Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight - Fate/Grand Order: Episode 0 Initium lter

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    Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 0
    Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia Episode 0
    Fate/Grand Order: Episode 0 Initium lter


    1. Peters90

      The OST:

    2. Josiah Llanos

      Conclusion: She can box

    3. Utkarsh Pawar

      Whats amazing is that Galahad did all that while wearing heels lol

    4. Orionis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> I love how it seems that Romani had a bad feeling about the experiment success before the Servant bound to Mash became hostile. Maybe he was not saying anything but his face shows that he’s worried something was wrong. I guess it’s one of his teeny tiny perks of him being [ Unlock after completing Babylonia ], he knew what was coming. 😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> Also... the difference of reactions between Lev and Romani. Romani continues to show signs of worry because well... they were experimenting on Mash. He possibly fears she will die at this rate. Lev just... fixes his hat and keeps on smiling as if this entire scene was but entertainment, a spectacle for him. He’s amused. He doesn’t care that a little girl is being used as a vessel for a Heroic Spirit, which is a really dangerous experiment to perform. So I am assuming he was showing slight signs of being [ Unlock after completing Septem ] ever since then huh. But then again, we don’t know how his original personality was like before the incident where we were involved, so...

    5. Adonai Tinae


    6. billnye69

      The music makes the hairs on my arms tingle.

    7. DfRaid

      *Galahad does not approve of this*

      1. Grace Pun

        He doesn't like mages that's for sure.

    8. ezra fathis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> is that marisbury or someone else ?

      1. MySpaceBarBroke Never mind, i fixed it

        ezra fathis yes it is Marisbilly

    9. Le Song

      Galahad didn’t lose to Mash, he gave up. Very important distinction and also impeccable attention to detail - that eye “closed” instead of changing colour. Well done type moon. Also, “Shocho” the legendary gatcha player who is the only Chaldea master to pull Solomon and Galahad, two 6 star servants in a row.

    10. Noah Weathers

      Not gonna lie, that smirk made you look like a dick, Marisbury. I must give props to Mash for having the will to restrain Galahad from killing them, though the traitor in the green top hat is obviously an exception.

    11. Nasuverse Fan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> You can see Lev expression like saying "pitiful". He really hates mankind....I don't blame him tought

      1. Najma zenryona

        @Nasuverse Fan That's dumb, why the fuck would Flauros kill himself? That makes no sense, Ars Goetia is still a hive mind and can't/wouldn't ever betray Goetia. That's like having normal worker bees intentionally fuck over their entire colony.

      2. Nasuverse Fan

        @Devoid Ruby In that timeline was FLAUROS, not lev who killed himself, it was flauros. So mate you're wrong again, the other personalities fight between each other because the original one is no longer, in some way the demon god himself prevents the incineration of hunanity on that timeline, but not the host.

      3. Devoid Ruby

        @Nasuverse Fan I will give you 3 seperate examples of Demon Pillar holders who retained their personalities. - Mozart - Zolgen - Lev Lev kills himself in alternate timelines to prevent Flauros taking over which clearly fits with the idea of pillars not influencing their host until their activation. Lev is Lev, Flauros is Flauros.

      4. Nasuverse Fan

        @Devoid Ruby I'm staying with the original info where he claims to be the same from his birth, like I said, is like a protocol that activated on his right time. He was a disguise, he was one soul, he was flauros all the time, really I don't find that thing about him trying to commit suicide and frankly if that is there on nasu works by himself on other side then is very contradicting.

      5. Devoid Ruby

        @Nasuverse Fan Did you not read the "FLAUROS WOULD BE AWAKENED IN 2015" part? Or did you even read the story which centers around the very idea of Lev trying to commit suicide in order to prevent Flauros from taking over? He was Lev, just like how Mozart and Zolgen were themselves until their Demon Pillars activated (In Zolgen's case) or remained themselves because their pillar didn't activate (Mozart).

    12. Shadow Neko831

      Has anyone found the ost for this yet?

      1. Datu Kula

    13. Talyrion

      I think my favourite part about this scene (beside the great animation and OST) is the way it manages to perfectly convey the main character traits without a single line of dialogue from them. In less than two minutes, the episode puts on display Galahad's rightous fury, Mash's protectiveness, Roman's humanity, Animusphere's "all according to keikaku" and Lev's "this is going to be fun/wonder if they'll self-destruct now" attitude without so much as a word from them.

    14. StUCaboose

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> STEEAAALLLLL!!!!!

      1. Talyrion

        But... but she has Megumin's voice...

