Fate Grand Order NA- Top 10 Banners to Roll in 2020!

G&A Reviews

G&A Reviews

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    Which gachas give you the most bang for your quartz? Let's find out! #FGO #Skadi #FateGrandOrder
    Top 10 Servants of 2020: jpsel.info/video/bideo/dIOnm5Ssnrd0mp0.html
    List of upcoming banners in FGONA: grandorder.wiki/Upcoming_Summoning_Campaigns_(for_EN_reference)
    Date and rateup info taken from: fate-go.cirnopedia.org/summon.php#2018
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    1. julia

      Can someone please explain if there are 2 servants on the rate up at the same time does it mean that each has a 1% or does it turn to 0.5% for each?

      1. julia

        @G&A Reviews Thank you very much for the explanation!

      2. G&A Reviews

        If 2 servants of the same rarity are on rateup then the rateup is split between them. So for example a 5-star on rateup has a 0.7% chance of being rolled, if there are 2 on rateup then each of them has a 0.35% chance. So you almost never want to roll on shared rateups, it cuts the chance of getting the specific servant you want in half.

    2. Neoangel4

      i got lucky to get kiara and passionlip this year and just started to play it on january

    3. Squalleon Kennedyheart

      Who wants to bet that Next Years upcoming Banners number 1 spot is CCC rerun?

    4. Shadow Storm

      Miyu eldfelt is now the only other one to keep watch for. Fujino levels of rare right there.

    5. Doquixote Doflamingo

      Hey , I'm relatively new and still don't understand the concept of GSSR summons , can anyone please explain and tell when they usually come around?

    6. Hey_Itz_JBEEE

      Welp I really wanted Arthur And I had 120 sq saved up I did 3 30 sq summon And I got kiritsugu skskskksksksks

    7. Gilgamesh

      Using my F2P status to save up until the next Gilgamesh summon at the end of the year. My luck went away my first week of playing when I summoned Marie Antoinette (no longer have her), SiegFried, and Miyamoto Musashi. Few months later summoned Ibaraki Douji with a summon ticket. Now I summon Billy the kid and Gilles de Rais, nobody else. Hopefully my luck is back by then

    8. Yusei255

      Gonna summon on the FATE Apocrypha Banner next month cos mordred should be on rate up.

    9. SonXwukong

      Is the Japanese version of this game different from English version in new sorry to the game not the series

      1. G&A Reviews

        The only difference is the Japanese version is 2 years ahead of the English one, so for those playing in English we know all the events / servants 2 years in advance

    10. GammaBoy

      That moment u realize your about to get a summer job for skadi lol

    11. Muhammad Fathi

      can someone explain to me why dual rate up is not good?

      1. G&A Reviews

        @Muhammad Fathi Thanks!

      2. Muhammad Fathi

        @G&A Reviews I see. Thanks for the explanation, and your quick reply has earned you a new sub

      3. G&A Reviews

        Yep, so basically a rateup means that the 5* servant featured on the banner has a higher chance of appearing. You have a 1% chance to get a 5*, of that 1% chance there is a 70% chance it will be the rateup servant. So rateup servants have a 0.7% chance of appearing. If there are multiple 5*s on rateup they all split that chance so you have a 0.45% chance to get the servant you may want. It drastically reduces the chance of getting the one you want.

    12. Muhammad Fathi

      Is there a drake rate up this year?

      1. G&A Reviews

        Not any solo rateup unless they give us something different

    13. Miracle-

      Quick question at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> -ish: who’s the best Alter Ego in the game?

      1. G&A Reviews

        Melt for boss killers / challenge quests because her damage is pretty great and she has a strong skillset. King Protea for general farming, although Kiara can make a case too, I prefer King Protea because she just deals a lot more damage

    14. Akbar Ahsanu

      Which banner can make me get kaleidoscope ?

