A Beginner’s Guide To Fate/Grand Order Babylonia - What Is Fate/Grand Order? The Basics Explained!


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    You do NOT need to watch any of the other Fate Anime in order to enjoy the new anime Fate Grand Order Babylonia. Yes, it would be helpful, but you can watch this as a standalone series, with no knowledge on the Fate Universe whatsoever and still enjoy what you're watching.
    Now if you want to be less confused while watching this show, then join me as I go through the basics and fundamentals of the Fate Universe. As well as a little prologue into the Grand Order timeline!
    Fate/Stay Night Servants Explained: jpsel.info/video/bideo/dX-914TRsKqCmtw.html
    Fate/Apocrypha Servants Explained: jpsel.info/video/bideo/cX7blpzJsr9qZ50.html


    1. AniNews

      So... did this help at all???

      1. Jdogie

        My question is can (His holiness blessed be thy name lest the inquisition come for me)the God-Emperor of Mankind exist?

      2. Sergio Díaz Nila

        the Holy Grail is not just from the time of Christ, is strictly the one that Christ use in the Last Supper.

      3. Julius L

        I like your voice

      4. Ryan Olivier

        Did this help? jpsel.info/video/bideo/fKrA2mSpzc6Jka4.html

      5. anthony degioia

        this is insane.... i need to watch this to hurt my brain more....

    2. Crypto

      So having seen the "First Order" Movie, I don't recall seeing the scene of Mashs Fusion with the Heroic spirit like at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="824">13:44</a> Can anyone tell me what this is from? Are there animated scenes like this in the actual game?

    3. Tak T

      This is why I love fate always something new built around the same origin/basis and seeing ur favourite characters again portrayed in a new light

    4. Tak T

      This man had the audacity to say King Arthur was real but said Jack the Ripper wasnt😭

    5. Tak T

      Jack the Ripper was real tho

    6. Alter P

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="541">9:01</a> F

    7. Aman

      Ok It's a total mindfuck.

    8. Jerome

      Ok so please would anyone give me the watch order, i heard it somewhere in the video but forgot where exactly and i hate rewatching stuff

      1. Kneecap

        Yes ^this guy got it right

      2. pablo melon

        stay night vn (ideal begining but can be skiped if you REALLY don't like to read) ubw anime heaven's feels zero hollow ataraxia (only exists as a vn) any spinoff, as most of them are standalone. However, this particular anime isn't so watch the first order movie and/or watch a LP off/play the 6th first singularities

    9. Cris Taitano

      @AniNews what is the order to watch for this anime. Please I need to know! If anyone knows please tell me.

      1. pablo melon

        stay night vn (ideal begining but can be skiped if you REALLY don't like to read) ubw anime heaven's feels zero hollow ataraxia (only exists as a vn) any spinoff, as most of them are standalone. However, this particular anime isn't so watch the first order movie and/or watch a LP off/play the 6th first singularities

    10. Jerome

      _Xanakin skywok_

    11. hammam hraisha

      I watched Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. I liked the first and completely hated the second. I just want to see my boy Gilgamesh back in action he was disrespected in Unlimited Blade Works and I don't play the games to know the Fate franchise.

    12. This is mine

      unlimited blade works is my favorite of all the fate seiries

    13. Buckets

      What a stupid fucking series

    14. theblueshadow

      If the you only need to be remembered to be a heroic spirit then wouldn't Hitler count? he has a vary concrete place in everyone minds. Just to make sure there isn't any confusion I'm not condoning Hitler. It might would be interesting if when someone was trying to summon a heroic spirit they accidentally summon Hitler and start WW3

      1. pablo melon

        he probably could, but likely will never show up to avoid problems. most servants can't be more recent than the early XXth century, but he seems like a likely exeption

    15. Red Wolf

      Man it's complicated

    16. Angel Ortiz

      omg this makes so much sense

    17. Vinzze Joseph Co

      pls make an explanation about the ending of Fate Grand Order Babylonia

    18. Off Shore Comedy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="631">10:31</a> Where's that from? Didn't see that scene in grand order

      1. Solea

        That scene is from the ending of fate/stay night unlimited blade works

    19. Rhy5Lightning

      Long story short, it's Doctor Who or Legends of Tomorrow + Kingdom Hearts. It's Dr. Who/Legends in that you travel to the past to correct something that shouldn't be there but is and its effects are rippling throughout the timeline. And Kingdom Hearts in that FGO is pretty much Fate's version of KH (Fate/Kingdom?) in which each Fate timeline or world visited stands alone as its own story but also contributes as a part to the whole story, like how the Disney worlds stand alone as their own story but also contribute to the overall Organization XIII story, with some things changed slightly to account for the new heroes (Shielder and Sora). So watching Babylonia on its own is like just playing the Aladdin level and nothing else, or Okeanos is like the Pirates of the Caribbean level. You still get a complete story in itself, but not THE whole story

    20. M. O

      When I wash watching FGO babylonia I didnt know what happend before...

