Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

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    Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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    に公開 2 ヶ月 前


    1. Anna Woodbecker

      I was hoping to see what happened in Budapest but in the cast there wasn't Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), but interesting thing is that there was Robert Downey Jr. Check for yourself.

    2. ajith shaji


    3. Sisilia Jebatu

      I like this

    4. Sisilia Jebatu

      Wow, it's great

    5. luke ketchum

      Previously on Avengers Endgame: Black Widow sacrifices her life for the soul stone. Tony: Do we know if she had any family? Steve: Yeah. Us.😭 Black Widow Movie: Hold My Sticks.

    6. Kenz

      Jim hopper.. what the hell did the Russians do to you man

    7. Nguyễn Hữu Nghĩa

      Hãy cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn Việt Nam 👌

    8. Gamer 56445

      For a second I thought that was Scarlett Johannson

    9. K Tulloch

      notice how hopper's name is ALEXAI like in STRANGER THINGS


      🔥🔥 I got such positive feedback about the audience discussion 1:59 💚💝💚 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💓

    11. Gavin Burke

      I HAVE A THEORY about this film!! Srry if been guessed or already suggested honestly havent seen it anywhere but i think the Black Widow in this is the one who died in Endgame. It just seems silly to me to make a movie with a character we knw will die, it ruins the tension and any risk in this film as we wont really care about any1 else being in danger as we know she will survive this film. My theory is the emphasis on family BW seemed quite lost in Endgame like she had no1 so why nt visit family then? And she wanted to do smein good and it seems unfair she wasnt allowed have the happy ending the rest got SOOO my theory is the soul stone is giving her a chance to go bk in time and allow her to do that good thing for her sacrifice(because she willingly jumped and wasnt thrown) with her russian family and this will either be made clear frm d start or else right at the end for dramatic effect she just be like 'i have to go now, i did what i always wanted to do, save my family' and then shes gone like the snap (also for effect they could all turn and see the other BW on tv battling aliens in Wakanda in inifinity war and they realise she was BW but from the future!!!)) and boom her young sis is the new black widow! Another sad ending yes but one way i think they could add sme gravity to this film

    12. Clnt Anto

      This is gonna be more awesome than captain marvel far far away true or false guys

    13. illogical

      If this won't be the start of her trilogy we riot.

    14. Nus Dumplin'

      Natashas dad looks like the Russian equivalent to our Florida man

    15. GOD Gamer

      The trailer si best and I think movie will go hit But not feeling of avengers Annd TonY STarK 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    16. daniel Aj

      lol the music was funny

    17. Kķn_D :

      How come this has *40M* view and WW84 has *24M* view.. Yes i understand it's being grounded... But kinda feel underwhelming in term of trailer.

      1. romanoff

        because black widow is in the MCU and wonder woman is in the DCEU, and the MCU is more popular than the DCEU

    18. Nutella Sammich

      Bruh I love scarlet but I’m excited to see Florence Pugh act this badass character

    19. lemonMan

      i movie about a dead person...nice

    20. Pungașul

      Spoiler alert before movie launch: Iron Man gonna play in the movie :))

    21. #HEADSH0T #

      The symbol between 'BLACK' and 'WIDOW' looks like BEN10

      1. MissMasquerade228

        IT DOES OMG

    22. Emina Hasanbegovic

      hell yeah DAVID HARBOUR

    23. aaditya tayade

      Miss you iron man coptain america and black widow thor hulk and all..

    24. NecumNaTo

      Another stupid bland generic comic film. Who the hell still watches these?

      1. romanoff

        you're just salty ;)

    25. Raven

      Wonder woman and black widow has the best trailer music like literally

    26. Ross Barnett

      Going to be epic!

    27. Tracy B

      I like the trailer music so much.

    28. Sipho Ncube

      If she was going to were a white suit half the time they should have called ut white widow😐

    29. Traxoz

      Gonna be weird hearing David Harbour with a russian accent but i feel like its gonna fit him pretty well

    30. Saad Nasr

      I’m am soo confused right now

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Saad Nasr it’s a prequel...or is it?!

