Gorgon Returns Episode 18 Ending - Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia [60FPS] (Eng)



94K 再生回数5

    i did not see that coming


    1. Scorn97

      The new Pacific Rim movie looks great!

      1. MahNem Zaim

        Not gonna lie gorgon was huge that best leonidas and other heroic servants. If this gorgon can fight tiamat next episode will be epic..

      2. King Thot Slayer

        Let them fight!


      Anna RELOADED PART 2

    3. Anime Trop

      I'm so happy ANA came back and saved them once again. 💕

    4. 黒白


    5. るんぱっぱ

      原初の星 、見上げる空

    6. そら


    7. Nova M.

      And...I'm crying. Goddamn music and timing.

    8. 永遠の初心者きむち


    9. just look at the picture

      Now that this anime has pretty much come to an end I can say with certainty that this is the best moment of them all

    10. gaAssault34

      I don't know why but this hurts my heart so much......

    11. ninjammer726

      epic feels

    12. [e:LLUSIV ]

      Everytime an anime ties in the ending theme in an episode, I get hyped as hell.

    13. ぽんみるみさ


    14. Kacey

      Anybody know the name of the ep? pls

    15. 焔魔堂ろくろ


    16. スポンジパンパ


    17. スポンジパンパ


    18. Kay Pea Tea

      I loved how Prover starts playing at this moment. It's like a callback to the earlier episode when Ana activates her Mystic Eyes and the song started playing.

    19. Indomi-Nick Rex

      She’s back bitches!!! Tiamat better watch out!

    20. IRAZE

      Alright, we have a second chance to head pat her again. Do your best everyone!

    21. The Baka Lord

      This everyone is how you finish a damn episode, leave it on the biggest cliffhanger ever!

    22. Mohd Azhar Mohd Azhar

      What a final song name

      1. just look at the picture

        Prover By Amilet

    23. Dogora the space jellyfish

      FGO x Godzilla crossover when?

    24. OmegaForte

      Precious snek is back!

    25. メソポタミア


    26. ecthelion alfa

      Gotta say i loved gudao in this episode, giving proper order and being the best master he posible can be +10

    27. m!!!! boom

      Now that is how you end an episode

    28. stryflyer

      Chaldea : Whoa Viewers: Whoa Tiamat: Harmonius Whoa

    29. Phi Duyanh


    30. fandy lim

      ep18 end ???kidding me?

    31. Md Alamin

      I got goosebumps in this scene. It might become one of the most epic entrance of this year.

      1. Md Alamin

        @Karu Mirza I have only one thing to say... WOW....

      2. Karu Mirza

        Just wait, the epic entrance will come after this one " *Look up into the heavens goddess of life, look up and know death* "

    32. Sakura Matou


    33. Kevin Mark Porras

      Wala parin episode 19😭😭

      1. Helius Vermicularis

        Wala p haha

    34. Ronaldo Di Em

      Holy molly...

    35. 『S1REN』 F4TE

      I'm so fucking hyped for the next episode.

    36. DfRaid

      *give her some epic entrance* *still dies in like 10 seconds*

      1. Kneecap

        @Necromia theyll make it epic. Like ushi's moment. I hope

      2. Necromia

        Exactly what I'm thinking lol. How the hell are they going to animate this.

    37. Danny Wang

      Jeez imagine if they just stopped at this episode and never made another one

      1. ATK Gaming


      2. Kneecap


      3. 64-Bit Majin


    38. john rey mancenido


    39. not_Aka

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate the episode names as well? I know it's a small feature almost in everything and in the Fgo game but honestly, who would've thought a name like "The Star of Beginning, We look up at the Sky"? Its amazing and this fate series is amazing

    40. Musty Smells

      The best part of the cliffhangar is that they're hiding her dress

    41. DemiGodz 694

      Ana: *comes back* Also Ana: *can't come back in TI10 for extended period in school* If you get what I mean ;)

      1. Sm1thyK TEE


    42. うどんまん

      来たぞ… 花冠の似合う優しい怪物が(号泣

      1. 四家百人


      2. かめゆう


    43. Laxus Dreyar

      Fid He die again?

    44. Drew Frosty Walker

      Goddammit I love Gorgon so much. I'm glad someone posted this video. Quetz brought my heart rate up and gave the hype, then Gorgon gave me chills, pulled me back down and gave me feels

    45. Hachiman Hikigaya

      This moment is epic

    46. Reno Mara

      The bell is slowly tolling and soon he who walks with death will appear

    47. quipper

      You know what's coming: "I shall curse you, as you cursed me. Melt away................."

    48. Background Character J

      Lowkey most of us thought she was going to appear by the next episode

    49. Laxus Dreyar


    50. Yolanda Gomez

      What is the title of the music?

      1. Yolanda Gomez

        @MahNem Zaim thank u

      2. MahNem Zaim

        Prover milet ❤❤

    51. aims yu

      Where is the episode 19 release

      1. Kneecap

        March 7th

    52. Ed D

      Can’t wait to see Gil use EA

    53. Gorgon

      I'm back bitches!

    54. Rebecca Lungu

      Do you think Gordon can inflict damage to Tiamat or not really

      1. Saad Hajib

        Yes she can, Tiamat nullifie anything below A++ in rank Gorgon strenght is A++ so she can harm her

      2. Kneecap

        They already said earlier that Gorgon is weaker than quetz

      3. quipper

        .........Class advantage may actually impact lore for once. lol

    55. Ed D

      Bruhhhhhhhhhh is she good now?

      1. Muhammad Fajar

        no, that ana

    56. Painis Cupcakes

      Old man : this isn't my final badasss dokoda!

