Fate Grand Order is a game that


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    *Servants may or may not have been edited in for comedic purposes.
    Hello everyone and welcome to the hell hole that is this lovely game with cute anime girls, now finally in actual 720p!
    Yes, there are reused jokes done in my previous Fate Grand Order video, and no, I have no shame in reusing them, fuck you.
    Yes, the footage on this video is pretty old, apparently the only thing I don't have luck with is with my computer's stability.
    Here are some reviews of this video:
    "did this guy just went through the five stages of grief because of a png of a 2d girl?" - IGN, Gamers spokesperson
    "I'm not gonna fucking review this" - EMIYA, Facebook Page
    "uwu" - Nyanna, Facebook Page
    "Good servants but I can do all of that with this 2 stars team." - FSN - Tohsaka Rin, Facebook Page
    "Not my proudest wank." - Dad, Another family
    This video will focus on the EPIC adventures you and most people had or will have at some point in this game, in all seriousness, this is a really fun game, and even though it may look like the only way to have fun in this game is to spend lots of money, I'm here to prove that wrong, you just need some really god tier luck and, guess what, PATIENCE, yeah I know it's hard to believe, but you may not be able to get your waifu on the first banner she shows up!
    Or you know, you could actually be good at the game like the admin at the Tohsaka Rin Facebook page and use low stars servants, but you can't do that right? you fucking bozo lmao
    ~I don't think that I have to say that those reviews are fake, right? Yeah of course they fucking are gerald, do you really think that, given the chance to talk to EMIYA or Nyanna, I would've asked them to review a video? I would've asked for dabbing pics~
    Imagine having to mute 11s because of copyright, the song was Married Life from Up btw
    Oh yeah, I guess I have twitter: ThatKyagara
    Stuff used in this video:
    Background music by the great Panman14:
    I AIN'T NO BITCH HERE WE GO and Luigi literally fucking dying:
    Speedrun I was watching(its from smallantmom's son):
    Creepy Music box:
    The "*funny mic* BRUH" is from jschlatt and I got it here:
    Despacito, play Country Roads:
    The Kevin that went alright on god's character creation tool singing country roads:
    Default dances with buster card:
    The two wallpapers I used in this video:
    i hope i didn't forget to add shit here


    1. Kyagara

      This game is so fucked sometimes that I went through the five stages of grief out of order

      1. Marco Matado

        yeah i know your secret lol

      2. Marco Matado

        bruh portuguese in the middle of it all

      3. Azure Blaze

        And yet we always want more

      4. Infinity Kiyen

        @Hoànghuy Lê You will remember this a lot "Kirei's black Key and his self portrait"

      5. Nawed Hasan

        Hoànghuy Lê Hey. that’s hell you’re walking into...

    2. Dawn

      FGO is that one game where you get everything except the one you actually want. And end up getting depressed

    3. Malcay

      And then there’s me, the salty memer who spent nearly 300++ SQs in the Da Vinci event for Jalter and got nothing. Brother and friend pulled her in a ticket. Also spent 200 SQs on the C Boys banner rolling for Waver, but got Arthur instead ;-; Wish me luck for class rate ups. Going in bare with 30 SQs and a dream. I most likely won’t pull anything though... :’/

    4. WiseEXE

      I've watched this video atleast 13 time and I just keep coming back XD

    5. Max Kalapun

      Mano eu percebo-te

    6. shiku

      i bleed for jack and fail

    7. Shojin32

      this is literally the holy bible of fate/go well done sir

    8. Azure

      He's cellphone is in portuguese? You know what that means! Caralho finalmente um brasileiro nessa porra de fandom

    9. MarkLuckYT

      I got Jalter is my first 10 spins it was in the da vinci rerun I was hoping for Da Vinci but I got Jalter

    10. WiseEXE

      I've watched this video everytime it hits my recommended and I still cant get enough XD

    11. Trasgo Diaz

      F . . . until not. Well, I can't really sympathize with your situation. She was the 3rd SSR Servant I rolled for when she first was out (NA server) . And she was the 3rd SSR I got. After that the disappointment truly came. But I'm more of the "So you didn't want to come home? Well, never again will I waste my Quartz on you."

    12. Sai Kaiku

      I really like your journey to get Jalter. I can't stop laughing.

    13. V Sanz

      *Le me whatching this video* Ah, this is a fun little thing, may leave a like once is done... *Le wild info appears* The game gives you 10 SQ when you do 10 Strenthening - 10 Interludes *Le me again* ....WHAT!? Moral of the story, thanks for the info, gotta go farm like a mad man, gracias, adios, suerte, chao!!

