Fate/Grand Order: The Movie (2020) - Official Trailer #1 | Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot

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    “This is the story of the last mythology at the end of the world."
    Based on the acclaimed Fate/Grand Order's Sixth Singularity, a story of the Knights of the Round Table is about to unfold on the silver screen.
    Produced by Production I.G. with animation by SIGNAL.MD, Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Wandering;Agateram is coming in 2020.
    Original Story: Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON
    Lead Character Designer: Takashi Takeuchi
    Director: Kei Suezawa
    Music: Keita Haga, Hideyuki Fukasawa
    Character Design: Mieko Hosoi
    Bedivere: Mamoru Miyano
    Ritsuka Fujimaru: Nobunaga Shimazaki
    Mash Kyrielight: Rie Takahashi


    1. Naruto Ramen

      Can someone tell me by which grand order I should begin with?

    2. AnimeKaichou

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a>: « Artoria Pendragon »

    3. Ankit Johri

      Name of the ost?

    4. Mindy Vong

      Will this get on Crunchyroll lol

    5. Tasha Ray

      Mamoru miyano is that you?😍😍😍

    6. Bruhh Bruhhh

      Can't wait for our bedi out

    7. Okita -san

      You are all forgeting Mash's daddy issue.

    8. Aryan

      Are we going to see Arturia ?

      1. Mike Quach

        Reign there isn’t a villain in this story, just people with different ideal

      2. Reign

        Artoria is the villain of this movie. 0:42 is her.

    9. padoru!padoru! padoru!


    10. Ray

      I hope artoria plays a big part in this

      1. Ivan Gonzalez

        She's the main villain.

    11. Max imilian

      So we had the first grand order movie. Then we skipped all the way to singularity 7 with Babylonia. Now we’re planning on going to the sixth singularity in Camelot. Are we just going in reverse order to the game?

      1. Mike Quach

        Max imilian nah we then have Solomon so there is no order. Tbh only Babylonia and Camelot truly have great stories (I’m not in Solomon yet). The singularities before that were ok; you could see the story gets better after every singularity though.

    12. 유건우

      Please don't let gramps rip off and eat gawain's head PLEASE

    13. Yurie Erive

      Can't wait to see Mo-chan's Rampage

    14. ShiroKuro-Senpai

      They cant possibly cram this in to one film?! There should be 3 parts! 3 parts! I DEMAND 3 PARTS!

      1. Ivan Gonzalez

        They confirmed it's going to be 2 parts.

    15. Zami zu

      man bedivere literally.....

    16. Ayuno K

      a lot who hasnt played the game but watched demonic front. really shipped ritsuka and eresh... wonder what those shippers think with this one...

      1. brak danych

        They will ship ritsuka and bedi

    17. Thien Ong


    18. Looo

      King hassan came here to eat Gawain's head

    19. or tv or not tv

      A poco si se ve bien epico

    20. luffy76156

      Is it just me who think that the bgm of this trailer sounds like batman🤣

    21. Boom Boom

      CNt wait!!!

    22. Fox Hekmatyar

      Aren't king Arthur (saber)is a woman on fate series?

      1. Ivan Gonzalez

        Yes, she lived her life pretending to be a man because women couldn't be kings.

    23. 설눈[正月雪].

      Finally i can see animated STELLAR!!!!!

    24. Fandy Gumelar

      Wait for Gramps vs Gawain ✌

    25. ҌⱭҌվӏօղ

      that moment they make Fujimaru the best master

    26. Master SV

      If ritsuka can use power I'm sure it will be popular. BTW he useless

      1. brak danych

        He is not as: 1. Some of his codes allow him to use simple spells (like gandr) 2. Servants that are close to him and have a contract get a buff (seen in shimosa) 3. He can summon shadow servants that could help "normal" servants in battle (also seen in shimosa, beautifully shown in shimosa manga)

    27. TheFlameKing Gaming

      I'm kinda confused i know the Babylon singularity is the 7th one which one is dis?

    28. King Moon

      I know this is gonna be epic, i love fate series (╥﹏╥)

    29. Animaster

      O' holy Lord. O' radiant Lord who grants wisdom, majesty and strength. My heart, my thoughts, and all that I can see. Come, servants of the moon and the stars. My actions, my last moments, my sacred devotion; witness it all. With all my might, I shall release this one arrow- -and let my body be crushed upon this place! STELLA!