    15. Sug Dolomar

      Thanos you lucky son of a bitch!

    16. Grace Pun

      If this is galahad angry, I wonder how lancelot had to calm him down back in camolot😂😂😂😂😂😂it would so funny

    17. Activemotionpictures

      Up until now, it is revealed that the doctor awaking her, was part of the conclusion of humanity. And thus, makes this scene much more intense (Mashu trying to break glass and fighting to "kill him".)

    18. Tsukasa Kadoya

      Mewtwo Mashu! XD

    19. Hellion Keller

      That yellow eyes... Mashu Alter coming soon?

      1. Reign

        It's Galahad taking over her body.

    20. Immort47

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> can we just appreciate the lighting detail on the NON-CGI hand?

    21. V o i d

      For context for those who don't know what is happening: Chaldea was doing experimenting with binding a servant's spirit origin to a human vessel. All children at the time of conducting btw. Mash is also pretty much the only survivor and succuesful test subject in the experiments. The spirit origin bound to her was Galahad. One of the heroes of the round table and a son of Lancelot, a dead beat dad. When Galahad gained his awareness in Mash's body, he denounced Chaldea for the actions they took with Children and became hostile. Mash was able to subdue the hero's conscious and protect Chaldea's experiment team. But Galahad refused to work with them. He could simply leave, but doing so would kill Mash and he knew this. He didn't help directly still but allowed Mash to embody his orgin, gaining his combat knowledge and noble phantasm: Lord Camelot. Doing this would keep Mash alive but also limit her lifespan to an age of 18. Thus the pseudo servant Mash is made and put to work as an agent of Chaldea.

      1. Blank Blank

        Phaaze Reborn The was a vote on which singularity was the best in game and the two highest was Babylonia and Camelot, which is why we have an anime for Babylonia and a 2? part movie for Camelot.

      2. TyxoN

        @Doctor Who Cares you know thats a good point as to why they did put the 7th before the others hahaha they sure want to keep the fate series a mess XD

      3. Doctor Who Cares

        @Phaaze Reborn Nice, thanks for the info, I think they did that to follow the tradition of making a mess out of Fate, I just watch a video on how to watch Fate grand order and damn it's a damn mess If i fomt solve my mess you think ik going to figure that out

      4. Phaaze Reborn

        @Doctor Who Cares it's the Fate Stay night route not Shirou route. And yes, to grasp the idea of what grand order is so you won't be as confused if you were to jump straight to Babylonia. First Order is the first singularity (first mission). But Babylonia is the 7th singularity (7th mission.) I'm not sure why they decided to animate Babylonia instead of chronological order.

      5. Doctor Who Cares

        @Phaaze Reborn Nice, I only want to watch the Anime I dont have time for farming and playing that game, so after finishing the Shirou saga I have to watch first order?

      1. Grace Pun

        She was 10. Remember that.

    22. You're watching me?!

      How did this got into my recomendations

    23. Google Play Station

      Mash alter

    24. 4keY

      I want to like it but it's 666 likes so i will dislike instead

    25. Bruno Shoiti Natsumeda

      Does anyone know the name of this OST??

      1. WolfHunter 15

        Bruno Shoiti Natsumeda hanging on this shield

    26. Sparriax

      The fact that he was able to do all that with heels on

      1. Xking III

        Ever heard of Raiden from Metal Gear?

      2. Grace Pun

        The fact that mash had to fight 7 singularities in those heels...

    27. Agent Wolf

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> Damn Mash be thick! Sure there are plenty out there who wouldn't mind being mashed by Mash's masher. Now I know where she gets her name from. Also why does she have boobs? She’s like 10 in this

    28. HilagDrawzz

      best girl

    29. Dazaiel

      What is the name of the OST used?

    30. Slayer 0

      Ahh. Got to love how Fate mages just casually commit human rights atrocities like this on a daily basis. Wait a second...

      1. Orionis

        Slayer 0 Fate mages don’t know about human rights they are all crazy in one way or another 😂

    31. Ninebreaker92

      Anyone else think Galahad has a second Noble Phantasm or a special ability we don't know about because of this? Yes, he uses his shield primarily, but he takes out the first shield with his Punch, the second with his Shield, and the third defensive layer, he *dismisses* his shield entirely, extending an empty hand, as though he's gonna smash through it and then some. Anyone else get that vibe?

      1. Transparent Prophet

        @Cephalon Blue Like I said, I don't see him having it as a Shielder. I never said he didn't have it at all.

