Captain America Hates Captain Marvel 【Marvel's Superheroes Parody】


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    1. Ines Dong

      What the hek was that😓😓😓

    2. Lam Acuan

      Are Captain America and Captain Marvel Are Love?


      Captain America is the best

    4. dylan jaz jumao-as

      rip stan lee thank you for everything 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

    5. DragoPhase

      Captain Marvel should have said : Ok you’ll be captain but I’m still the stronger avenger

    6. Luca Zanetti

      So... is captain Marvel basically a female super saiyan ?

    7. Karenmay Guidat

      I love the two captains of MCU 💕

    8. Jonathan Mendoza

      0:32 Oh Natasha Romanoff Don't Cry Come Here I'll Give You a Big Hug And I Love You My Love.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💲💲💲💲💲💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    9. Lingling Zoo


    10. Lingling Zoo


    11. JG Garcia

      Also heres my top 3 Avengers list Captain America 3 Captain Marvel 2 Thor 1

    12. Jake Carlos

      Who would win in a fight between them

    13. J W

      Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. OMG the masters. You don't want to get on their bad side.

    14. 山本晃弘

      Captain America First Captain And First Avenger

    15. Being Smart BSBSI

      RIP STAN LEE AND JACK KIRBY ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😭😭

    16. Danish Khan

      Chutgya ha tuu

    17. the ice king dragon slayer

      R.i.p stan

    18. Yane Tambing

      kaptan matvel fan kaptan amrika saingan ya 😁😁😁

    19. Ice Mage Gaming

      God she's got a even bigger mouth than thor

    20. Emiliano Granados

      Vengador de todos era el primero de Todos Los Vengadores no era sólo capitana Marvel Así que es el que estaba Primero era Capitán América

    21. surfitlive

      Annnnnnnd Feige confirmed that Wanda is the Strongest(Most powerful) Avenger.

    22. Ethan 123

      In 2020 there is a black widow solo movie

    23. Meghna Dutta

      Don't cry nat..I love you 1000000000


      I like how that captain marvel says: whats up avengers do we have fun tonight And THEN the fighting out side and there are Blu sky and the Sun was up

      1. surfitlive

        Just like Brie speaking on things that are way off base & factually incorrect.


      For my own knowledge i think that captin america is thw first captain cus he is already a captain back while fighting red skull so captain marvel was just born a few years after that happens

    26. Jacobi Brown

      Spoiler Alert: The Captain won

    27. Dev Gamer

      0:32 don't be said Natasha. At least it's 2020 now and you WILL be getting your own Solo movie; and I think it's coming out on May?

    28. David Cesar

      captain america is the captain

    29. Saurabh Yadav

      I hate captain marvel

    30. Graphix Tutor

      Stan Lee and Jack Kirby ❤️

    31. lightyearpig12

      Jack Kirby should be happy Cap didn’t resort to using the Internet against Carol. (rimshot)

    32. Ripper The Indoraptor r

      I❤ Captain Marvel!!! Hate to Captain America.

    33. REAL GAMER

      Who is the freak love cap marvel? NOBODY!!!!! BECAUSE SHE IS A BIC TH

    34. SJ Productions SJ

      The miles morales spider man is funny

    35. yo y ellos y que


    36. Masked Gejmer

      Stan Lee is autor and of spider mna

      1. Masked Gejmer


    37. jaya sree lakkaraj

      A captain V/S. A captain

    38. Just some guy on the internet

      0:29 Black widow is getting a solo movie on April (inshallah) So,not anymore

    39. MrGriff305

      5'-11 165 lbs? That bigger than half of college males? Dang. And also, it's sad that Captain America isn't even 1% as powerful as Marvel. He's actually not that powerful of a character in the grand scheme.

    40. The True Squad

      captain marvel > captain America

    41. Ezequiel Canseco Corona


      1. Ezequiel Canseco Corona

        like captain America

    42. Nisha Jobish

      Why are heroes stating

    43. Nurul Huda

      Do scarlet witch

    44. Snowstorm

      Here's a thought: Captain Marvel couldn't have been made withought Captain America If his movie didn't happen, then the tesseract wouldn't have ended up on that spaceship and wouldn't have given Carol her powers

    45. Kounter Back

      Liked The Rocky Reference Here 0:26

    46. Birniac s.

      Wow, the one above all

      1. Toys

        Jack "King" Kirby

    47. Teresa Preston

      I don't get it black Widow doesn't just slow movie other comes out gear and she is new to the team and she gets a solo movie are you freaking kidding me and now Captain America is mad so Captain America and Black Widow are very very disappointed

    48. Pranjal Upadhyay

      I also hate captain marvel

    49. Zilla Storm Prince of the Pony Monsters

      0:32, don't worry Black Widow you're getting your own solo film now.

    50. Pika Verse24

      2:33 What is that sound coming from

    51. Gamer Xl

      0:32 oh dont cry

    52. the joker

      every body hates captain marvel

    53. the epicgamingkid

      Black widow runs and cries Me don't worry you get yours next

    54. Blake 456789

      She stole Captain America’s title, stole Black Widow’s first female marvel movie ever, AND stole Jubilee’s powers! (She has fire work powers)

    55. darsh gameingYT

      I like like very like caption marvel

    56. HoldenGamer

      Black Widow, You are getting a solo movie!

    57. Malak Abnan


    58. Mztammy38

      0:33 it’s ok they are making a solo movie for you

    59. Hammer Man

      I would pay to see this as a movie with your animation style

    60. Dinesh Waran

      Why is Drax's voice sounds like Kevin Conroy BATMAN