    14. Saber

      B R A S I L E I R O

    15. NuTrynity

      I have her at lvl 100 and 10/10/10 with 2000 Fou stats and the Shinjuki Outfit I love her

    16. Mister Turk Turkle

      And im just sitting here with my np2 Jalter waiting for my ap to refill

    17. Alex Dagos

      Now you just need four more

    18. Matthew Butler

      Wait this gamer didnt get the jalter shinjuku costume.

    19. JvictorSf#CykaBlyat

      Aloko maluco é br ainda, compartilho de sua dor irmão! 300 SQ pra pegar a Jalter... Pra no fim roubarem meu celular ;-;

    20. Day Campos

      Esse vídeo estava me deixando depressiva até chegar o fim, obrigada por não ter destruído meu sonho de conseguir Gil Archer um dia

    21. Weilun1994

      Bro I totally jumped in happiness when you finally got Jalter ;; I cried too when I didn't get her at first, but she came home eventually

    22. Gilgamesh

      Me summoning a bunch of 4* servants but only wanting to summon Merlin and Gilgamesh I have kid Gil so far lolol

    23. Luis Ricardo Quesada Gallegos

      This is now my favorite video in the whole internet ♥️

    24. lifequality

      FGO = Fucking Garbage Online-Game.

    25. lifequality

      This game goes through waves of shit every now and then. If you ever start to question its psychological influence to your brain, you might just quit it. Because the waves of shit will always be back. Screw that piece of software.

    26. Lily Mega Eevee

      Classifying fgo as a game is very bold

    27. ItsTheJac

      I pulled two Abigail Williams's in my one and only 10x roll for her back in December, and it took me just two tickets to get Asagami. My current punishment for this statistical treachery is that I am apparently never going to pull an Alter Ego. Between two banners, one back in January for Meltryllis and one going on now for Passionlip/Kiara, I have rolled 267 SQ (of which like 220 was free) and 31 tickets and have gotten none of them. The gacha giveth and the gacha taketh. ....ok yes, I did get two gold servants out of all those rolls (Jeanne and Tamamo Cat), but dammit, I wanted a freaking Alter Ego. Also I have pretty much no use for Tamamo Cat at this point. Getting Jeanne was nice I guess.

    28. ZCid47

      372 SQ and 25 tickets... 1 Jalter, 1 Sig and NP 5 Emiya... I can't abandon this game now, to deep in the sunk cost fallaci

    29. Christopher Schön

      I don't know, what I just watched, but it was great! 😂😂😂😂

    30. Lam Nguyen


    31. Pluzo Ultora

      só de curiosidade, tu é brasileiro?

    32. Allusionsxp

      This is a good video! Well done!

    33. Bosco18 library

      what I find works never roll lol

    34. Edgy Teen

      I didnt expect darkkmane would be here lmao

    35. Gabriel Henrique

      simplesmente, genial, btw tem link pra esse wallpaper? aushaushuahs

    36. Jin Kazum

      vc é br seu safado

    37. Entismus

      I need that background from @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">00:01</a>, someone got the sauce?

      1. Entismus

        and oh my, the quality is amazing now that I see it on screen lock

      2. Entismus

        you did, I'm apparently too stupid to read, anyways, got that jalter on my phone now, tasty

      3. Kyagara

        Background wallpaper? Both wallpapers I used are in the description

    38. Uteriel

      would be nice to have beginners luck again... when i first started i got raikou on my first ever summon during onigashima. last valentines banner i used 120 quartz and got camilla... and nothing else. to this day i still only got one 5* servant with raikou and i dont see that change any time soon. -_-

    39. kyle cyrus

      Grand order is a game? I thought it was a category for fate hentai.

    40. Paulo SM

      I just found out this channel and I'm still laughing I love it so much, I'm glad you came back to the game and I hope you are still enjoying Jalter to your heart's content!

    41. Dreven

      3 years of no Jalter it was the last day for me only 1 more ticket Summon Game crashes Check servants Jalter there Too tired to react

    42. Infinity Kiyen

      Nice story but you can't read... This is why I play ENG.

    43. Khang Trần Chí

      Is that dark mane's voice?

    44. Fenrir

      when did they start giving all those sq’s?