    21. Mr. Ordinary Fan

      If only i could understand college like i understand this video. It feel so easy to digest all the information.

    22. k0nn

      **Me who try to watch the one of the series** Also me: *What the hell did I walk in to....*

    23. tadow

      great content!

    24. Dante Mendez

      Where can I watch it ?!

    25. Dante Mendez

      I just watched the other shows on Netflix. Where is this going to be streamed ?

    26. Velocity

      i started to watch fate and stopped after some eps now i watched fate grand order can i just watch babylonia now?

    27. jonathan pagdanganan

      you helped me a lot thank you very much i mean it im not kidding i was so confuse of fate grand order but now i finally get it thank you very much you helped me a lot

    28. Nick

      I was kinda expecting to know what happened in those 6 previous singularities but oh well

      1. pablo melon

        you have the game for that

    29. better late than never

      Ok, this is going to sound odd, But what if they put that one Black Samurai Yasuki in as a servant....would it draw in controversy?

    30. better late than never

      The animation in the Fate series is just beautiful!

    31. Rick Malone

      Haven't watched this yet and I didn't play the game, but I have watched everything Fate wise and I started to watch First Order and just thought WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? HOW ARE SERVANTS PLAYING DIFFERENT ROLLS? THIS MAKES NO SENSE! I suppose I should have played the game, I don't like spoilers and I don't watch trailers for any movie or series I plan on watching because I want to be completely surprised! This is just weird though, it's not just a different timeline like the two different unlimited blade works or Illyasviel. I'm not sure I want to get past the 1 minute marker and just watch everything and hope I choose a good order.

    32. Ashwin

      Appreciate the explanation but felt like you spoiled it for those who didn't watch. I think.

    33. James Tomato

      wait, but isn't frankenstein's monster real in Fate? Like, they all acted like it was something that happened in the past...or did I misinterpret that moment in the anime?

    34. Komochirii

      Can you do a whole fgo timeline because there’s more “sequels”(?) and some of my friends gave me a list with a very few names and i saw on internet more names and im just confused

    35. J J

      So is the game on PC or what

      1. M K


    36. Gay bit gaming

      also i lost interest when i realized the countless mistakes they made cause something got popular more than was planned and a bullshit lore was thought up only to be a mess cause that lore has a greater popularity than they plan and fans start demanding more characters AND CREATE chaotic backstories and sexual them so a snake god can now have blonde hair n titties and the horny fans and writes wonder why the ethnic, femmise, and lgbt community

    37. Gay bit gaming

      see i was confused where this took place as i wanted to see the other events but just like i thought their trolling us if you wanna see what happened in the other events either go on youtube and watch the long as hell lets play or play the damn game yourself and see

    38. Jordan Davis

      I appreciate it you help me understand the series much better 👌🏾 *But it’s weird that there are people in the comments who already seen the series and are only watching this video to correct you* 😂

    39. Antonio Guzman

      Is the is the scp organization I always hear about?

    40. 4bst4

      So... Where do I even watch it?

    41. Joshua Aisosa

      Where does Shirou fit into the grand order story line 👀👀

    42. ADepressedMeme

      Random question but where can I watch the heavens feel movies?

    43. James Jimenez

      I was drunk when I started this anime. Now I finally know what's going on....

    44. Rouge

      Where can I read or watch or know about the first six singularities?

      1. pablo melon

        Play the game or watch a lp

    45. Renzokuken

      I did not play the game. May I know what is the correct order (no pun intended) to watch the series?

      1. pablo melon

        Start with the vn or ubw. Then watch zero, then any spinoff (most are standalone)

    46. Uige

      This is king arthur "Ok makes sense" This is frankenstein "I think maybe frankenstein's monster but..." "What is that?" Looks over at Astolfo this has been a comment from somebody who has no idea what the fate series is.

    47. rajder656

      Tbh i hate the fact that they are adapting it out of order i mean, i want to watch babylonia but getting stuff out of context in my face will hurt

    48. Ty Eberhardt


    49. Sean Awa

      So basically Chaldea is an organization representation of a Guardian, much like what EMIYA intended to be but was made as a Counter Guardian.

    50. Otaku hunter

      Noice clear cut compiled guide to fgo universe ...

    51. Tubagus Sukardi

      i write this in the middle of the video, so i don't know whether this topic was brought again later in the video. In this video, you said Frankestein monster aren't real canonically, but I believe in the Fate/Apocrypha the catalyst that was used to summon her is the monster blue print which give the nuance that she is real canonically. any comment on this?

