Don´t mess with ... Caster!? (Fate/Grand Order Spoiler)


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    Cú Chulainn as a caster?
    Yep, just watch this video ;)


    1. Nightbladewolf X

      When lancer clothes disappear I was hoping his pant disappeared to

    2. Cressie's Teacup

      "Summon me as a Lancer." *DONT YOU THINK IM TRYING????*

    3. Joey Mabia

      Now i know why lancer Cu Chulainn knows how to use a rune (fire) in fate, stay night

    4. Gilgamesh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a> the same *F* mark where lancer burn himself & kirei at UBW

    5. Sãmer Altêr

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="354">5:54</a> *Are you approaching me ? Instead of running away you're coming straight to me ?*

    6. Canixian

      Salter's np in FSN is like the real deal,in game its just like a small fries.

    7. Adrian Aquino

      Is that Medusa!?

    8. Karl Hye traveler of worlds, lights priest

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="461">7:41</a> you're both ranged fighters what the hell are you guys doing

    9. 柿の種

      え?あれ? クーフーリンだよねこれ、ランサーじゃなくてキャスターなの? 似てるだけで別のキャラ?

      1. 柿の種

        オルタエミヤ ああ、あれ魔術だったんか笑 なるほど、理解笑笑

      2. オルタエミヤ


    10. Imaginary Sora

      Cu : It wont be any good to shoot each other at long distances. From here, lets go all out and do our usual fight! EMIYA : heh, From a caster class? Bruh?! Your one to talk your a god damn archer!!!

      1. Fox Hound1878

        @sharlyn tan kinda proved your mans point there mate

      2. sharlyn tan

        An archer that has every prototype of melee swords in all timeline ever and uses dual blades to fight most of the time.

    11. Imaginary Sora

      I just noticed that Medusa lancer is actually using Harpe here...

      1. al MM

        Anime logic.

    12. Parsa Shirali

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="224">3:44</a> I can see why Shirou told him to keep his distance from rin

    13. jack the ripper

      Cú!!!! What are you doing to my kouhai? I am the only one who can lewd that girl! Do that again and I'll have your EMIYA caladbog you.

    14. Joe Donh

      Almost all fate stay night characters are here

    15. Void Teiou

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> Cu just made PRIMATE FUCKING MURDER ANGRY

    16. Luis Dominguez

      What’s with the little fox thing that looks like a glaceon?

    17. ただの凡人


    18. Gilgamesh

      I just realize the first enemy is ana (grown up) but not Medusa Ver

    19. はなえ


    20. Volantico

      Me reacting to this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> on first watching Her : you.... Caster..... Cu : *take off the hoodie* Me : LANCERRRR!!!! Also me : Caster ? Wait what....

    21. Valeria Volkihar

      what the fuck is going on ?

    22. Pizzacooljr .N.V.

      Lancer not castor?

    23. lukas parasian3

      Eksuu kalibaaaa.... morgannnn

    24. Brianne Noel

      As someone whose studying those exact runes he’s using I’m fangirling so hard right now

      1. Ivan Gonzalez

        The Mages Association is gonna silence you fam.

      2. Kneecap

        Youre using magecraft?

    25. ZA WARUDO

      Cu Chullain: The Hell's with this staff! Damn it, I miss my Gay Bulge

    26. ユーザー

      キャスターのクーフーリンがなんでオルタに魔力で攻撃できんの? あのメディアさんでさえ攻撃通んなかったのに…

    27. 時雨景

      エミヤやっぱり好きだなぁってpixivみてたらまさかの村正×エミヤ(アーチャー)があった🤭 アルトリア!愛しているよ!!!!だから来て!!

    28. darwisy aslam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> and thus she became Ana

    29. おたくつらい

      好きなんだけど、音が苦手…耳と頭に響くキンキンする でもその音も好き

    30. Karl Hye traveler of worlds, lights priest

      Both gilgamesh and Lancer became casters, the heck?