    30. Art Aizen

      so from 7 singularity or more (I don't play fgo) rank the epicness of the story?

      1. brak danych

        Both babylonia and camelot are seen as best among the first 9 ones (in fact the first part consist of 8 singularities: singularity 0, singularities 1-7 and final singularity) I think most see babylonia as better but there are many (me including) that like camelot more So 1st or 2nd

    31. NeverGaming

      Cant wait see dio using za wardo

    32. F.B.I

      Everybody wanna see ozy in action rhyogdomina king hassan and other cool stuff but I am here for da Vinci car

    33. ignacio ramirez marambio

      Pensé que no podía ver un peor maestro que sieg, hasta que se me ocurrio ver grand order 🙄, solo lo veo con la esperanza de por fin ver la lucha entre saber vs saber of red

    34. 芋紳士


    35. fixumds fudiehrhtb

      Where’s my Gudako???

    36. jack the ripper

      Lion king in japanese is Shishiou knight king is Kishiou Pun inteded from DW

    37. Ijikari Terufumi

      just here for Hassan of Serenity

    38. MightiestArm

      Which Fate's do I have to watch first before I see this? The Fate series is the most confusing Anime I've watched, I have this love/hate relationship with it, if someone can help that'll be great

      1. MightiestArm

        @Ivan Gonzalez Well I appreciate your help thanks, I remember I asked the same question over on Gigguk's channel when he posted about Fate and I got every answer, but this was helpful

      2. Ivan Gonzalez

        @MightiestArm People seem to never give you reason right? The reason they say not to watch Extra is because the anime is actually a sequel to one of the bad endings of the PSP game. I dunno why they tell you not to watch Kaleid, it's a bit on the fanservicey side but it becomes WAY better the more it goes on. The Shirou in the Kaleid movie is one of the coolest versions of him. Every Fate is worth watching/reading/playing though as they sometimes give spotlight to different characters that only get mentioned in passing during other titles.

      3. MightiestArm

        @Ivan Gonzalez oh I didn't know they weren't related, I've already watched fate stay night 2006 and fate apocrypha, but every time I want to officially watch the whole series I get a bunch of people who tell me which ones to watch and which ones to skip and in what order. I've been told not to Watch Fate/Extra and Fate/Kaleid

      4. Ivan Gonzalez

        @MightiestArm Those have absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Order timeline so you don't need to watch those for this. Are you asking what the order of those titles are? Here's the intended watch order: Fate/Stay Night 2006 (Saber route) Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (Rin route) Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel movie trilogy (Sakura route, last movie isn't out yet) Fate/Zero (prequel to all three, never watch this first as it will spoil many things you aren't supposed to know yet but it's safe to watch after the second HF movie)

      5. MightiestArm

        @Ivan Gonzalez Alright, so you have an idea on the other shows like Zero, Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works?

    39. Roger Oxford

      Looks wack

    40. Thierry Ko

      Me for the entire video: MAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    41. Red Archer

      Man I hope they buff the servants involved in the movie. Primarily Laltoria and Ozy.

      1. brak danych

        Ozy is already quite good, tituria on the other hand needs a buff quite strongly

    42. soufrin fr

      The moment i hear mamo's voice im like !!!!!!!

    43. SPECTRAL

      Why is the lancer version of artoria on the trailer

      1. Ivan Gonzalez

        Because she's a Lancer in this chapter.

    44. CheshireCat

      Smh all y'all forgetting best ditz Nitocris

    45. Gilgamesh King of Mongrels


    46. Dra. Stanic Tham

      wait... is-is that guy Saber?

      1. brak danych

        "artoria" is the blonde person at the end of the trailer

      2. Ivan Gonzalez

        No, he's Bediviere. Artoria is a Lancer and the villain of this story.

    47. AFlyGuy Gaming

      Can’t wait for Gawain at the gates

    48. AFlyGuy Gaming

      Can’t wait for Gawain at the gates

    49. Sai Vamshi

      First dialogue is a spoiler all those who completed 6th singularity can understand it

    50. Afif danish

      So underrated... damn

    51. Zeta

      No u didn't ♥️

    52. Miphaling

      Wow, they really made the glowing eyes more noticeable. Will be interesting to see Rhongomyniad play out.