      2. Cephalon Blue

        Transparent Prophet well, there is some reference to Longinus already. In Fate/Requiem, the MC’s grandmother was the master of Lancer Lucius Longinus, the roman soldier who stabbed his spear into Jesus, turning it into the divine weapon. So I wouldn’t call the NP itself entirely new, per se, but not very well known. As for Galahad having it, I see some references to him using it to heal a maimed king, as it is a spear that constantly drips the blood of Christ. I think it’s a safe bet to say he might have access to it, just like the Sword of David.

      3. Transparent Prophet

        @Cephalon Blue I don't know, using his sword makes more sense. It'd be abit too out on the left field for Galahad to reveal an entirely new NP in an anime original scene.

      4. Cephalon Blue

        Transparent Prophet I didn’t say for certain. Just a maybe.

      5. Transparent Prophet

        @Cephalon Blue There's no evidence he even have that as Shielder. Sword of David, I can see, since Mash has one at her waist in her 3rd Ascension, but the spear? Not really, no. He's obviously just going to punch it again.

    32. Jason Pamatmat

      We want an mashu alter pls

      1. Grace Pun

        That is galahad taking over her body not the alter mashu

    33. MGAlter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a>..... That OST IS GODLY!!!!

      1. Roro Y

        0:30-0:50 simply art

      2. Giatsu

        Agreed, effin amazing

    34. Farella Grandell


    35. Ghost PerZone

      Why does Olga's Dad look like a whitebleeched Solomon?

    36. Kae

      Okay she/he needs new animation in game to match this amazing fight scene. I rather watch her/he Punch something instead of swinging that shield. Clearly her/his fist hurts more then her/his metal shield as we see with her/his punching that barrier. Also that laser hand thing she/he was about to do there. Also she/he needs a new eye colour change mode. Like a battle mode that doesn’t force her to wear a bunch of equipment. Make him not a dick either for abandoning us after we saved everyone.

    37. Fluent

      Who is Galahad and why is he in mash body

      1. Keru - Kun

        @Fluent they did already fight in the FGO First Order lol Saber Arthuria Alter

      2. Fluent

        爾靈山 Ahh another one of the knights of the round hopefully saber dosent fight him/her lol

      3. 爾靈山

        Mash is a demi-servant. Her strength comes from the heroic spirit (Galahad) possessing her. Galahad is one of the noblest of the knights of the round table.

    38. J-Ace78990

      Well, it's been a while since i saw 3 circles

      1. lee chun him

        I can feel the pain

    39. uwlwsrpm

      Exploding eggplant 2004 presented in technicolor.

    40. Alejandro sockwave

      Uf la animación es de 10

    41. Jonathan Ramírez

      Hey who was that guy in the end??? With white hair

      1. Just Some Random Italian Spearman Named Cú Chu-lame

        @James Finn I'm just reading comment seriously here but your comment got me

      2. James Finn

        White Solomon

      3. Possessed Loneliness

        Marisbury animusphere

      4. Reign

        Olga's dad, the first director of Chaldea

    42. mr. random guy

      The reason why Galahad going berserk is because he wake up without his dick intact

      1. Grace Pun

        Galahad did not ask to be turned into a girl

    43. Minato Arisato

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> ONE PUNCH MASH

    44. Boop Beep

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="86">1:26</a> galahads about to release one of his np but mash stopped it idk

      1. Jesus Pabon

        @Boop Beep His NP can deflect or diss out the same damage his shield takes. So he was going to blast those researchers with the same lazers they were blasting at him. It would of killed them. Galahad was disgusted with them experimenting on children.

      2. The Drunken Otaku

        @GSSAGE7 The Sword of Strange Hangings.

      3. GSSAGE7

        @Khon Minh Could've been the Sword of David. After all, Galahad Alter IS a Saber.

      4. Kokkoro Hime

        @Khon Minh in fact if you look for "Mash alter", one of the oldest pics is mash in a white suit holding a spear, obviously Longinu

      5. ProNoobGamerDude

        @Khon Minh well not anymore since galahad kinda went off to buy cigarettes and never returned. But a servant version of galahad might be a lancer class.

    45. JamesChe

      whos the guy in the last scene

      1. Reign

        Marisbury. He's Olga's father.

    46. Jeanne D'arc [Alter]

      That ost tho

      1. Zoen Rolians Here!

      2. Naxion DustKeeper

        "To Hold this Shield"

      3. y0 Trish

        Zoen Rolians what is it called?

      4. Zoen Rolians

        It's out! Although not full, but it's out!!!