      1. Austincantswim

        Scathach trained Cu to be able to use runes, he just isn’t able to use them effectively as a Lancer(side note, his strongest class should be Rider or Warp Spasm Berserker). CasGil is Gilgamesh after his failed quest for immortality, which heavily humbled him.

    31. victim109


    32. 佐瀬和也


    33. Archen Forever

      Fujimaru is a wimp.

    34. Black Sabbath

      Is this alter saber weaker than the one that was clapping Hercules berserker class.

      1. Kneecap

        @al MM they explained it. You don't have to call everything thats different 'anime logic'

      2. al MM

        Anime logic

      3. Kneecap


    35. seiya.チュンチュン

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="903">15:03</a> ここの兄貴マジかっこよすぎ

    36. seiya.チュンチュン

      キャスターでも強えな兄貴… (というかこっちの方が活躍してね?) まあめっちゃかっこいいから良き

      1. 狂ドナ


    37. Hybrid

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> F This genuinly made me laugh

    38. Arif Budiman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> ana?

    39. Manuel Sosa

      *Next time, summon me as a lancers!* "Gets Proto-Cu"

      1. Deviljho The Golden sub-species

        I almost got all the regular fate/stay night characters

      2. kuching

        Gets cu alter

      3. Legendary Black Knight

        I got all three

      4. XxVorlandxX

        I got caster first then lancer

      5. Dak Sendo

        I got actual lancer Cú lmao

    40. Little Tiny

      Here is a badass caster who can play tactically and with many tricks while also skilled in close combat, capable of summon a giant familiar who can blow himself in a 3km tall pillar of flame. In gameplay, he's a shitty caster servant who his only good thing he has is that he's tanky.

    41. S.N M.T.

      エクスカリバー・モルガーンの威力ってあんなもんだっけ? (劇場版 HEAVEN'S FEEL視聴後の感想)

    42. 輝くまそっぷ


    43. Sofia Lance Bellatrix Shinomiya von Einzbern Yuuki

      Cù: Go back to school, you dimwit! Shut up Cù, you're the kost stupid things I have ever seen in F/SN, even Berserker was smarter. I mean, in the first battle against Archer Cù was always: "What Class are you my dude?", even with Rin shouting: "Archer! Archer! Archer!". Cù Vs. True Assassin: "You know what this things is (speaking about the shadow)?". Heracles: "I am no match against him." So a Berserker knew something more than you? Joke aside he is one of my fav. male chara. And fuck if Medusa is always fucking **** (I didn't liked her at first 'cause of that fucking seal she uses for her eyes).

    44. Imma Xehanort

      Caster Cu Chulainn definitely needs an animation update in the game.

    45. Michael Brucato

      Cu and Leonidas have convinced me that Fate/Grand Order is the best Fate game due to their unending manliness

    46. Nameless

      Me: sees saber alter get engulfed in flames *Eh she will be fine with that high magic resistance*

    47. Monica

      I didn't know Grand Order had a anime

      1. Kneecap

        It got 3 adaptation

    48. デデデネネネ

      この敵ってstay nightのライダー? メドゥーサ?

    49. C H

      Anyone know the name of this anime please and thank you.

      1. C H

        @Ivan Gonzalez That is a shame. We can't get everything we want. It is a good game but it demanded so much attention. If it were Pokemon in the early days, it works just fine.

      2. Ivan Gonzalez

        @C H I see, sadly they don't plan on adapting everything in between.

      3. C H

        @Ivan Gonzalez Yes I have before but I couldn't stay focused on it.

      4. Ivan Gonzalez

        Fate Grand Order: First Order, it's an OVA based on the prologue of the mobile game. There's also Fate Grand Order Babylonia which is about the 7th chapter. I highly suggest you play the game.

    50. John Sandiego

      If they don't update Wicker Man to include that fire version of him, I'll be pissed

    51. 千月



      Lancer kiss mashu

    53. jazz265

      Now I wish he was summoned as Caster during Fate/stay night. He killed Saber, Archer and Rider, the Servant protagonists of the original three routes basically by himself, and he even killed the Grand Order Rider and True Assassin prior. I wonder how he would've been against Berserker.

