Is Fate/Grand Order Worth Playing in 2019?



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    As gacha games, and more mobile games gain popularity. Many new people are discovering some of the most popular mobile games on the market. Many veteran players may see this video as redundant, but there are many people who ask about getting into this game DAILY! So this video is for anybody who is looking to seek their teeth into Fate, but doesn't want to be misled about their experience in the game. As a veteran who has been playing since 2015, I do not sugar coat anything, and I feel I have given the best critical review of the game. Take a look as I give my thought, and a brief review on Fate/ Grand Order.
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    1. Ahloveyafuhso

      dude I agree with you, I almost been playing for two years and yes it's worth.. it me and my level 100 rin ishtar rider agree with you. *nods* Al Gal Ta Seven Colors!

    2. Dovar

      only touch this game if you are super into the Fate universe and have already watched, read and played literally everything else related to it(Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II, and everything else Fate like Extra, Extella, Prototype and even Prisma Illya) if you have done that and still want more you can think about playing this "thing"

    3. Ocean Man

      Gacha always say Rate Up But we always know Rate Up is a lie

    4. MGAlter

      Is FGO worth playing in 2019? Has the Lostbelt Screen.

    5. Tyler Rodriguez

      I recently got alter archer emiya he any good?

    6. Микола Скіра

      10 out of 10, 100 out of 100, best game! Will try out.

    7. 白いエニグマ

      Well ive been grinding my whole life :/

    8. Utkarsh Pawar

      It's not available in my country😅

    9. harrythebarry

      looks shallow beyond all hell

    10. Xasiliao

      tbh i would recommend everyone to buy a starter account with their favorite servants for 30$ , so u dont have to spend money for your favorites and u have ur favs from the beginning

    11. Whammy Cheng

      A part of me hope the English FGO will be around for a Long Long time. Somewhat envision that one of the few video games I will play, during retired old age, is FGO.

    12. Shuichi Can't be bothered

      No Gorgon

    13. Clarissa Munoz

      Bro I dont know if I should play it

    14. deran faith

      I Made my mind I won't play it. That is the ugliest fucking UI I've ever seen.

    15. Spikà

      Is there a way to turn off the awful head tracking in combat? I normally don't get motion sickness, but this sets it off within a minute of watching it. Like really, I don't get sea sick, I don't get car sick, I can spin around for minutes. I can play any game without getting any sort of motion sickness. Except for this game. This game brings that out immediately.

      1. Spikà

        @EvilJagan Hmm, alright. I have had my doubts in the game for a long time anyway, this is like the one thing that has kept me from even trying it.

      2. EvilJagan

        Don't think so, but if you can't play the game, you really aren't missing much.

    16. Schrez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> I heard about it on Nhenta- I mean the Padoru meme

    17. Monika Aledrovich

      first 2 mins was him explaining absolute unit using god powers such humans could not obtain within reach

    18. Scary Time

      70k for this shit? this is and looks like total garbage we had better graphics in 2010 lmao

    19. Sinan Tagay

      What even is the point of this video already 6 minutes in and he only talked nonsense

      1. EvilJagan

        @Sinan Tagay How can you not watch the full video, and then say I didn't answer the question? And spending money on the gacha is relevant because its a gacha game. You say I'm crying, yet you are on my video complaining lol. You are not the sharpest tool in the box are you?, However, if you want to have a live debate feel free to set that up.

      2. Sinan Tagay

        @EvilJagan You literally talked about the cringy shit like waifus and you didn't make any points like saying if the gacha system is worth spending money on and so on and so forth.You're not really answering the question of your own video.Just accept that your video isn't good man stop crying.

      3. EvilJagan

        @Sinan Tagay Okay within the 6:00 minutes that you apparently watched, go ahead and time stamp them, and explain how it's nonsense. You claim I can't take criticism, but you never made a valid argument, so the floor is yours.

      4. Sinan Tagay

        @EvilJagan hahaha (not) funny can't take any criticism?

      5. EvilJagan

        Sorry the video wasn't zoomer friendly. I'll mention Jake Paul, and do 100 jump cuts next time.

    20. Toxos265

      I'm watching this after rolling for Gilgamesh and getting spooked by Sherazade

    21. Fr0mDark2Light

      I only played because King Leonidas was in it. But when I found he was only 2 stars I cried blood.

