Fate/Grand Order Trailer

Ray Animusphere

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    Fate/Grand Order (フェイト/グランドオーダー, Feito/Gurando Ōdā?) is an online RPG for iOS and Android. Referred to as the "Fate Online Project Reboot", it is a reboot of the original Fate/Apocrypha project that eventually became a novel series.
    Has an all star cast from all fate/ series including the games
    or use qooapp.
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    1. LEON sieno

      Where’s rin tohsaka?

    2. Maulana Husein

      what is the title of this music

    3. Alex Jones

      Is this all about fighting those spider things because that looked cool but I'm not too sure now after watching this trailer.

    4. Reezy909

      I’m not gonna lie, clicked this in hopes of seeing Emiya alter...Archer is already an edge lord but Emiya Alter is the ultimate edge lord

      1. Comet Gamer

        We see him for a sec in fgo moonlight lost room

    5. Hilmy Ashshiddiqi

      What anime ? Fate grand order .......

    6. Loshib Abgreit

      Song: Liz Triangle - ハウリング

    7. WH3YT Hamilton

      What’s the name of this Song ?

    8. Andy Bogran

      The super smash bros of the fate series

    9. Maniac world

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> yeee boyyyy

    10. MRacer SR

      I just saw shiki kara no kyoukai

    11. It this real life Is this just fantasy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> Gilgamesh movin!?! IMPOSIBLE!!!

      1. Polar Cold

        You should watch babylonia then :3

      2. berry -

        om- so true- i started crying when I saw that

      3. alex corzo

        Jajaja he is as Gaara

      4. Just Some Guy With a Mustache Dad •

        It this real life Is this just fantasy • Moving Kinda Funky too btw

    12. Hiếu Unicorn

      2019 =]]

    13. Rei mend

      We all know that the only reason they made gilgamesh use a sword for its actual use becuz the gacha money aint there yet

    14. Allan Saber

      What is the song?

    15. JamesRyder JsR

      Holy hell! Just what did i saw?

    16. L M


      1. カム


    17. Dragon Weeby

      Hey, that's hell you're walking into..

    18. Jk THE RIPPER

      This isn’t a trailer more like a amv you fools get it right mongrel

      1. L B

        Chill... No need to start calling names...

    19. KingMarkus22

      As if I didn’t have enough trouble following the fate series

      1. ϟ

        this is all from the mobile game, different universe compared to the main Fate timeline, this one has its own story and basically every servant out there lol

    20. Leandro Nahuel Díaz

      Como se llama en español

    21. It dumbass


    22. Farhan Kun

      The trailer so cool but the game is freak and broke

      1. Polar Cold

        You mean you'll get broke playing it?

    23. ARCHER

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">02:13</a> the true archer

      1. Vivek Kumar

        Arjun !!!

    24. Nick Foster

      So many dope ass characters! AND MY BOI GILGAMESH!!

    25. Taufik Budianto

      Karna, gilgamesh😍

    26. Logan Wynn

      ok, but the story didn't start to get interesting until London

    27. Line MarkSK

      bang ini animenya judulnya apa?

      1. Ordinary Gamerz

        Tausug kaw.

      2. Bluez Electrics

        Fate bosqu

    28. Great Knee

      I miss shirou

    29. junaid perveaz

      Whats the name of song

      1. Comet Gamer

        I dont remember anymore but look for my comment 1 year ago I had the full name english and Japanese

    30. junaid perveaz

      Love the song

    31. Archer

      I wanna see more animated tv shows for the fate series man I love this series so much

    32. A Magical

      Is anyone able to name the Spirits in the beginning? Like Archer whom is in White? And then the other, Lancer. And how do you obtain them?

      1. NightSNK Judgement

        Gacha my friend, it explain by itself, thats how you get your servants in FGO.

      2. Dante Crailman

        Arjuna and Scathach

    33. King Karna

      What is the song? Great job btw

    34. 진우송


    35. Sasakintuh

      Why not anime ;____;

    36. { nobody}

      But isnt that character from Fate/staynight unlimited blade works? Eh...whatever.

      1. Ace Giron

        Grand Order is basically Avengers. Every heroic spirit in all of the Fate shows show up in it.

    37. Astolfo in Class Saber

      What the name of the song?

      1. Jamezgane

        Howling- by Liz triangle or somethin

    38. 北斎差し歯

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="19">0:19</a>ギルガメッシュこんな対等に戦えないだろ笑

      1. Allan Saber

        Нихуя не понял

    39. Elizabeth yuuki

      Wen came it out?????

      1. Nykloon

        elina_heart_cuty love | would love to see lancer scathach animated .. can't wait 😓😓

      2. Elizabeth yuuki

        @Nykloon sad but thank you for the info❤

      3. Nykloon

        elina_heart_cuty love its still not out

    40. Master of Chaldea

      Why FGO is not a console game?

      1. Polar Cold

        Ikr!!! Would be so awesome like dbz with the full roster

    41. leow193

      Yeaaaah... That's not a real trailer

    42. 진우송


    43. Nayuki Sayuri

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~ Oh My God

    44. Massacre

      I see archer in video, I play

      1. Sarcastic Author

        Best mc/best servant But sons of bitches nerfed the shit out of him in this game Middle finger to you type moon!

      2. Kenny Welter

        They did my boy dirty in this game

    45. Khoirun Nisa

      what song?

