybe meeting me!... Wierd fact but true and don't have an agenda just be cool to know the truth if it was really true!

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Clinton Saville whatt?! Have you used one of those DNA websites?!

    35. pretty tea cup

      How to beat Taskmaster who copied Captain America style? ""

    36. Rizky Arifin

      2020 Is all about Female Comic Book: 1.Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey 2. Wonder Woman 1984 3. Black Widow

      1. p s

        Black widow is the best 🤩😍

      2. Joseph Emman V. Cortez

        Coincidentally, the other two of the three took place before the rest.

      3. Ducky MoMo

        Rizky Arifin Black Widow will be the best! No hate to the others but fans have been waiting for her solo film for years and it won’t disappoint!

    37. Foryoutube New

      Though this is past its very old that there is no iron by that i think its fake that iron is in this film

    38. Cristiano Furquim Bianchini

      It is unacceptable, inconceivable that even after the Matrix, Chalie's Angels, Kill Bill, Aeon Flux Marvel will still do fight scenes in which a double stunt does practically every kick or punch, and not just acrobatics, becomes "the fight for the fight" , in addition to having the audience's lack of perception. It is not what I want to see in a film whose protagonist specializes in martial arts. Interpreting is more than doing facial and body expressions, or being good at scenes of comic relief and dramatic appeal. Scarlett Johansson in all these years has only given Black Widow a face, but has never given legitimacy or authenticity to her fight scenes. Marvel deserves to be compared to an amusement park, as it has learned to make easy money with an audience that accepts everything.

    39. the tim

      What year is this movie set

      1. comics-movie studios

        2016. Right After civil war

    40. Darrin Ramroop

      Rachel Weiz is the villain right,lol?

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Darrin Ramroop Hmmmm...I wouldn’t think so. It could be a friend from Natasha’s past or a brand new character they plan to introduce. It would be even more twisted if it turns out to be her father. It just depends on the direction Marvel wants to go with.

      2. Darrin Ramroop

        @Ducky MoMo think it could be Julie Deply? She had a cameo in Age of Ultron

      3. Ducky MoMo

        Darrin Ramroop nope! There’s a scene where she’s fighting Taskmaster.

    41. Aviroop Mohan

      Why only 3 million views?

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Aviroop Mohan SHE DESERVES MORE

    42. Mighty Pal raj

      We can feel very very very happy because, we can see RDJ (Tony Stark)(Iron man ) again in this movie. 😯People who shocked after reading this😯 Please like People who already knows this please comment

    43. Jacob Luke

      made my own little black widow mcu trailer, feel free to check it out

    44. XP huntR

      maybe hawkeye is taskmaster 😬

      1. Captain Psycho

        Do you seriously have no idea that taskmaster can copy anyone’s moves

    45. Gage Farmer

      Black Widow with her own movie Now that's new.

    46. Эй! Палыч


    47. Paco

      Task Master looks amazing!

    48. GhoulifiedAce

      People who play apex legends: WrAiTh Is ThAt U?

    49. Nor Aisah Anuar Shah

      I think Taskmaster is Clint...

      1. Mister Widow

        You realize he was under house arrest, right?

    50. Hafsa Bi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> Am I the only one who heard smelly waterways

    51. Nasifa Fathima

      Is this the continuity after the endgame or is it juz showing her past cause i really wan banner n natasha to be together!

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War.

    52. Tian Wang

      Florence Pugh's accent is actually closer to Crimean than Russian...that is until she drops the ball.

    53. Sarvesh Shimpi

      She is dead!! Cant believe she is dead

    54. james isaiah

      Here we go another femminist box office disaster

      1. Ducky MoMo

        james isaiah this won’t be that way!

      2. General Pinocho

        @NATHAN NAEL imagine not being a fan of Marvel movies 🤣

      3. Mister Widow

        Uh, ever heard of Wonder Woman?