      1. Levi Kazama

        @leonartha03 can confirm sold both kidneys for erwsh

      2. leonartha03

        on the bright side, you dont have to risk gambling your money to get him

      3. Levi Kazama

        Ya do know stars dont represent ones power it just rareity ya know most fan fav are 4-5 stars simply because they are fan favorites and are absulure trash gameplay wise.

    22. Chee Nou Thao

      The game is good and all but i dont recommend this game because it has annoying gotcha elements and you're gonna have to grind alot for this damn game

    23. Shadow Drifter

      The gameplay is my least favorite of all the mobile games I've played (Fire Emblem Heroes, Tales of Link, Wild Arms Million Memories, Tales of the Rays). It took every bad thing from those games or deliberately chooses the least convenient mechanic and just shove them into this game. I really, really hate the grinding in this game. It's the worst. How do you make grinding the most counter-intuitive? Make it so that you make more chance to get those things than servants, yet make the only way to level up the essence is to use other essence, which can be ONLY FOUND in summoning. Even the friend summoning doesn't provide much exp use. Also, who the hell though 4* servants should have lower rate than 5* Craft essence? The 1% for 5* servant makes me not give a damn about wanting to spend money on this game, like what is the point if it's going to flush down into nothingness? Half of the events are not newbie friendly. They will demolish newer players that haven't got the chance to grind and/or find strong supporters. Also, I would like to have a word with the person who design the difficulty of Camelot. The only reason why I'm playing this game is for the story, and even then, ch 2 and ch 3 were my least favorites.

    24. Arcus Lux

      Shows off a lot of 5 starts and 4 stars ... Me a f2p with ma boi grailed Cu

    25. Raven Ralph

      I friend influenced me about the FateVerse or NasuVerse. He gave me his collection of anime, games and novels to me due to moving to a new apartment near his work. The Fate/Apocrypha was the first anime series I watched. I like it, so I proceeded to continue collecting anime, games and novels. I just play FGO NA casually before I was free to play this year but when Merlin has a rate up I ended up spending a lot but got Merlin, Tamamo no Mae NP2, Waver NP2 and happy to still play it. Also I'm a Rin fan, so waiting for Archer Ishtar and Ereshkigal Banners. Already haver Rider Ishtar.

      1. Raven Ralph

        @EvilJagan Two years for NA release. Okay I'll wait for it.

      2. EvilJagan

        We now have Space Ishtar, so look forward to that as well.

    26. Feverun 0

      If you watch most of fgo streamers, you know that 4 and 5 star servant doesn't guarantee your winning in the game, all depends on the right servant to grow, friend support you have, mystic code you wear, command spells, Craft Essensce, and Saint Quartz. Believe me, there is no shame on using SQ to proceed the battle in case you get stuck (though make sure you don't abuse it)

    27. N N

      This game sucks

    28. Liga Tron Jr.

      Oh youre a Rin type of guy? Umu~

      1. EvilJagan

        Best girl, all day.

    29. Aldrin Partisala

      I have a very deep Love and mostly Hate relationship with this game

    30. espada9000

      Every time this game updates, I have trouble open it in order to play it. So no it's not worth playing in 2019. Unless there's a way to fix it. Either way, just play Fate/Extella Link. That game is still worth playing every now and then.

    31. Antinomy ™

      Man. I really wish DW boosted the presentation and execution of fgo up to 11. I mean compare the visuals of fgo to another gacha game like Epic Seven. Gameplay character and story wise FGO blows it out of the water but the visuals and execution well see it for yourself. DW can more than definitely make FGO even better than it already is by releasing a legitimate global version adding an english voice pack improving the animations at a more steady pace as well as the sprites. They can please the players alot more and could do alot better of a job at it while keeping the gacha for 5 stars at a solid 1% cuz below it no man that's too much like I pulled a Nero Bride Emiya Saber and Lancer Arturia Altera with my free quartz and I feel beyond lucky and happy with those pulls. The lack of investing DW is the reason I don't spend any money or the majority of my own time in the game. I am a hardcore Nasu fan and I would prefer to spend my money on other forms of merchandise and type moon products. I'd buy artwork and figurines etc. I spend money on Girls Frontline because of how much effort and and how open the devs are to the playerbase. At that I spend less than 10 bucks in gfl and I feel satisfied with the great job the devs are doing. I still love fgo more I mean Nasu is the man no matter how much he delays his work he never fails to satisfy with his writing.

