【FGO】Fionn Animation Renewal Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】



57K 再生回数6

    Now with more omega-3


    1. Rifki Lincoln

      Mugen Kantai no Energy!!

    2. Zahid Aslam

      Mac an Luin NOBLE PHANTASM JAPANESE NAME: 無敗の紫靫草マク・ア・ルイン OWNER: Lancer TYPE: Anti-Army RANK: A+ A (F/GO rank-down) RANGE: 1~100 MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TARGETS: 300 people Now is the time for a glorious victory!” “This is the one blow that has slain fallen gods. Taste it with that body! "Mac an Luin!" LANCER

    3. Gekitai撃退

      I still hate him for unintentionally killing my boi diarmuid

    4. Edgy Teen

      >Spooked me at Eresh Banner >Me condemning my tilt and negativity just let it be >Sees animation update >Raised him to max >Sees actual game performance >Burned him >Rolled my last 30sq >Got spooked by him again (burned) >Used the ticket from Ody event >Got Eresh > :0 >

    5. Renz Allen

      Okay so when is the new bUrNiNg fOr Prism animation update?

    6. ZA WARUDO

      Fionn: Damn my animations are so cool I might as well be the best 4 star! Tier list: *Unfortunately for you, history will not remember it that way*

    7. Misteltein 415

      Why do people hate fionn

    8. Crimson Sunbird

      best goddess

    9. Naoto and Nero

      I'm sick of these jackasses hating my precious boii. Fionn is a badass. ♡ #neverarareprism

    10. Imam Zufar Bagaskara

      My boy is now a water bender

    11. Pavlos Giannelis

      Oh look a rare prism

    12. Jian Lin He


    13. Mao Sama

      Damn they updated mana prism animation before jack and Anne&Mary?

    14. bagja satria

      For sure he's good looking

    15. TheGreatMillz

      *sigh*.....I guess I have something to look forward to in the future for my unfortunate NP3 Fionn. The fucker won't leave me alone, but I'm not gonna turn down that looping potential (ʘ言ʘ╬)

    16. Yadokari

      Fionn update nobody asked for. Has rateup on same banner as Eresh. ARE YOU HAVING A GIGGLE DW?!

    17. Rei mend

      Y know they saving emiyas new animations for last since they still dont know if our phones can handel the new UBW

    18. Sir PunsAlot

      This please all 1 of us Fionn fans greatly. Better luck next time Ushi fans.

    19. LA Victa

      It's Finn the Human and Cu the dog Lancer: OY, DON'T MAKE ME A DOG!!!

    20. AOokami

      As much as I don't like him, I have to admit his NP is really pretty...

    21. TheCasualOtakuGuy

      I prefer the sound effects of his old attacks. They sounded "chunky" but now they just have the standard slashing SFX

    22. Sora & Shiro

      "rare prism" animation renewal

    23. soufrin fr

      Ok hes gilgamesh and enkidu's kid HAHHA

    24. Jamal Davis

      So thumbsucking makes you smarter? He's baby

    25. Mikhael Alif

      Cool animations! Did they fix his garbage skillset tho?


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> : *exists* me: *covers Jalter's mouth* HI FIONN PLEASE COME HOME YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO MY CHALDEA

    27. かめちゃん

      サムネなんかティーカップの取っ手にに毒盛られて 死にそうな人だな()

    28. General Antilles

      Oh hey, I have him.

    29. Arvin

      why lot of people hate him? he is way better than Liz yet no one talk shit about her

      1. Misaki's disaster

        @Arvin First Brynhild rate up

      2. Arvin

        @Misaki's disaster what meme?

      3. Misaki's disaster

        People are used to think like that because of old meme

    30. Rin-chan Nau!

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> hmmmm...

    31. Rin-chan Nau!

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> hmmmm...


      I'm just here to say nyo~ho

    33. Intan VA

      Damnit now he both sounds and looks nice

    34. Levi Boyer

      *laughs in NP4 lvl 100 10/10/10 Fionn*

    35. Wa Ge

      A wise man once said, “Polished shit is still shit.”

    36. je m'appelle jeff

      my kirschtaria looks weird

    37. Zeno-Bot 9000

      Strange that they decided to make animations for gold mana prisms.

    38. Luminary Stud Rider

      Imagine being killed by a grown man who sucks his thumb before killing you with a beam of water.

    39. Yuyuko Saigyouji

      *P I Z Z A M O Z Z A R E L L A*


      Why did this guy get an animation update? He’d be better off removed from the game

      1. Misaki's disaster

        Why should pretty good farmer be removed from the game?

    41. Scáthach Assassin

      He still uses his water hose, but now he launches a water balloon that explodes.

    42. Tippin Gaming

      Looked like he was firing a cero from bleach or something!

    43. GCubed04 The Sexy

      no one liked that

    44. berry. x

      His voice is the same as sakamoto tatsuya..?