      1. Comet Gamer

        Look for my comment 1 year ago I dont remember anymore

    46. Truth Speaker

      So... Gil fighting sabre with a sword... eskandars back for some reason and mash would get absolutely wrecked by everyone . ... Ladies and gentleman I present to you fate.... something something

      1. Comet Gamer

        I mean mash has no offense literally

    47. Honor J

      What's the name of the song

      1. Comet Gamer

        Look got my comment 1 year ago I dont remember the name anymore

    48. animegod of greatness

      Nice try jackass

    49. Super SonicCrafts98

      Where ma boii shiro ohh wait yeah archer is shiro

      1. AsurasPath22

        Muramasa too

    50. Hiệp Đặng Xuân

      It's trailer the movie fate grand order

      1. nightcore cat

        DarkSider_ 1330 thank you

      2. nightcore cat

        Hiệp Đặng Xuân do they have fate grand order?

    51. Fake Age


    52. Will Smith should be world's president

      Her name is "Cu"? In portuguese this mean "ass"

    53. marialejandra gil cruz

      Excuse me, but is this an anime or is it a game?

      1. NightSNK Judgement

        Fate grand Order is a movile videogame, but the fate franchise are available as manga/anime/light novel

    54. NaoWolf rw

      This Fake :v. Why would appear momentos from others Fate series in the Fate Grand Order trailer? I know that they travel to other dimensions, but that has nothing to do

      1. Comet Gamer

        Its fan made but its good

    55. Over Tube

      Fate Grand Order ANIME!!!

    56. Shiro Neko

      i love assasin :3

    57. Dark Plx


      1. Comet Gamer

        Look for my comment 1 year ago I dont remember anymore

    58. Dark Plx


    59. Giacomo Maria Della Sala

      Is this a game or an anime?

      1. Fake Age

        Jack2824 both

      2. Jamezgane


    60. Ahmad Jarnuji

      wew the regend sasaki kojiro have much screen time. . .

      1. Akashi 1412

        Considering his status as Meme Servant why not?

    61. Nobody

      This title lol nonetheless the video is badass and awesome.

    62. Foxy Girl

      I cried so hard when archer died I was like no GOD DAMN HE IS THE ONLY FUNNY ONE TO ME

      1. Kenny Welter

        Well he is a heroeic spirit/ counter guardian so he's already dead he just faded from that timeline to go back to his counter guardian state until he gets summoned as a servant again

      2. Melinda Tudgey

        Wait a minute he dies? And i don't mind spoilers.

      3. nightcore cat

        Tiffany Anders lol true

    63. Tito Cardona

      Who’s the coolest servant of all fate series?

      1. Ordinary Gamerz

        GARcher, a.k.a EMIYA.

      2. Nero Dead Weight Claudius

        EMIYA. Design wise assassin EMIYA. Character, weapon, and story wise, archer EMIYA

      3. Tito Cardona

        Masaruk Putih emiya was definitely one of my favs with his unlimited blades and his reality marble he was bad ass but I liked so many it’s hard to say who’s my fav. It’s a toss up between Gilgamesh and karna or vlad the impaler the fact that he’s unstoppable in Romania is crazy. Semiramis’ hanging gardens was one of the most awesome noble phantasms. Personality wise my favorite was Alexander the Great.

      4. Masaruk Putih

        Your opinion??...mine was emiya shirou

    64. SlayerOfEveryThing SOET

      What the song called

      1. Comet Gamer

        Look for my comment 1 year ago I dont remember the name anymore

    65. Pixaku RX


    66. liz kittycat

      Love all the fate series

    67. Noctus

      From where is the scence at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">02:20</a>

      1. Arian Terra

        BlackPhoenix331 from Fate/Grand Order trailer for Fate/Accel Zero Order event.

    68. Noctus

      From where is the scence at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">02:20</a>

      1. Cèsar Augusto

        Fate Zero accel

    69. Shabana Siddiqui

      This is AWSOME!

    70. OrionoftheStar

      The game in which you fall asleep and wake up a lot.

    71. lukasz majer

      Nicely done

    72. durian111

      Fate series, a beautiful anime with good storytelling, yet i wouldn touch because it frikin too many.

    73. Brofisting gaming

      Whats the name of the song?

      1. Comet Gamer

        Look for my comment 1 year ago I dont remember the name anymore

    74. Slithering Slytherin

      Ok, is this a real thing? I just want to watch it... I know they all CONNECT BUT IM NOT SURE HOW AND ITS FRUSTRATING

      1. Comet Gamer


    75. Junk Warrior

      What's this song

    76. Shaheryar Khawaja

      Make a fate stay night reboot please,Guys hit the like button on this comment so we can get the developers attention and they will realize the audience needs a fate stay night reboot😃😃😃

      1. Fake Age

        Shaheryar Khawaja they probably won’t even watch this video

      2. hi helo

        @zeroexe28 maybe

      3. zeroexe28

        You don't think you could have counted unlimited blade works as a reboot despite a different ending

      4. Rexx Rj

        No likes yet? Too bad

    77. Squidney Rain Does Art

      I just finished fate stay night and now I'm moving on to fate grand order and I couldn't be happier

    78. Arc The First Hunter

      Can't find the song anywhere

      1. yuuki konno

        Same here

    79. Paper Rangel

      Who is the main character? It looks great :3

      1. Rio Chan

        @Sarcastic Author hehehe shirou fan right?

      2. Sarcastic Author

        Ritsuka fujimaru Nigga sucks shirou better still.