    32. Tobikoe

      I already have another gacha game for the waifus xD

      1. Tobikoe

        I play it for Lore

    33. SacredPanda

      I’m on the FBI watch list cause of prisms Illya ;-;

    34. Mathew Dragneel

      Is this online or offline???

      1. EvilJagan

        Online only

    35. Mathew Dragneel

      Is this online or offline???

    36. GuardianSoulBlade

      Welcome to the salt mine, we hope you enjoy your stay, whether you pay Type-Moon or not! I do have the entire Servants from the original Fate/Stay Night.

    37. SCARlet_DRaKox13

      The problem is that I dont like turn base games

    38. Toby and Friends

      Dont. Fate in all its entirety is trash.

    39. Donotcallmelexywexy

      started from melty? pfft i started from nhentai

    40. Damien Merle

      The meme Muramasa... Maybe they will release him when Heaven's Feels III will be out

    41. Charles Caulkins

      I'm a Dragalia Lost fan (that too also has a very narrative driven story) but I'll give FGO a chance if only for the story. I know there's no real value in spending money on digital characters that may or may not stick around for the long haul but that makes the high of getting someone for free that much better, you know?

    42. Valthe1st Gaming

      Wtf is this crap, it's 2019

      1. EvilJagan

        @Valthe1st Gaming “Just the fact that game companys are literally going backwards in time, as some "Reviewing" a video game, you should see this clear as day?” What do you mean by that first part? Can you clarify? And I wouldn't really call myself a video game reviewer, but I have done one in the past for ColorSwitch (Another mobile game, which happens to sponsor the Esports team I'm apart of.) “Or just too busy pushing 10 minute videos to notice... ” Well I see this as a jab, but let me parry this one real quick. I only make videos as long as I need them to be, if they are over 10 mins, then its purely coincidence. If I cared about monetization I would have to be a psychic to know this game would be talked about more than Fortnite (2018) go on to gross billions of dollars, and start creating content (which I'm one of the smallest “FGO” youtubers by the way) over 2 years ago in anticipation of making money. Which if you see my views nobody could live on, even by third world standards. “Even if i gave you the benefit of the doubt and said you could actually read ANY of this chicken scratch dialog, due to it ALL BEING CHINESE... It's still like eating a burnt lump of turtle shit and calling it a Burito. ” This is a strange point to me. I don't follow the story in this game (which I have explained multiple times over livestream) because what got me into the Fate Series is the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel, which I found out through playing a fighting game called melty blood, which is a spin off of another visual novel called Tsukihime, which was also made by Type Moon. I even made a video urging people to read the visual novel: So to be honest the story has never interested me with the exception of Camelot, and Babylonia. “It's annoying to see great games completely over looked, then you get this massive can of heated trash, that obviously belongs in the 90's, taking up JPsel feeds. So the bottom line is i guess it's all about the common dollar and not common sense. “ So if people are creating content, and/or watching content about popular games it is because of money and lacking common sense? You don't have to like the games, but I don't feel the insult being necessary, or valid. “I'd say i dont mind your content.. but then theres the ad's , i just think this game should be burnt in a dumpster. ” Well without ads there is no youtube unfortunately. Google, who is under Alphabet now was one of the few companies in the world who could run youtube at a loss, and still be able to keep the site running. Many people lose sight of that. Also, I have been on this youtube account for over 10 years with the majority of it being unmonetized, I was a big F2P Runescape pker back in the day Anyone who has the ability to monetize their craft will do so.

      2. Valthe1st Gaming

        @EvilJagan Just the fact that game companys are literally going backwards in time, as some "Reviewing" a video game, you should see this clear as day? Or just too busy pushing 10 minute videos to notice... Even if i gave you the benifit of the doubt and said you could actually read ANY of this chicken stratch dialog, due to it ALL BEING CHINESE... It's still like eating a burnt lump of turtle shit and calling it a Burito. It's annoying to see great games completly over looked, then you get this massive can of heated trash, that obviously belongs in the 90's, taking up JPsel feeds. So the bottom line is i guess it's all about the common dollar and not common sense. I'd say i dont mind your content.. but then theres the ad's , i just think this game should be burnt in a dumpster.