      1. G&A Reviews

        Unfortunately Kaleidoscope doesn't have any rateups so it just comes down to being extremely lucky

    15. HYUNNI

      Guda Guda 3 banner will never be overlooked with a good doggo

    16. Irfan Kamil

      Umm i really want skadi and edmond dantes but their banner really close 😭 they are just 1 week seperate help what's the better choice

    17. Harold Lopez

      Thanks for the advice in this video Keep it up

    18. May_King_B

      I start saving for Skadi and Dantes I hope I will get both

    19. DahDutcher

      Have about 300 SQ for Skadi atm, should be between 500/600 when she drops, so hopefully that'l be enough. Also have 21 tickets, but I'll use those for impulse pulling to stop me from spending multirolls, lol.

    20. Sora Light

      I'm getting Sigurd. Already have many Decent 5* Sabers but the only reason I want him is because I have Brynhildr. If I pull him early on, I will use my Remaining SQ on Skadi.

    21. Kyle

      I got Saber Shiki! Best Saber I've gotten yet!

    22. NaxxoZL15

      When you prioritize sexy waifus in swimsuits over utility. But this year they come with both. *M Y B O D Y I S R E A D Y* -not my wallet though-

    23. Arnold Kwok

      I play TW version where we are in the death jail summer escape rerun atm (4 months ahead of you guys). Literally no one rolled for napoleon and only a few rolled for Sigurd because everyone was saving quartz for skadi lol. Literally I have never seen anyone have napoleon on support and it’s been about a month since the banner (I check quite a few times every day)

    24. Ken1093

      Some are interesting

    25. Sendagaya Yukimio

      ahh if Achilles comes in late april as you said than i still have like 2 months to save up some quartz for the gorgeous Okita alter!!:PP

    26. Captain Calamari

      Wishlist Skadi Artoria rider Jeanne archer Maybe summer bb P.S Jeanne is at the top for me :)

    27. roxorsoxor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a> you used the uncensored art xD

    28. roxorsoxor

      saving for sitonai just for her full ascension art

    29. I N C O G N I TO

      New player here. So wait, choosing a banner with Multiple Rate up actually decreases your chance of getting a 5 star? Is it better to choose a banner with only 1 rate up?

      1. G&A Reviews

        @I N C O G N I TO There's a general pool of 5*s that are always summonable in the gacha, but there are also a few 5*s that are story locked, those only appear in the story banner and not in the general pool. So whenever you roll a rateup gacha you have a 1% chance of getting a 5*, and of that 1% chance there is a 70% chance it'll be a rateup servant and a 30% chance it'll be a non-rateup 5*

      2. I N C O G N I TO

        @G&A Reviews what about other 5 stars without rate ups i heard you can still get those by chance. Are there 5 stars that's always there in the gacha pool no matter what banner or do you need to complete singularities first before they can become always available to the general gacha pool?

      3. G&A Reviews

        Choosing a banner with multiple rateup 5*s doesn't decrease your overall chance of getting a 5*, but it cuts your chance of getting the specific rateup servant you want in half. For example if you roll for Skadi while she is on solo rateup you have a 0.7% chance to get her, if it's a banner with Skadi and Arturia on rateup then your chance of getting Skadi is 0.45%. So generally speaking it's always better to roll on solo rateup banners if you have the choice

    30. T y k Z

      Can you do a servant spotlight for Okita Alter pls ?

      1. T y k Z

        Cool, looking forward to it

      2. G&A Reviews

        Yes, I plan to once her event is closer to hitting NA

    31. theaxelgor-senpai

      I just got sessyoin and some day before got passion lip, sessyoin is my first 5* servant. I still got left 10 summon tickets and 3 quarts so i will save till scadi