      1. pablo melon

        Yeah she was real in fate

    52. The Micropenis Maniac

      Monty Python could win this battle royale

    53. Tonton Palanca

      That clip you showed showing Marisbury winning the Fuyuki HGW- what episode did that come from? Also, does that mean Marisbury was a participant in an alternate universe version of Fate/Zero?

    54. javier ramos


    55. Patrick star

      I saw this on the side of a car the girl with the purple hair was all over the side of it and I was like wow what would possess someone to actually do this I had to check it out

    56. King Crimson

      Ugh my brain hurts

    57. Cinxirios

      Finally not a gigguk troll video

    58. iTorez

      Headache Man fuck FGO I don't want to watch it anymore God bless apocrypha and heavens feel shit

    59. D4RK_ K1NG

      Am i the only one who thought im listening science explenation? i don't hate it i like it thx for the explenation tho :^

    60. Kilo Bohannon

      Where does Fate Grand Order : Lost Room fit in all of this

      1. Otaku hunter

        -> babylonia -> Solomon (Successful prevention of incineration of humanity) -> Prologue 2 ( Lost room ) -> lostbelts

      2. pablo melon

        Prologue for part 2. Don't watch it if you don't play the game

    61. Akshat Kumar

      "Somehow he was warned that humanity's existence was nearing it's end" Smooooth

    62. Lund Plays

      Can anyone tell me what Grand order to watch first

      1. Lund Plays

        @Absolute Gamer uki thx

      2. Absolute Gamer

        @Lund Plays then Babylonia episode zero then you can watch Babylon, and if you want to see the previous chapter just look then up on youtube search in this order Orleans, then Septem, followed by Okeanos, then London, and America, for Camelot you can either watch the story from the game or wait for the movies to come out, then after Babylon is Solomon( now warning for you to watch this you must have seen the previous ones or it'll spoil the whole thing for you and that's all of part one

      3. Lund Plays

        @Absolute Gamer first order then what?

      4. Absolute Gamer

        first order

    63. Lund Plays

      Uhhh is Fate stay night connect to Faith grand order?

      1. Absolute Gamer


    64. Undead_widow

      How is jack the reaper a heroic figure

      1. Absolute Gamer

        grail got corrupted

    65. Sean Awa

      So no joke, if we immortalize Kobe Bryant, will he become a Heroic Spirit?


      for me Fate/Extra Last Encore is not really that fun

    67. Eldad K.

      Then how do I experience the other singularities?

      1. Absolute Gamer

        The games or just watch the story chapters on youtube

    68. Hakim Yazid

      Damn.... Ur so good

    69. Comhead

      Thank you for the opening statement. That's all I needed to know :)

    70. TheOnlyOne

      I just wanna know if there Is another's movies after Fate/grand order Someone pls?

      1. Absolute Gamer

        there's Camelot that chapter was before this one, but is going to air after this ends

    71. Žiga Lausegger

      Super Mario - heroic spirit!

    72. Abtaal Aatif

      Can someone give me the order in which to watch fate?

      1. pablo melon

        Start with the vn or skip to ubw then watch heaven's feels then zero then the spinoffs

    73. 森林浴-l try alot l

      Still don’t know what going on but cool

    74. Jose Flores

      Where can I watch Grant Order Babilonia

    75. Patrick Alouidor

      Very well explained as there are so many fate anime’s I even stated to get confused and wondering if they were all connected. Thumbs up man great job

    76. The Inhuman

      So whut

    77. Levi Carver

      Really nice video. Thank you for making this.

    78. Jyorno Jyovanna

      unlimited gacha works

    79. Axel Tavarez

      So where are the counter guardians that should handle situations that would wipe out mankind? And will we see our boy shirue.

      1. Axel Tavarez

        @pablo melon Ah thank you I saw the servant that Gil summoned and thought that was who you ment.

      2. pablo melon

        @Axel Tavarez nah you are confusing 3 characters: - emiya - amakusa shirou (who really existed) which was a japanese revolutionary, shows up in apocrypha and was sumoned by gilgamesh in babylonia but fdied before ritsuka got there - muramasa, which i mentioned, who is a pseudo servant (like ishtar) but with emiya instead and shows up in another chapter

      3. Axel Tavarez

        @pablo melon Oh thanks i didn't know that i just thought that the CF just sent the counter guardians with a power level of "the threat +1" so they would be up to par. haven't really played the games just watch alot of the anime and read the wiki and reddits a lot. ps Is muramasa the same as emiya? because i thought they were different enitities one from apocrypha universe and the other a human from the fate SN/ULBW/HG universe.

      4. pablo melon

        the coubter force often sumons servants, but they usually aren't enough to fix the singularity. Shirou appears as a muramasa pseudoservant in a singularity, but we still can't summon him in the game after more than 2 years...

    80. Buğra Güneş

      The Video : Explains the fate universe for BEGINNERS Fate Fanbase : allow us to intruduce ourselves