    57. cebuanoguy

      Spoiler: If the anime follows the game/lore. Hassan cuts off her wings and introduces the concept of death, then Hassan losses his title as Grand Assassin. I don’t know how Gorgon will die in the anime though.

      1. Mir Waiz Usayed

        Tiamat herself was not a normal servant but a fully manifested Primordial of the earth. Equal to Gaia(the will of the earth), so it is fitting a Servant of Allah (the will the prioritizes manking) be the one to shove death up her ass.

      2. sentimental boy is my nom de plume

        @Sakura Matou yes but after that he still has his Grand Saint Graph, he didnt lose it immediately so he used the Saint Graph power to grant the concept of death to Tiamat.

      3. Sakura Matou

        that's not why he losses his grand title,its because so he can act of his own will to help ritsuka fight tiamat

      4. sentimental boy is my nom de plume

        More like he gave it up so he can deliver the slash with the concept of death

    58. Loner Animations

      Everyone: Hype for next battle. Animators: Pained screeching.

      1. Aaron Winrock

        Its too bad shes only there to use her noble phantasm once then die. :/

      2. Irfan Fanimator

        But worth it.

      3. Lena Wyman

        true lol

    59. Necromia

      God damn this fight is going to get ugly. I wonder how they'll end up animating it.

      1. Necromia

        Not animation wise. I meant more so for Gorgons.

      2. Kneecap

        You underestimated the power of money

    60. Baby Brachydios

      This Gorgon when looking carefully has four wings instead of two. Since the final ascension for servant Gorgon even with its sprite model only has two wings, could it be that they might change the design a bit in the anime?

      1. Baby Brachydios

        Yep, my thoughts exactly. Confirmed not to be the form of Servant Gorgon's final ascension.

      2. Baby Brachydios

        @Wei 09 They might change it when ep 19 is out, but in this scene, it's sure four wings.

      3. Wei 09

        Or it could be 2 really huge wings

      4. Nananda

        They must have chosen to leave the design of four wings for her in the singularity and just change the clothes to white

    61. rikimaru

      The studio really did a great job in portrating Gilgamesh as an epic King, and the animation is on a whole another level

    62. long trần

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> omg, those eyes are killin me :333

    63. Siegfried Kaslana

      4th ascension Gordon is here!

      1. Baby Brachydios

        Apparently the anime says otherwise.

      2. Animesh Upadhyay

        With all of that "lamb sauce" around her

    64. Fullmetal Narcissist鋼

      She used guts

    65. Fate Series

      Can't wait for Gil to use Ea and sodomy that monster!

    66. akarial 27

      that music goes so well with extra scenes like that ! I love it !

    67. MahNem Zaim

      Ive never watch fate series before i dont know what a noble phantasm is, i only know classes in game in final fantasy xiv, but watching fate/grand order babylonia first time. is breath taking the shear magic effect make it like a limit break of every class in FFXIV. And when i see gorgon this huge serpent like halfbreed like leviathan primal vs a god!! My jaw drop!!!!


      Not yet you guy will meet first assassin

    69. Wal D.

      now we wait 2 weeks

    70. Jakey Cheng

      Bruh ANA is back I'm crying especially with the background music playing make it even better

    71. MahNem Zaim

      The song hit me every time when gorgan face tiamat!!!! The game doesnt show the battle but i hope they make gorgon vs tiamat in the series a EPIC FIGHT!!! And shows justice

    72. lightning storm

      YAY ANA IS BACK,gorgon version

    73. Anabebe

      Now this show is going to hype until the end

    74. Arif Senpai

      I want a without credits version

    75. ScrawnyClownSnatch

      WTF, I tune out for two weeks and all of a sudden FGO have movie budget lvl Animation, Character development like crazy and a strait up jaw dropping ending with perfectly timed and toned music at the end. I've watched this video 10 times already and I still cant stop. Right before the song kicks in, I feel the sense, this is the end and they are coming to terms with the fact they will die, but will continue on. The moment I realize this, the music kicks in with a very depressing theme, that only solidifies this. But as Gorgon rises up, the theme changes to be more hop-full leading into a great cliffhanger wondering if this is a new hope, or just another enemy to solidify there crushing reality of inevitable failure. Great episode and great ending IMO. (P.S, i know what is going on with Gorgon as i was spoiled, but i'm not putting it here).

      1. Curious Carlo

        Did you played the game or someone told you?

    76. Madao

      God damn iam loving how they make Ana comeback so cool and teary! In game it was amazing, but in anime with all of this music and animation just emotions on their pick... Hoping they will make more adaptations of singularities in the future! Thank you CloverWorks!


      Excited for next ep, The battle are going to be epic

    78. Skipper dono

      And she will be in her 3rd ascension form. Oho, I can't wait for the whole team to blast out their NP against Tiamat.

      1. Baby Brachydios

        The anime says otherwise.

    79. Mo san

      Damn, I forgot this scene at the game, I got caught off guard and goosebumps everywhere. Anime onlys are so damn lucky.

      1. Man Bunkers

        Hum humm UwU

      2. Ben Page

        Jhm The fights in Babylon have made me wonder how insane the fights in Camelot will be with a movie budget hot sweet fucking damn

      3. Jhm

        And unfortunately we know how it’s gonna end. Still though they have improved the battles that took place in the game, I wonder how they’ll do this knw

      4. Rafael Luiz


      5. Darket Perez

        Same. Well I know that gorgon was going to appear. But I though it was when was in Underworld.

    80. SouravskpXD

      This scene is breathtaking no the whole episode is.