    32. DRAPION54

      I had 21 SQ and 7 tickets for 9M Download banner: got 2 of the Gil CE, Jeanne and Saberlot spooked me, those damn french... Anyway, Jeanne is NP2 and Lancelot is now NP 4 and ngl I might use the next free 4☆ ticket to make him NP5. I think you should mention the Thanksgiving banner, I get it has has a chance of not having any rate-up CEs but it's the true wild card of the NA server. Based on the servants that are getting a rate-up this year and the banners we are going to miss (like KYOMAF2018 and Winter Festival) this banner could be rather interesting, the following are, in my opinion, the most likely servants to have a rate-up during this year Thanksgiving: Saber: Nero Bride or Musashi. Archer: Ishtar or Moriarty. Lancer: Scáthach. Rider: Ozymandias. Caster: Da Vinci or Merlin. Assassin: Cleopatra or Shuten. Berserker: Raikou. Extra class: Melt.

    33. Kevin Parrreño Encinas

      I'll rolled and I've rolled for: Asagami Fujino Karna Napoleon Sigurd Serlock Holmes And Kintoki in the GSSR banner

    34. the invincible

      what kind of dumb reasoning to not put Skadi banner @#1?

    35. Jin Kusanagi

      I only whale for summer banners. My goal every year is to NP5 and lv 100 every summer SSR, so far I've met that goal with Tamamo (Lancer) and Artoria (Archer). ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

    36. Shah

      I need Abby banner

    37. Hareef Kujo

      Oof. Alr have most of these servants on my jp acc. Really hope i can pull them on my main NA acc ;-;

    38. CatMaster69

      Cries in F2P and cries in F - Luck here.

    39. Soleil D' Lune

      I would like to get a skadi... guess gotta make 20 new accounts.... and use my main as support... xD

    40. Bren Dan

      Why did they replace Nerofest? Just curious. Is it something like story-based like what happened with Nerofest with Bryhildr Lancer last year?

      1. G&A Reviews

        I'm actually not sure of the story reasons behind it, I think Gil just kinda came in and hi-jacked it from Nero lol

    41. No Eresh 2020

      Going to roll for my boi nagit-- i mean dantes

    42. Hikari Atearu

      Everywhere I go . . . They recommend Skadi

    43. Anh Phuc Tran

      Got Shiki void with 10 tickets

    44. 2spooky4me

      i got passionlip 2x and kiara sessyoin at the same time muahahahah by the power of F2P

    45. Caleb Ellison


    46. DanieruSS

      All my quartzs and tickets are for Skadi


      u sound like EatdaPussy445 dude!!!

    48. chrome289

      Honestly im going for Skadi, Achilles and Chiron. Skadi because i honestly want at least one of the premier supports which is why im also going to be doing the caster gssr(1 in 3 chance doesnt sound too bad). Achilles because im a fan of the apocrypha crowd and i need some better riders. Chiron he's apparently very good so if i can at least get him i will be happy.

    49. Jason Nguyen

      I’ve always been f2p but I don’t know what compelled me but I spent $500 just to get np5 fujino

    50. spreyz 236

      Kingprotea will get my pent up load. I dont care about meta lol.

    51. Eh Play

      This game is stupid I don’t recommend anyone to play it

    52. Mathew Mungra


    53. Keen Mscrdo

      Any event /banner this march?

      1. G&A Reviews

        We most likely get Lost Belt 1 at the end of March which is a nice banner, Saber Wars and Chaldea Boys too

    54. Fantastic Fail

      Saving for bradamante only hope it works out, last year I’ve been blessed by rng and got Musashi and Abbie. Hope 2020 rng blesses me again

    55. tsun man Cheung

      skadi at #7??? i'm out...your list is BS. She changed how FGO will be played in next 2 years and LB2 banners ranked higher than her just show you don't even play in JP at all.

