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  1. Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif

    His eyeliner is on-fleek

  2. Kellie Cousin

    James Charles is awesome stop hating 😂😂😂

  3. Aubree Dejongh

    Hiw many times will he say lik

  4. CakedupIceis

    Do anybody know what is the outro song?

  5. harley tyler


  6. Isabel Salt

    Anyone from England smiled when he said Birmingham ❤️😊

  7. Dynamo Gaming


  8. Ibirounke Odufale

    Highlight of quarantine 😍

  9. Hallie Wixom

    i literally didn’t know i needed this video

  10. Aaliyah Sabel

    yesss you shoul

  11. Han Man

    I think the 2nd last is the best

  12. Girl Slayyy

    Can someone explain to me why does this squad does not exists anymore?:/

  13. Hmm Yes

    James constantly talks about how he can't match his foundation, so he doesn't need you guys talking about it. 🙄 Yeah, it's very orange, but he knows!

  14. Zivah Roberts

    I love you the way you are

  15. Jayda Walker

    Hello sister

  16. Juan David Gómez Avilés

    para cuando la 2da parte ??

  17. Ella Trails

    It's so sad that know matter what every JPselr get hate...Anyway,I'm sorry James don't listen to them!

  18. maria escamilla

    James chance Is my Favorite youtuber ever.

  19. KK AR

    For the buttermilk it’s vinegar and milk


    JAMES! soy de Colombia he visto estadounidenses hablando español y a comparacion de elllos eres INCREIBLE!

  21. Star Rodriguez

    This. Is. Fucking. Lit. ❤️

  22. LittelTwinsGaming LittelTwins

    Addison reminds me of Julie from Friday Night Lights😂 idk y tho lol

  23. Songs Lyrics


  24. Kostas Sirogiannoulis

    9:24 JAMES SMASH!💥💥

  25. Beth Peel

    why has the video got so many dislikes?! THE VIDEO IS SO CUTE!

  26. Sarai Nugget

    I LOVE THIS I want this on Netflix

  27. Alaina haha

    yessss! This is such an awesome look, gave me some ideas for myself. You guys should definitely do more videos in the future.

  28. Gabriella Workman

    I love you

  29. Azana Gee-Karim

    the strawberry is better than anything I could draw

  30. Belle Searcy

    Ello James! I was at the mall with you I had so much fun I really hope I can get a picture with you next time !

  31. KK AR

    Cooking with James ;)

  32. Leah Hassan

    U r my favourite makeup artist

  33. Angelie Lara

    I’m also a sister some people may hate him but I can’t I love him even more with his singing talent <3

  34. Luciana Zamora Montilla

    2020 anyone???????????

    1. KING XX7

      I'm.from the past

  35. Evil Chicken

    I don’t know why she gets so much hate, she’s polite, pretty and such a kind person xx

  36. B Geary

    rosas a man...?😂

  37. Aaron Hallas

    why do you dress in makeup your a boy

  38. Ruby D-k

    Just realised we have the same birthday

  39. Ava Leslie

    OMG!!!! I literally love your eyes!!!! Your so talented!!!

  40. Sophia Cocozza


  41. janiyah davis


  42. Jon Murtha

    I'm getting Lego masters vibes

  43. Jana Weigandt

    dont listen to hate comments, they make your face PINK


    James Charles is the best 💙💙💙💙

  45. hailey

    two queens in one video?! 🤩🤩

  46. no.Duhitsmeh oop-

    not tryna be mean but why did old james seem sped

  47. Chewy Nation

    Love how they both get so carried away

  48. Edie Roblox

    Love your makeup 💕 sisters

  49. Azana Gee-Karim

    his nails are so cool 💅🏻🍓

  50. Sugarxx_ Coffee

    Oh my lord when this Comes out quarantine just got a whole lot better

  51. Alyx Boast

    Found a lot with your hands

  52. nea :D

    who’s watching in 2020? anyone no? ok just me :)