    47. little N

      Not sure if Galahad is pissed about being summoned as a tool or becoming a waifu

      1. jokechu

        @Shahzeb Nawab I'd like to think the aesthetics of the armor will be solely accustomed as to whoever is using it, seeing as Mash gets closer to Gallahad, the more fully armored she gets when she reaches Stage 3 or in the anime, whenever she uses Lord Camelot, we kinda saw examples of this w/ Fate Kaleid as well, where characters would use the same servant card, but end of looking different from each other, hell even Shirou using Archer EMIYA's card looks different. As for why Mash is practically wearing high waist leotard body suit overlapped with armor, go ask Nasu about that; Fate doesn't mind showing skin whether the character is male or female, hell even Fate Stay / Extra had naked Gilgamesh scenes for the fuck of it.

      2. Shahzeb Nawab

        @Grace Pun I don't wanna know. Bcoz that means he intentionally gave a little girl fetish gear

      3. Grace Pun

        @Talyrion wait does galahad even have a control over the clothing part.

      4. Talyrion

        @Mage varyian Given that he was presumably the one who decided to change his usual armor into... that... I don't think he minds the waifu part.

      5. Goomyiscute777


    48. cyberwolfy37

      galahad the moment he woke up "why is my chest so heavy?......WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS?!"

      1. Going Blargh

        Galahad: Why am I an anime girl right now?! This feels so terribly terribly wrong; I feel violated!!

    49. Azure Blaze

      Who is the smug jerk on the other side?

      1. Azure Blaze

        @Kielian thank you.

      2. Kielian

        Chaldea’s founder and father to Maria amiusphere

    50. Saber Alter

      Our Saint Quartz died for this.

      1. Paulo Azuela

        @TheJadeFox Indeed Saint Quartz well spent, praise the whales.

      2. reiji

        worth it

      3. kimskerems

        @A W me too

      4. TheJadeFox

        Money well spent

      5. A W

        Man I almost dropped a tear when I randomly saw this as an anime pop up

    51. ϟ

      I can't imagine the fight scenes later on holy shit, they really did a good job here

      1. Jesus Pabon

        Hey jeanne. My wife

      2. The Killcode

        @Kneecap Oh yeah, that episode alone helped pushed this close to being my favorite Fate anime. It also made me Grail that servant and wish that she will get an game animation update soon.

      3. Kneecap

        @The Killcode ep 8 bois

      4. The Killcode

        So far 3 episodes in, and the fights have been fantastic.

      5. Chris Mulkey

        @bluuth 23 Here I was thinking Apoc has some of the best anime fights I've ever seen.

    52. CHOUNLI 13

      Our poor eggplant

    53. yarigold

      This is why you need command spells to bind whatever you summon... Chaldea dummies!!!

      1. Chatot

        Good thing they didn't summon gilles (caster) or Christopher Columbus

    54. Bren Dan

      I wonder if something like this ever happened to both Illya and Irisviel like summoning the grail into both of their hearts...

      1. LeonGun8

        In the case of the Einzberns. The original Grail, Justeaze, did it willingly. Her memories are implanted into every Grail they created afterwards, so even should latent memories from the original Grail appear, they won't go crazy like that. In fact we do see Ilya acting like Justeaze in Fate/Stay Night.

    55. Erica Arcadia

      Galahad sure is pissed

      1. ProNoobGamerDude

        @cyberwolfy37 You don't know what he likes

      2. Kaneko Ken

        @cyberwolfy37 more than that he was pissed that this is inhumane you incel

      3. cyberwolfy37

        you'd be pissed too when you suddenly woke up and some jackass genderbent you for no reason. galahad didn't ask for boobs.

      4. James Olinares

        LeonGun8 Sad bro

      5. LeonGun8

        @James Olinares It's not a homonculus. They make it quite clear she's a designer baby. She was cloned and grown from birth to her teens just to use her as a Demiservant experiment. Most of her brothers and sisters died as she was the only one who managed to become one. Also, it's important to point out the Master experiments were no better, hundreds of mages died in experiments perfecting the summoning system before the official "succesful" mages selected for the Fuyuki First Order Mission.

    56. TheRadBread

      Dang, Galahad sure is aggressive for a Super Virgin Dude blessed by God.

      1. Grace Pun

        @LOZER this is what I got from his actual history from the real galahad but this is what I have gathered. Galahad was surpose to set an example to be a pure and modest knight. Since galahad knew little things like 'things', he was actually curious about it but would still unwillingling follow those 'things'. So yeah, but I don't think galahad would mind because he just doesn't what to participate in those 'stuff' for the sake of the reputation. It makes sense he would be the biggest airhead of all the round table knights. From what I gathered he was raised by his aunt and been taught God and religion. I kinda figured he would be a little bit sheltered and doesn't know the small things for life.