      4. NATHAN NAEL

        Imagine being a fans of marvel movies 🤢🤢🤢

      5. NATHAN NAEL

        Marvel movies are a big NO to cinema

    55. Thor Odinson

      Task Master

    56. Keearies Hawkins

      If you stop it and look at her hand at 0.12 secs she has veils in her hand someone said could it be pym particles. That would be interesting if she is on the run from the TVA after the Loki spot. Marvel at that point where they can do anything and flip the script. Maybe that's why they didn't have a funeral. Got too much hope lol

      1. Keearies Hawkins

        @Solo Cologne all very true and that's why marvel is killing it with most of their movies

      2. Solo Cologne

        Keearies Hawkins but also there’s a scene where general ross is younger so possibly it’s around that era the pym particles are introduced?

      3. Solo Cologne

        Keearies Hawkins yeah but the timeline is between civil war and infinity war. Does that mean she spoke to ant man for those particles after the airport fight before she went off the radar? Or I heard they’re app red room syrum? If it is then she’s a super spy? Lol it’s frustrating how much they’ve left us scratching our heads. If it’s pym particles then she’s probably already time travelled possibly. Hurry up May 1st 🙄🤣

      4. Keearies Hawkins

        @Solo Cologne thanks someone told me and was like it's possible lol

      5. Solo Cologne

        Keearies Hawkins nice theory 👌🏽

    57. Blessvia N

      Oohh Amy from little women is here!!

    58. Ducky MoMo

      Can someone explain to me why they think this movie looks bad?!

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Solo Cologne 👏🏻

      2. Solo Cologne

        Mister Widow dude Kevin Feige said this is going to be full of hidden secrets that’ll set up phase 4. And it’s of course a secret spy kinda vibe so they’re not showing too much. Also there are mutants in Russia 👀 so yeah you should definitely see it. She could possibly reveal the first mutant like colossus, omega red or the intro for winter guards: ursa major, darkstar & crimson dynamo which is connected to skrull invasion. And you don’t notice the pym particles she’s holding? there’s endless possibilities that we don’t know of. don’t judge too soon lol

      3. General Pinocho

        Who are "they"?

      4. Ducky MoMo

        Mister Widow I did watch Spiderman 2. I just didn’t enjoy the trilogy as much as other Marvel movies. The new Spiderman movies with Tom Holland are good too. I like them much better than the ones with Andrew Garfeild. Black Widow is a character with a rich history and I’m hoping that her movie will show more of her character dynamic. I’m sure Black Widow will be a great addition to the MCU.

      5. Mister Widow

        So you never watched Spider-Man 2?

    59. Bharti Ramteke

      This movie is gonna be awesome.... Its has a nice theme song too..

    60. Sarthak Jain

      I bet this movie will be better than winter soldier.

    61. Tigon

      I bet Taskmaster is Florence Pugh’s character. Not a spoiler just a good guess. 😉

    62. luke ketchum

      Her sister has a cute voice.

    63. T R

      Enough Marvel crap, already.

    64. bhushan pimpalkar

      Is black widow holding Pym Particles at 0.14

    65. Brutus Buckeye

      Seriously is anybody really going to drop ten bucks to go see this movie?

      1. Solo Cologne

        Brutus Buckeye hell yeah mate. I’m gonna watch this multiple times incase I miss any secrets the first time

    66. Austhir Alif

      Way better than Captain Marvel

    67. Darth Pancake Studios

      I actually didn't realize that was Taskmaster until I saw the comments. Dammit, I'm an idiot.

    68. Aulia Wan

      Very baddas

    69. HAMOUDE_A_W_M للتصاميم

      متى موعد عرض الفلم ؟❤

    70. Mike_ Hunt221

      weak trailer but i'm hyped for the movie.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a>, Taskmaster copied Spider-Mans swinging

    72. Trent Denzel

      I swear to Christ if taskmaster gets killed off I’m done

    73. Animal_Lover100

      Task master??

    74. Austhir Alif

      Would have been so much great if it was released before endgame

    75. Callaghan McKeon

      At :15

    76. Callaghan McKeon


    77. Rajat Raichandel

      Literally No one: Seriously No one: Hawkeye: I am so unlucky She is dead and still got her solo movie

    78. FilmThemesAndScenes

      When you realise Thanos is still alive in this movie. 😮

    79. NiceOne

      Natasha's sister is beautiful :)

    80. Spider-Man

      This reminds me of Street Fighter's Shadaloo Dolls.