  53. Deaniqua Freeman

    i'm a fan

  54. Haylee Herndon

    she is so sweettttt I love it

  55. johannes Mbatha

    James dont think about the harters sorry james Love you sister

  56. Nookina Carroll

    The vibe is so different from Charli's video🤣

  57. Braelynn Rodriguez


  58. oni bustos

    No entiendo nada,pero quiero ver como la maquilla😂

  59. Zayd and Nery Tv

    charlie is is reciving hate. girl still strong

  60. tik tok channel

    I love your vids

  61. Cait Thrift

    I can see this becoming an actual talkshow

  62. Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif

    Has anyone noticed how on-fleek his nails are

  63. miguel martinez

    No one: James : yea sometimes im like soo stressed so i just cry myself to sleep Me: hey i do that every night

  64. pop tarts

    *_I have a yellow undertone._*

  65. Courtney Becker107

    Love youuu

  66. megan blanchet

    he was annoying then and still is , oh sorry.......he is even more annoying. yeeeeeekkk

  67. zoHal girl

    James must have called his haters 'stepsisters'

  68. Rayaana Grulich

    And im scared to spend $6.50 on earrings....

  69. bella Bradley Browning

    buttermilk is milk with lemon or vinegar not actual butter😂😭

  70. Hajer Ibrahem


  71. Floren Howells

    In case u r wondering the reason he has two different eye colours I t his video is because he used to wear blue contacts and he is splitting his face in half and the blue side is the old makeup side

  72. VīX

    2020 sucks

  73. skull trooper609

    People who hate james so much should be called brothers

  74. Student Antonia Zhao

    Omg I love the way he is so calm about the hate comments and honestly.....he really exaggerated the thing but meh I love the way he exaggerates!

  75. Faith Williams

    A little mess up... he used the setting spray when he did the eyeshadow 💀

  76. Violet Swenson

    ❤️❤️❤️ Julia, honey whyyyy The sarcasm meter is through the roof i this video, and I absolutely love it slay sis

  77. Alissa George

    honestly this is really weird but im craving shrimp while watching this isn't that so weird?!?! By the the way I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!

  78. Callie Irwin

    it does not matter what those haters mean it's just haters let the hatters be hatters

  79. Violette Federico

    My Grandmother died and James Charles and Charli D'Amelio you too made my day!

  80. Breanna Hall

    I love that you take hate and make it positive.!!!

  81. Nicole Aspiros

    Me encantaaaaa ❤❤

  82. Solveig Garpestad

    Carantene ( I know I wrote that wrong ) brought me here

  83. AJ Toole

    Can you follow me on tiktok aubreyt2

  84. D.L. Barnes

    I Think the pink is a good look dont you think!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂 I wanna do this now!!!!

  85. sunna anderson

    why so many dislikes? It's because of Kylie?

  86. Hanna Szyc


  87. Ari’s Channel

    At 3:32 his tongue came out

  88. Lauren Durrin

    when i pressed the i its was ur video that said what really happened in 2019

  89. Kelly Maruska Vlogs

    You could call him luke

  90. Bexibear

    i literally think its gonna be fentyyyyyyyy

  91. Kaitlyn Swank

    I loved when he said Olive will sister stab you.😘

  92. Elizabeth Badgett

    I like how James at the beginning said that he hated cane sauce, and at the end he continuously keeps it in lol

  93. Pancakes Life

    James don’t listen to the haters they’re not worth it you’re amazing so please don’t listen to them even though u posted this a year ago

  94. Ramon Rios

    Enseñale a Charli D'amelio a hablar español porfa

  95. Karen Davis

    Ya I agree Haha 😏

  96. sydney loeper


  97. dogsovercats 24_7

    Youngest kid: huuu! James Charles Oldest kid: bitch that is not James Charles( only telling her that to keep her inner excitement)😂😂😂

  98. Ruby loft

    And also I would love to meet you guys but I cant because I live in Austaila bye

  99. Laura Marquina

    I love you James Charles ❤️💕

  100. Laura Marquina

    How can people be so rude of James Charles James Charles perfect why would people hate himhe's so nice James Charles annoying those people be yourself