      2. Eo Riverlia

        @Talyrion Servants can change their state of mind and conclusion depending on their experience after being summoned, and being bounded to a mortal also alter their temperament. My take is the Galahad bounded to Mash saw hope in humanity when he saw Ritsuka trying to rescue Mash and finally sat down to accompany her even if it's dangerous to stay.

      3. Talyrion

        @LeonGun8 It's weird, though, because if that was his opinion, all he had to do was just... not grant Mashu his powers? It's like he changed his mind at some point, but we don't have any explanation about it. And now I kind of fear that when he'll finally give one, it's going to be utterly stupid.

      4. hashim alz

        TheNovaGuardianEX that’s great XD

      5. TheNovaGuardianEX

        @hashim alz omg u made my day XD

    57. Kew W

      EP 0 definitely lives up to the hype; I can't wait for October. What's impressive is that it does not just stick to the game; there are something original. For example, this fight was never mentioned in the game, but here we get to see in action how Mash stopped Galahad from going off.

      1. Giatsu

        Exactly, its only a glimpse of potential that can be unleashed, should they plan to animate other singularitys

    58. R'sene Loopin

      Animation Studios: Cloverworks (Darling in the Franxx, Persona 5 the Anime, and The Promised Neverland.)

    59. R'sene Loopin

      Good thing the returning Casts are here..... Includes Mikiya Kokutou and Megumin. Feat. Haruka Nanase.... Hopefully having a Better Sound effects than Apocrypha.

      1. hashim alz

        Well. The same guy who did the sound effect for stay night UBW did the mistake by recycling the sound effects and put them on apocrypha He did the same mistake in OPM2 but rather than it was ear jarring, it seemed off and doesn’t sound right

      2. R'sene Loopin

        And then there's Merlin with the voice of Cloud Strife.

    60. TM Kai

      I really hope the later parts of the anime gets good, animation wise. SAO S3 is also airing in October, and I hope that won't effect this.

      1. bluuth 23

        @Estarossa MyBoy no they are two different studios and it's been that way since last year. Also even if this was being made by A1 pictures, the staff would still be different because both shows have different animation producers

      2. hashim alz

        Estarossa MyBoy yeah it’s the same but the hired staffs are different

      3. Estarossa MyBoy

        @hashim alz You are wrong , it's the same studio. Clover Works is A1 Pictures

      4. hashim alz

        TM Kai the staffs are different so of course not

    61. RenegadeParagon

      If you think Sieg was such a dull doormatt of a character, wait until you see Grand Order's MC.

      1. Kneecap

        Even in the fgo ova he did have more emotions than sieg

      2. Roger Decierdo

        It kinda makes sense in the game. Wonder how they will do it in the anime.

      3. Jeanne D'arc [Alter]

        I dont see sieg delivering a flying press onto an aztec god.

      4. Kenneth Rivera

        Lol pretty sure people love Gudako because of Learning with manga when in fact Gudao and her are the same person .

      5. deathreaper36

        Lol both Gudao and Gudako are the same person storywise, they are not going to use the parody version of Gudako.

    62. TM Kai

      So beautiful

    63. FlyingCookie

      God, that background OST is godly.

      1. Joshua Crasher

        @Syarif Zaki thank you so much

      2. Syarif Zaki

        @Joshua Crasher 2:39 - 02. Hanging on this shield

      3. Joshua Crasher

        What's the name of the Ost? I've beem searching for a while

      4. Mahō AMV's - and more anime stuff

        What are u talking? Nasu is a writer man... he won't do any Storyboard work wtf, storyboards are usually done by the director himself (and this Babylonia director is really good at making it, he did the storyboard for Shelter), some animation directors, the character designer, and so on, I don't know ur idea of "storyboards" but that one it isn't for sure.

      5. Estarossa MyBoy

        @hashim alz I hope so

    64. SOTL 77

      If epic isn't the word for this then I don't know what else. I CANNOT wait for October!!

      1. King Nothing

        You talking about Babylonia?

    65. Reign

      Don't piss off Galahad.

      1. Grace Pun

        I wonder how the lancelot was able to calm him down if he was that aggressive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. arnold jayeola

        Yeah. As someone who has actually found the grail. It's probably his Noble Phantasm. Plus he also has longinus