    45. Mr Referências

      Guys, don't forget ... Fionn's real name is Julius Caesar Zeppelin

    46. Vinicius

      Omega 3 is too strong

    47. Win2Teabag 00

      Arigato Gyro

    48. MellamoSteve

      Boudica animation update and Boudica Avenger when? :'v

      1. Reddo Bean

        +1 My, i mean, our Queen deserves more love 😔❤

    49. Hijack

      Ah, so they finally gave our favorite rare prism an animation update

    50. &&

      NP update: Apply special damage against [weebs]

    51. Rejoicing FakePriest

      I... I rolled for him and got two Eresh...

    52. Gold Wade

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> So he now joins Hector, Cu, and Karna in the "Lance Thrower" club.

    53. Savage Cinnamon

      Now I hope DW buff his 3rd skill and make it like tamamo’s 3rd skill a targetable arts up and heal because lorewise he can heal any wounds and negative status such as poisons using a water scooped from his hand any ordinary water will turn into healing water as long as its from his hand

    54. xros-lucis

      Use him

    55. Tatagi Kanegawa

      Did we asked for this ? No, but we glad we got it anyway.

    56. IAmDAN004

      Expecting Fionn in LB6

    57. Eric Lao

      Went from water gun to hydro cannon

    58. ramlin G

      Water cannon changed to Hydropump

    59. Top Snek

      Jack animations when?

    60. Packras

      Still waiting for ushi's and leo's animation update.....

    61. Domo

      Fionn in Olympus?

    62. Rich Homie Coon

      I paid absolutely zero attention to Fionn before. *_(I've never even been spooked by him, though I was recently hit in the face by some Clay)_* So what's up with the thumb? *_I needs the Lore_*

      1. Neo232100

        Well it’s based on a part of his myth. When he was younger Fionn came across an old druid named Finnegus who was seeking the Legendary Salmon of Wisdom. (Not kidding on the name) Supposedly by eating the Salmon Finnegus would be endowed with all the world’s wisdom. Coincidentally shortly after Fionn showed up Finnegus actually caught the fish but had to take care of...something and asked Fionn to watch the salmon but not to eat any of it. So Fionn was tending to the Salmon so it wouldn’t overcook. But he accidentally burned his thumb on the fat of the Salmon and stuck his thumb in his mouth to cool. Which of course counts as eating part of the salmon. Finnegus came back saw that Fionn was looking a bit wiser and just let the kid eat the whole thing. So now Fionn has all the world’s wisdom but he can only use it by sucking his thumb.

    63. Muramasa

      Good but don like the 2nd arts n 2nd quick attack . Others look cool , like the bouncing Lance .

    64. ashley gabrielle

      That “Ah~” voice line though it threw me off guard holy shit

    65. Sleepy Scarecrow Productions

      Fionn’s voice just fucks me up. I hate how he looks ‘cause Red from OSP drew him better. My boy got done dirty by Fate, even with his spiffy new animations.

    66. PlushCrochet

      More Salmon for this.

    67. Zaregoto

      Okay for once I'm gotta admit fionn looks cool for once

    68. Jee Chan

      still waiting for mozart, sanson, asterios, shakespeare, caster and saber gilles, geronimo, babbage, mephistopheles, rhyme, jack, boudica, euryale and list goes on.

    69. Jee Chan

      its official. i have a crush on him

    70. Isaac Ray

      What. Isn't that Saber Lily np

    71. Savage Cinnamon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> Thats his another NP Fintan Finegas: Biting the Thumb Swelling with Wisdom Rank: B Type: Anti-Wisdom Range: 0 Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person The anecdote of the Salmon of Knowledge which granted wisdom to Fionn that became a Noble Phantasm. Because that salmon’s fat remains imprinted on one of Fionn’s thumb, if that thumb is licked, it is said that one will immediately acquire great wisdom. It is also the origin of the “Uisce Beatha: O’ Lives Scooped with These Hands” Noble Phantasm as that is viewed as something based on this Noble Phantasm's very anecdote.

    72. MugenZeroX

      Usually I get pretty hyped for animation updates even if it's a two year wait being on NA, this is not one of those times

    73. Akiro Chan

      Water bending

    74. Noaxid

      You know he is kinda good now and a taunt + dodge and np + is damn good for an aoe servant !

    75. Jack Corvus

      7/10 Too much water.

    76. General Kenobi

      No one: Fionn when taking damage: *Mhhhhhh* ♡

      1. Redeemer X

        Medb said ahhh

      2. Roman 1987

        What are you, Kiara?

      3. MrDibara

        @rue PLEASE! Even Dark Souls 1 characters had better pain grunts! (well... when not Hollowed... -_-' )

      4. rue

        Dark souls 1 characters:

    77. Abhinav Gadgil

      This almost failed me to get rare prism

    78. Axl Robin

      And with this update, Fionn now is the Kirschtaria lost brother.

      1. tisha sekar002

        No but lost lost grandpa

    79. Joe Tanu

      Kirschtaria looks good now

    80. Ilyas Basuki

      This makes me almost glad I got a second Fionn after I burned my first one.