    31. Lucifer Morningstar

      Who would win John wick Black widow

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Michael Pomales Iron Man 2, Winter Soldier, and all the Avengers films. 🤷🏼‍♂️

      2. Tyrone Ornopia

        @Michael Pomales well in just one movie black widow will definitely outgross the whole john wick franchise. 🤷‍♂️

      3. Michael Pomales

        Ducky MoMo i meant her own movie where she was a significant character

      4. Ducky MoMo

        Michael Pomales let’s see...she’s been in 8 Marvel movies, I believe and she has her own solo film now. 🤷🏼‍♂️. I like the John Wick films but I have been waiting for Nat’s solo film since Winter Soldier. (My favorite John Wick movie is the 3rd one - Halle Berry’s dogs made the movie even better for me.)

      5. Michael Pomales

        Ducky MoMo I’m sorry, how many movies does black widow have?

    32. peacemaker

      i think black widow on iron man 2 has more younger looks!! i thought marvel would do some some tricks on her solo.. just like tony stark flash back on his teenage

    33. IvyLight’s Art

      we’re finally going to find out what happened in Budapest...

    34. Joe

      WHY....Why...why ??? Best part of End Game was killing this sidekick character off. So after they killed her off as a B class character they give her a movie.

      1. Joe

        @MissMasquerade228 pretty much the acting

      2. MissMasquerade228

        @Joe Are you gonna clarify what you don't like or nah

      3. Kiro Alveranga

        @Joe wow. That's surprising. I think she has done nothing but grow as a character from the beginning to the end.

      4. Joe

        @Kiro Alveranga No. She was good in Ironman 2 & Avengers but that's it for me.

      5. Kiro Alveranga

        Do you not like black widow?

    35. Sean Burwinkel

      In reference to the trailer. I love that Natasha & Yelena's tactics are so symmetrical at first. They both emerge from corners guns aimed at each other, each tries to disarm the other with the same hand technique and kick technique. It's cool.

    36. Senpai Masters

      Theme for this movie is SICK

    37. Petterson Nunes

      0 comentário em Português. Kkk

    38. destroier 28_2.0

      To say the least,this one's gonna be dark and intense

    39. A.M.E The Ghost Gamer

      Can't wait to watch this awesome movie

    40. Suzie Green

      Still want to watch it

    41. L Tarek

      Check my Ant-Man War of insects

    42. Zaenal Fahmi

      1:21 The important thing in every marvel movies is "Superhero landing" scene. Lol

    43. Ali Syed

      So we did saw her after a minute

    44. Wuttichai Pudpol

      a spy of russia and died at vormier

    45. cup noodles

      She so beautiful 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    46. kuldeep Kumar saurabh/kks

      I am Indian. Fan of marvel movies and Robert Downey Jr

    47. Ross Barnett

      Sheesh, hopefully the ending had a surprise that’s good!

    48. mrKpooper4

      Y'all better be ready for Florence Pugh.

    49. Captain Phasma

      The only russian not obsessed of Adidas tracksuit, hardbass, squat dancing and vodka

    50. Loonatic

      So if she's gonna die in this movie there will be another part.

    51. Delirium

      All I can say is another badass music theme !!!! Goddamn

    52. Mason French

      1:52 this just went a little too far on the scale of what to expect in a black widow movie, and that’s not good.

    53. Gr3en

      He will be alive belive me marvel needs money and everyone will watch scarlett johansson bc she's hot

    54. Jonathan Mendoza

      Spoiler Alert!!!!! In The Opening Credits To Post Credits Ending Of Black Widow Movie Captain America Returning the Soul Stone in Vormir and Suddenly Dr. Strange Use the Time Reverse to Bring Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow Back to Life In Dr Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness! (Marvel Studios Closing Logo) Black Widow Will Return in Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse Of Madness!🔥🔥😍😚

    55. Thai Dung Mai

      Awesome trailer.

    56. Ultron

      Black Widow: *I've used have nothing* Clint: *WHAT??*

    57. Kalpana Singh

      Is after in eternals avengersvwill come or not

    58. Bishal Shaw

      One Like For Her sacrifice please

    59. FaZe AddUp

      Let’s go

    60. Dean Smithers

      Marvel trying to copy the boss from mgs3