      3. EvilJagan

        What are you complaining about?

    43. aurey Col-Hos

      U think these rates are bad? Have you tried epic seven😂 edit also waifus are ridiculous there as well, I recommend you to try this if u haven't

    44. EmperorFrozenToes

      Sticking around for my waifus. still haven't gotten either of them ;-;

      1. EmperorFrozenToes

        got 1/2

    45. Skeleton Corp

      It's risky and you should always do your research, but buying a starter account is a very viable option. If you have a favorite SSR character there are many reputable sites where you can spend less than $10 for an account with that character that would otherwise likely cost you $100s of SQ.

    46. Master K

      I find it fun; frustrating and a little annoying and i dont play other mobile games on my phone other than FGO 😊😁

    47. SimonCleric

      To be fair, if it wasn't Fate, nobody would play it. The gameplay is meh, the story is fine, but is by no means a masterpiece, the UI is probably the worst I've ever seen in a gatcha game, and the rates and prices... yeah... even as a huge Fate fan, I don't see how this is worth it...

      1. LPFan

        yeah,the combat is basicly just rng

    48. fU9o

      another shit waifu gacha game. they are like everywhere. make it stop pls. animu creates eternal virgins...

      1. GO! Go! Zeppeli!

        How? Any normal dude can pay a hooker and have sex? In this day and age...theres no one who will stay a virgin ...theres only people willing to stay a virgin...

    49. lifequality

      For new players that are looking for reasons to start this game: You probably heard about the rock-bottom gacha rates and yes, those rumors are true. It's a flat 1% for a SSR. But here is sth that nobody really tells you if you stay for the long run: Once you got a SSR, you are done with it. You can level it up, level their skills or, if you really love them, grind for their equipment card that is - in most cases - just for collection/dedication purpose. You do NOT need to roll a SSR again for a specific boon or bane. Additional copies are very optional since they strengthen the NP (super attack). So it's cool to get if you get a 2nd copy, but you don't have to hunt for it/ rely on it. All the characters (well 90%) in the game are worth using, no matter their rarity. Just roll with what you enjoy most. Broken supports can be borrowed from friends and make every damage dealer in the game work. This is a game that you can put down for a year, come back and pick up right where you stopped. Because power creep is pretty much non-existing.

    50. Lazy Liu

      If you want to really get into fate GO you'll probably need to sacrifice your first born child to the gacha god

    51. Ardan Fusin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">00:43</a> Wait two supports? Is that possible? Im new to this game

    52. Alex Bertani

      Eh i want to get into this game but eh feels old, epic 7 I picked up heavily

    53. DragonKnight90001

      I would but *sits in the uk* ........*sighs* hopefully that might change with brexit

    54. Azure Blaze

      Huh I spend no money yet get all the ones I aim for. Except Merlin....damn you flowery imp man! Oh but even so I still love the game so yeah play it, even if you don’t spend any money you can still get plenty of power servants and fall in love with many of them. Good thing our little egg plant is guaranteed no matter what.

    55. Chridda Camp

      Stppped playing for a while mad i gotta start over but glad i get to appreciate and know a little better this time around pray for my soul

      1. Noti Shounen

        Use your transfer code in case you decide to take a break or change phones, you can still use your old account to migrate your progress.

    56. NapoIska Farming

      Funny how we just got 7 new free servants that are all super fun and good.. Completely free and they're shaking up the meta.

    57. Ky Smith

      That feeling when you try and get a 4 star dog and end up with 5 star old men.

    58. No Might

      This game is shit to me. Had the same account for weeks and still have no 5 stars. Infact i only have 5 4 stars. And the gameplay is really lame and limited.

    59. Ross Malefactor

      Honestly, the thing that drew me to the game is the story and how the characters develop and interact with each other. Sometimes things get silly, i.e. gudaguda or halloween. Sometimes it gets more serious, i.e. the latter chapters of the main story and some events like fate/zero. The gacha can be frustrating but, sadly, it's an inherent part of the game. On the other hand, getting that one SSR you have been saving so much for is one of the most satisfying feelings and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    60. Red_Aegis

      It's kind of hard to enjoy a game if you know your chances of getting a character you want is near zero. For real, the percentages are actually closer to a .0X% to roll a character you might want if they are a 4-star or 5-star.

