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    Not one, not 2, but a lot more CE. does god laugh at my pain


    1. Yui eating a hambagauerh

      That's so hurt to watch

    2. Yui eating a hambagauerh

      That's so hurt to watch

    3. Forceswoop Esvald

      50+ 4 star CEs while going for np5 Fujino... yeah farming was easy lmao

    4. Tín Nguyễn

      Nice video bro ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    5. Rick Montayre

      Dude your reactions and edits were funny af. This made my night. Great job on getting Fujino and Saber shiki! You should make more vids man you're hilarious 😂

      1. DonLonestar

        Thanks, glad it made your night. I do plan to make more videos, but doing it while being a full time college student is tough. Do expect more videos around next week because that is when my college gives us spring break. :)

    6. Devotee of Mama Raikou

      I don't think I'd exaggerate if I say I have SIX MLB Fujino CE and only NP3 Fujino.

      1. DonLonestar

        Honestly for 630 SQ, its not a bad haul. Also nice luck with that Shiki yolo, only time i got a 5 star from a ticket was an Orion spook.

      2. Devotee of Mama Raikou

        @DonLonestar 630SQ... and Got NP2 Void Shiki and Jeanne in the process. One of the Ryougis was from a yolo ticket roll.

      3. DonLonestar

        oof, that would be a 10 CEs for a fujino (30 to 3), I don't even want to know the amount of quarts it took. let us just bathe in the salt of gacha...

    7. Toaneo07

      Great video dude xD

      1. DonLonestar

        Thanks :)

    8. Timmy T

      Lmaoo, your reactions are always on point Nice being featured in a video too :P

      1. DonLonestar

        Until either my wrist breaks or my table breaks...

      2. Timmy T

        @DonLonestar Luckily it's something that can be used for entertaining content at least ;)

      3. DonLonestar

        Thanks, I truly can't hide my anger, and there is no point in trying. Also it's no problem, It's impossible to not notice your constant support on my videos, its the least I can do

    9. Fernando 75

      A blessing or a curse?

      1. DonLonestar

        I say it's a fair trade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2. DonLonestar

        Blessing: - I got the featured unit Curse: - suffering for an unedited 20 minutes - hurting my wrist - hurting my throat - slowly breaking my table - slowly destroying my (remaining) sanity