      1. G&A Reviews

        The way I I judged the banners was based on if someone has a limited amount of saint quartz to roll, which gives them the best odds at getting something good. As I mentioned the main issue with Skadi's banner is the odds of getting something good from it are very low because the only things worth getting are a 5* CE and a 5* servant. if you have lets say 120sq and roll the banner, you have an extremely high liklihood of not getting anything good. Whereas in the LB2 banner even if you don't get Bryn or Napoleon you have a good chance of getting Valkyries who are very good. So odds play a big role. I think the Atlas CE is better than the Anniversary CE, unless you are specifically building a crit team wit sabers / archers that 100% star gather rate and damage isn't going to do much. Whereas the extra berserker damage is tremendously useful in a lot of boss fights, especially in lost belt where most of the major bosses are berserkers. Def pierce is great to have too in general. Also the LB2 servants don't suck. Bryn is one of the best lancers in the game if not the best. Napoleon is also a great archer, he isn't as good as Gil, but he doesn't suck by any means. Sigurd is the worst of the bunch, but even then if you don't have a 5* saber he is very much worth getting. Which is another reason why this banner paced higher, it has more variety. Anniversary banner just has Skadi, that's it, whereas LB2 banners covers you if you need any kind of knight class servant And you don't need NP2 Bryn or Napoleon for them to be good, that's exaggerating. They both have NP interludes and deal tremendous damage even at NP1. And ironically Skadi isn't the best budget servant at all and she isn't the best choice for new players. Skadi NEEDS to be paired with very specific servants to work properly. She isn't like Merlin or Waver who you can just slap on any team and expect them to carry. She only works with quick servants and they need to be able to loop which means they usually need to be NP2. So if you are a new player or casual player and you get Skadi in all likelihood you won't be able to sue her effectively because you don't have NP2 Dantes or Valkyries or Zerkerlot. Skadi is not a budget servant or F2P friendly servant, she is a servant you need specific teams built around to use effectively. I think Skadi is the best servant in the game, but a lot of people are misinformed about how good she is and what she does and how to use her. So I don't agree with just telling everyone to go for Skadi, it really depends on what kind of servants you have. Sometimes it may be better to go for Waver or Tamamo / Nero Bride instead. Because unless you are a whale or are very lucky and have a bunch of NP2 quick servants, Skadi isn't going to be as useful as you might think

      2. tsun man Cheung

        so which part of this FES banner is bad compare to LB2 banner...pound for pound from servant to CE fes banner outdone LB2 by miles. servant: skadi vs all LB2 new servants, no debate there....LB2 servants sucks compare to their own class without support roles. CE. Fes banner 5* gave out 100% crt stars gather rate, 10%up crt strength, and 50% np charge with 1 copy. Meanwhile LB2 5* CE give 35% extra damage to berserker and ignore defend.. let's guess what people will use more on daliy or grind. let's talk about budget then, if i got any new servant from LB2 banner, i gonna need them to have high NP lv to deal some serious damage without support. however, if i have skadi, all i need is np1 and she can help me for a lot of situation. No matter what. That is budget saving for you. i'm not saying Fes banner need to be #1, becoz i agree with you on summer banners is the best banner this year...but not even make it into top 5 and lost to LB2 just drive me carzy.

      3. G&A Reviews

        Did you miss the part where I said I was rating the banners and not the servants lol. I know how good Skadi is, i rated her #1 in my top 10 servants list. But the banner itself isn't the best if you are on a budget or looking for value per quartz.

    56. Ultra Lungs

      Summer BB & Okita Alter... IVE GOT MY EYES ON YOU

    57. percy channel

      All i wanted is jeanne archer and jeanne zerker.

    58. TheHighestNativeGod

      F2P forever. Never paying a dime for that!!!

    59. Schwartzbruder1

      Fuck. This looked like it was gonna be a simple year. But that summer and those couple of months is gonna be hell.

    60. Matt Tumberman

      Honestly Skadi in it's own right should be number one since she changed the landscape of FGO ever since her release in JP and soon to change the way NA plays in every mission there is. Scatach Skadi should never have existed really. Fucking thing broke JP

    61. Adam Chiroma

      Please does anyone know when Modred is coming she is the only reason I started playing and I have been saving up(only played for 10 days)

      1. G&A Reviews

        She has a rateup during the Apocrypha event in April

    62. kat

      when will Jesus and Santa Claus make their appearance

    63. Scáthach Assassin

      You get a dislike for spoiling final ascension arts.