    61. Falco

      I downloaded it today and I have no idea of what's going on .-. no seriously the fate franchise is so complicated I don't understand anything

    62. Dutch Plan Der Linde

      I was lucky and got Astolfo I don't need to pay to roll Gacha ever again haha

    63. Playerz714

      Nope Shitty RNG Rates and

    64. Rawr Dino

      I have a np5 cu who my fav character but i can't get adult medea ;-;

    65. Dang Khoa Vo

      So your friend is addicted to the most popular character that the company wants to promote.

    66. brady griffith

      Is fgo good for someone that knows nothing about the fate series?

      1. brady griffith

        EvilJagan thanks for the reply!

      2. EvilJagan

        I always recommend reading the visual novel, but as someone who only likes the original fate works, and none of the new stuff you can. I play JP and don't follow the story at all. For me the community is what makes the game fun, which is why my longest play sessions are on live stream. Playing this game alone and not interacting with the rest is pretty boring imo

    67. Sixth Haven

      Nah I got NobuVenger I’m not deleting this game

      1. leonartha03

        Yes ! can't wait for her in NA server

      2. Verum117

        Lol goals

    68. Gameplays y mas

      if i want to start strong in this game what i can pull?ishould play the english or the jp version?

      1. EvilJagan

        It all depends on your luck. I personally recommend the JP version. also remember Skadi, Mwrlin, Waver (The support servants) carry the game.

    69. Myles O'brien

      I saved for over a year for King Arthur didn’t get him. I straight up cried for an entire day. Do I have a problem? Maybe.

      1. Noti Shounen

        Awww sad. 😢

      2. Myles O'brien

        @Azure Blaze well I did get Tristan which felt more like and insult than a boon. He did help in the Fate/Extra CCC event though with his party wide evade but I still wanted Arthur. I even grinded all his materials to max him out.

      3. Azure Blaze

        Myles O'brien depends how much did you save? And also did you ten times roll it or single? Then finally did you get any others that made you feel like well at least I got something.

    70. Myles O'brien

      “Story of Addiction” *cries in 3 year f2p*

    71. GalleonArt

      you love fighting games ? ez subscribe :D

    72. Tibo Finds

      Rates are horrendous, but story is solid and the support system basically gives you a chance to play every character and choose that Waver or Merlin if need be. Events are fairly boring the second time around, especially the grindy ones. I don't think you can play this as your main mobile game as much of it gets old fast, but it is a good supplement. My main game is Epic 7 currently.

    73. Levi Kazama

      To be completely honest i have no clue sure i like fate i seen all animes version ive even read like 30 min of the LN cause i can mever comit to anything. Its a god dam miracle i even finished most of the animes (cough fate illya prisim) so aprently i downloaded it one day and then i started not sure why not sure when but i did amd my first 5 star was weaver and its been about 500 days since ive started.

    74. K.C.C.

      i dropped fgo to play marvel future fight tbh

    75. ReFriedNoodle

      I randomly looked for classic jrpgs and found F:GO. Never cared for the lore outside of the game itself. I've been playing since late August. I'm never going to pay for quartz. The gacha chances make burning money for warmth a better value proposition. I only have 5 SSRs and as long as I have at least a decent 4* in each support slot I'm good. Log in for the daily shite and dailies. I'm drowning in apples for events. When I seriously think of how I got NP2 Nero Bride off of a 10 shot, as a very low level player, then seeing videos of someone spending literal thousands for NP5 and getting only 2 of her to drop... my wallet remains closed.

    76. Johannes Schneider

      No, it’s merely a time drain.

    77. Dest Arker

      If you love pay to win then play it if your wallet doesn't like you dont

    78. Replica Rabbit

      I like the gameplay, but I really don't like the 1% rating. My first gacha game was Azur Lane, that has a 7% rating. I also, not having the best of luck and most the characters I get are not interesting to me

    79. Giradel

      Worst gacha game imo, stingy rates, awful gameplay. Only play if you care for the story and characters.

    80. Nam Đặng

      Yass, seriously grinding your way from Fuyuki to Solomon these days is a breeze thanks to the follow system, follow some ultra whale and you're set. Would recommend buying some gem account (account that already have saint quartz through daily logins and events, etc) and roll on the banner that have the servant you like, you might not be able to raise them yet, but hey, you will.