    53. Muramasa


    54. Yuber_wenchu


    55. Fake Kirito

      *GarDen Of AvaroN*

    56. reignen graham

      The story if the truly tragic hero. All for his king. I cant wait to cry my eyes out again

    57. Sven, Maitre Des Sangliers

      OUAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but with Quetzalcoatl, it's better xD

    58. esyam asnan

      I hope we get to see Mash accession

    59. Miguel A R Cachero

      Bedivere:"What's up Doc?" Morbius:"You're never destroyed Me so easily!" Bedivere:"It's better to cut Your head off, permanently!"

    60. セイバーSuwupreme

      Ladies and gentlement we have stroked the JACKPOT

    61. Ahs Oei

      So this is the prequel of Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia?

      1. Jimmy Alderson

        I don't think "prequel" is the right term for it. Technically it is. But a prequel implies thwt babylonia is where the story begins, it isn't. In fact babylonia is the final singularity before defeating Solomon. It jut happens that babylonia was animated first. It's not like fate/zero, where the story starts at Fate/stay night but then we travel back. This is just one of the seven singularities, thst happens to come before babylonia. You see frequent flashbacks t other singularities in the babylonia anime, because it was animated under the assumption you play Fgo and so already know the previous singularities. So the timeline starts: Fuyuki Orleans Septem Okeanos London America Camelot Babylonia Temple of time Then it continues wit moonlight lostrom (which had it's prologue animated already) The story starts at fuyuki. Anything BEFORE fuyuki (say for example the grail war animusphere won) would be a prequel. Tl;Dr yes technically, but not really. Play FGO

    62. Warden_Is _Better

      Another one?

    63. Alma KARMA

      Now we'll see Mash chanting her first Lord Camelot. ♥️

    64. FeztA :d

      Tbh Camelot is a lot funnier and the history is better than Babylonia.

    65. Unholy Nipple

      They still isn't done milking this cashgrab of a franchise? Smh 🤦‍♂️

    66. Vinnie Jonny

      Doesn't matter how much gacha I fail, I won't cry as hard as watching this movie

    67. LastationLight

      For someone who is just finishing Camelot, it makes me way more excited. This is when the story really gets good and has good writing practically all the way through

    68. YuTEM

      Hold on how the fuck is he able to breathe without the mask. I remembered him needing it when he first entered the singularity

    69. Jyorno Jyovanna


    70. Altza

      Just finish this chapter few days ago.... Every story in fgo are good that make me love all three star servant there

      1. Altza

        @Jimmy Alderson yeah, I start rush from 3 to 6 in few week, because I hiatus so long before that, in rush I still read story and I really love in Camelot as Hassan character show me their other side which I can't imagine as I watch Fate Zero, my impression on them are low, but Camelot show me otherwise, also in America, I feel like I with them fight together

      2. Jimmy Alderson

        Except septem That was just awful 8 played septem and thought nothing of the characters. Then I played a COMEDY EVENT (the summer heat race) and then thought "ah shit, boudica's backstory is actually messed up and sad. They didn't communicate that AT ALL in septem"

    71. TheOneUndead

      Can't wait to see the Hassans they're so badass, also GRANDPA HASSAAAAAAAN

    72. 1-800 -thatbitch

      Is olga gonna return?

      1. Jimmy Alderson

        Yes, just keep it up and she'll be back

    73. TheOneUndead

      Why can't we get ONE SINGLE FATE WITH GUDAKO?!

      1. TheOneUndead

        @Jimmy Alderson there are many spin offs and non canon fates if they wanted they could've easily made one

      2. Jimmy Alderson

        Because it wouldn't make sense. The entirety of grand order has ONE master, that's the entire point. They choose Fujimaru. They can't change it, it's ruin the continuity. It's like watching the dark Knight films and wondering why the dark Knight doesn't have bat girl instead of batman, it'd make it a completely different universe which would destroy all the continuity This isn't the game, they can't just wait halfway through a movie and have fujimaru go "wait there a second mash I'm just gonna pop to my room and change my gender and name real quick, nothing major, don't even pay it any mind" So might I ask why you'd ask such a goddamned stupid question?

    74. Beto Valde

      Production IG 🤔

    75. Jack 6280

      Music like from Barman

    76. Akashi

      Después o antes de que debo ver esta película ?.

    77. Lenny Summers

      Can't wait to see something oversized power

    78. Veldream

      In this arc, you will be know who is the best boy in FGO

    79. Sean Low

      I can't wait for the part where Mordred instant kills you with her Np

    80. chandra putra

      Yesss, Camelooootttrt