      1. Kneecap

        He as a lancer still stronger

      2. Imma Xehanort

        Cu's a lot worse in Caster Class actually. The servants getting blackneded here weakened them. He gets access to his better magic, and has a better luck stat, but he's slower, doesn't hit as hard, doesn't get a NP that rewrites causality, and is more fragile. The main reason Cu got screwed I. F/SN is because 1. Kirei killed Bazzet, Cu's original master 2. Kirei used a command spell to make it so Lancer was to fight but not defeat every servant, nerfing his abilities 3. Cu had to fight Gilgamesh in the Fate route, got commanded to kill himself in UBW, and no servant can beat the Shadow in HF.

    54. Ma el

      Lancer no estaba muerto, estaba de parranda ea ea ea :v

      1. Ma el

        @ALANIS MARK y sus ojos, esa mirada seductora pero firme xD

      2. ALANIS MARK

        @Ma el y encima bien coqueto, pero es que con ese cuerpo como no

      3. Ma el

        @ALANIS MARK felizmente no le quedó la maldición de los Lancer xD

      4. ALANIS MARK

        Como Caster es bien chingón

    55. Thanh Van Nguyen

      This is why we prefer Gudako over Fujimaru

    56. Thanh Van Nguyen

      Can he choose this animation for his in game atk? I mean rather than magic bubbles?

    57. Thanh Van Nguyen

      Dont tell me this is Ana when she grows up

    58. Yotsuba Nakano

      XD so this is the start of Grand Order

    59. Sergio Bocanegra

      I wish i could summon Cu to be my Lancer bro

    60. Liney AxCookies

      After all these years, we still haven't gotten Medusa Alter(?) yet

    61. ななみ!


    62. Sparx

      Emiya alter actually looks like an alter and not some JoJo reference.

    63. Shaddykack

      Could we get an animation update on Caster Cu + a Banner of whatever Medusa that was? Like immediately

    64. Shaddykack

      Whatever happened to this version of Medusa? Why we not get a Banner of her fine self?

    65. Eika May

      Do not summon him as a lancer. *I repeat, do NOT summon him as a lancer* 😂😂😂

    66. ブラックコーヒーとマメ


    67. うやと


    68. shota


    69. ナイトスター

      メドゥーサランサー露出狂がヤバいし、エロい( ☆∀☆) ありがとうございますfate制作者さん達《*≧∀≦》

    70. GrimmLaw The Charmcaster

      We NEED this Medusa in F/GO the game!!

    71. サイベル,


      1. サイベル,

        というかFate/GrandOrderのマスターは士郎や切嗣みたいに戦闘能力有してないからなぁ…まぁ絶対魔獣戦線バビロニアは見るけど だってギル出るし

    72. F.B.I

      F for archer


      Sine no one is gonna say it archer got nerfd probably because he a alter and pretty shore this is the weakest version of him

      1. IT JUST WORKS

        Super Saiyan Goddess remember who’s 3 star and who is 4 star

      2. IT JUST WORKS

        Super Saiyan Goddess you wanna run that by me again DOG

      3. Super Saiyan Goddess

        Archer wasn't nerfed because Caster already trashed him in unlimited bladeworks as a Lancer. He's just a superior servant.

    74. Deirdre O'Sullivan

      Shit he became op as a castor

    75. 吽阿


    76. Mathemagics

      Caster may not be his main gig but he seems to get better results with it.

      1. Stephen2462

        That's because he isn't getting screwed over by Kirei in this continuity.

    77. psicman

      wow lancer wasn't dead......!(i mean, killed :))

    78. Vyxtion Kinax

      guys, so Is this the lancer we know?

      1. Vyxtion Kinax

        @Stephen2462 and archer, the hairstyle looks like at the end UBW XD

      2. Stephen2462

        Same guy, but he isn't a Lancer this time. He was summoned into the Caster class container instead.

    79. Minato Arisato

      He deserve an animation update.

      1. Stephen2462