    45. Ethan Sewall

      >90% of your quartz is wasted. Problem is you don't know which

    46. King Goat Reaper

      Funny as fuck🤣🤣🤣👌

    47. twojac 20

      well na luck sucks...rolled about 700 quartz...no five star..just emiya and seigfreid and a bunch of other random fourstars...but kara no kyokai payed me back a little with me investing about 70 quartz a little more i think and got enkidu and asagami fujino.

    48. J J

      I have Jalter and her Lily form >:3

    49. Nazo

      Eh visto esto más de 5 veces y me sigue entreteniendo. PD: Jalter and Holmes for my count, please gacha.

    50. J Zmr

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="664">11:04</a> same. she got me a Kama and 2 Kaleidoscopes

    51. Nico Arakawa

      I got Sakata through 3 summons. 1/3.

    52. Boss

      *3 Jacks* Looks you got... 3 of a kind. 😎

    53. Koumori Maniwa

      i still dont get Jalter's appeal

      1. Kyagara

        For me she is just a servant I rolled for the first time ever and other times and didn't get it, but I think people in general like her just because 'stronk avenger girl', just like people like me love Gil because 'zashu haha'.

    54. Alvi Syahri

      "Nice story didn't read" Ah, so that's how people play on JP server...

      1. Kyagara

        Why read lore when you can ~feel it~

    55. Brynhildr's Beloved

      I HATE the F/GO subreddit, that place is cancer and they need to be killed lol

    56. Anadaere

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="672">11:12</a> Your grandma is Tamamo, no questions asked. Using herself as a catalyst is big brain Also, cheers to that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="796">13:16</a> Also, 1 tic Toilet Jalter is the best

    57. Hey Its kitty

      welp I got a good amount of spoilers for FGO na in just watching this. Seems cool

    58. Rune Rocker

      And than there's people like me who have never gotten a single 5* and have resigned themselves to make do with free servants. At least my waifu is a 3*.

    59. Kreg Sinner

      Fate Grand Order is a game that is cool

    60. jorujo nouga


    61. Screaming Boss

      "I really like this community and the game but you all are kinda cringe not gonna lie

    62. Majin Cynthia

      Jackie>Jalter, prove me wrong

    63. oZLunar

      feels like me and Tamamo been playing sense day 1 still don't have her. One day she'll come home

    64. Hell yeah25

      Felt pretty bad until the end for you Kevin

    65. Lyonel Hiusei

      Well almost 1k Days in this game and it sucks but i cant get oooooffffff Also, are you Brazilian? I read the options when you were turning off the phone

    66. Leo Peixoto

      >Jalter Wallpaper >Close vídeo

    67. sebastjan kosec

      Y O R O K O B E S H O U N E N

    68. espada9000

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="333">5:33</a> Looks like a hack to me LOL.

    69. espada9000

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> I'm sure Lu Bu can do more damage with his Noble Phantasm if giving the same buffs.

    70. The Hoplite

      Who wants a corrupt saint with boobies when you can have a demigod that can outspeed everyone and bully bosses on his own

    71. Mojibake

      jalter fans need to be spitted on the face

    72. Shaddykack

      Is F/GO secretly a Maplestory/Taco Bell for the new generation? Sounds like a good idea until you have diarrhea for six hours.

    73. Grey

      *KnK* *banner* *appaers* *in* *NA* Me: OMG I want bridge girl! Gacha: *Gives* *CEs* . Me: Ok I have 90 sq more... Gacha: *Gives* *more* *CEs* . Me: Ok one more time... Gacha: *Gives* *Saber* *Shiki* . Me: Alright that was good, now give me bridge girl! *uses* *last* *30* *sq* Gacha *Gives* *Altera* . TFW you get two SSRs with a few sq but still salty bc you didn't have the servant you wanted.

      1. Renal Rahmadin

        imagine being salty over 2 ssrs and still complained edit : that is what gacha supposed to be, pleb

    74. Guilherme Joestar

      É br é

    75. TwinkieRyu38

      You sir Inspired to me never give up to get jalter in fgo as f2p

    76. Zekstorm 1960

      I remember the time i got Altria(saber class), i spent 153 sq just to get my waifu

    77. DatTC127

      i used 540 sq and 18 tickets and didn't get her. Worst part is, the day before that I used 469 sq on NA for tamamo and didn't get her either. Didn't even get spooked by other 5*s :c

    78. Eri Schnee!

      Congrats on getting your waifu btw bro! Dont mean to flex but I got Altera this christmas with 300 quartz. F2P (False) btw.

    79. Eri Schnee!

      I'm not even safe from fucking smallant1 in other peoples videos bruh

    80. HenriqueRJchiki

      br huehuehue