      1. Scáthach Assassin

        @G&A Reviews It's not "out" if someone doesn't have said servant and ascended him/her. Not everyone whales to get all the servants. There is even an option in the my room settings, to allow players to hide the final ascension art of the servants in their friends list, an option that is always enabled for many, including me. That being said your insight on useful servants is great, i just have to only listen to the video lol. I am also removing the dislike because you bothered to reply.

      2. G&A Reviews

        I specifically only used final ascension arts of servants that are already released, not future servants, so not sure what you mean by that. Can't really spoil content that's already out lol

    64. Kai Levil

      I have mixed feelings, I am saving for Gil, althouth I will make a multi for Skadi. But I want to try to get Dante and that 3 stars Assassin in the Guda Guda 3, so I don't know what to do. Unfortunely for now I only have 131 SQ and 5 tickets.

    65. Lilia D'Avalon

      Napoleon i'm coming

    66. Adriel59

      All the qurtz/money for summer

    67. Bryan Oliveira-santos

      So I should go for Kiara

    68. King Troll 9000

      OH YEAH CANT WAIT TO GET ALL THESE SERVANTS WITH MY 0 SQ AND 10 TICKETS ... I started playing january and like the small brain f2p I roll every 3 sq I got

    69. SmartestManAlyve

      Are there any events that have swimsuit Jeanne alter berserker this year? That's who I'm waiting for also.

      1. SmartestManAlyve

        @Donovan Jara Oh really, sweet! Thx now I really gotta' save my quarts.

      2. Donovan Jara

        This year summer event has her, should be around early August.

    70. LD.Gametime

      I didn't plan to roll in 9m downloads but saw that it's higher than skadi banner. Now I'm planning to roll. Why you do that, Oni :( Now I'm having doubts who to summon alter ego, should I roll for Kiara or Okita alter instead?

    71. wiltedstar

      My top servants I’m rolling for this year: Skadi Okita Alter Summer BB And then.. I’m saving the rest for Beni in January.

    72. leonartha03

      Skadi and Summer banner were so close as a F2p player this is very tempting..

    73. M K

      Should I roll for Kiara? I have her at np1 but I'm saving up for Achilles and Skadi.

      1. M K

        @G&A Reviews ok thanks

      2. G&A Reviews

        I'd say keep saving

    74. kras

      When is next opportunity for Merlin? Did we passe the 10m download???

      1. Donovan Jara

        Some days of summer event 2021 for the next chance at Merlin. 10M DL port was last year.

    75. Grimnir

      Got Fujino now to save for okita alter and skadi and if I am lucky at least emperor lelouch!!!!!!

    76. Z

      Do you think a event on the release of heaven's feel III can be possible ? I'm new on the game so I don't understand all of this right now

      1. Z

        @G&A Reviews Thanks ^^

      2. G&A Reviews

        When movies and big releases come out we usually we get a small summoning campaign. So maybe a couple of summoning tickets / quartz and a rateup for Saber Alter and Medusa and the Heaven's Feel related servants.

    77. KnightR 09864

      I mean I don't want a lot of good stuff but here's what I'm spending my quartz/money on 1. Abigail Williams 2. Sherlock Holmes 3. Ereshkigual (Hope I spelled that right) 4. Gilgamesh 5. Skadi if I get Sherlock 6. Whatever I get on guaranteed summon, yes I spend money but only on guaranteed and I've only gotten Tamamo No Mae during new years because I started in December

    78. Legend ACG

      Really looking forward to this year, the new summer banner & Skadi are the most important ones for me, and I would love to get Okita Alter.

    79. Alonso Go

      I wasn't even planning on rolling for anything until Waver had a banner but you convinced me to roll for this one and I got Kiara. Thanks based Oni.

    80. DallyLama

      Just roll for Skadi everyone else is disposable