Coming Soon: The Farewell, In Fabric, and The Lighthouse.

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  1. Kingdoms

    I hope the frost giants win. More BS from diversity

  2. scorpion199227

    What a beautiful movie, just watched it and loved every second of it.

  3. J Lupus

    The Dark Knight wasn’t enough. Make movies on ALL the colors!

  4. robantace

    Wow the editing and sound design!!

  5. Jeremy S

    Looks unique :)

  6. Angry Gay Pope

    I'm scared of blonde women now!

  7. Neo Kable

    Crazy that this was a prequel to the batman movie.

  8. Euge A

    This is the best movie I saw in my life. I loved to see her. She won't let you down.

  9. Euge A

    La mejor película que vi en mí vida

  10. megbro

    Amazing film

  11. SET

    brokeback lighthouse

  12. David

    What in the Hereditary Midsommar is going on here?

  13. Dan Sweet

    For all underdogs chasing a dream as I am. perfect movie for people like us

  14. Antonio Frescas

    What's the song

  15. anonymous

    The Lighthouse might have been good if it wasn't in that crap black and white. Way to waste all your money shooting in those set locations, authentic colored period costumes you can't even see, making rain that doesn't even show up in black and white. Yeah, great idea, identical to the idea of making me watch a movie through fog glass for no reason. Or turning off the high-definition TV screen so that I can only listen to it on the radio. It's like physically watching a game versus only getting live score updates. Oh yeah, that makes sense, what a great viewing experience for your audience to only get score updates rather than watch the actual game. With this logic, how come people don't get charged more to sit in the parking lot then to go inside of the stadium to watch?

  16. El Tigrero

    I couldn't watch it because I saw a black in the 1st minute of the movie, I hate racist movies that replace white characters with blacks

  17. Cody

    This gets a dislike for Billie Eyelashtrash. Yay for Morffyd Clark

  18. Terry James DuBois

    Whoa...What is this?! Midsommar meets with Game of Thrones and mix with Arthurian Legend? I'm hooked!

  19. William Poole

    Really A24? Even you guys are changing the races of characters?

  20. blok blok

    AMAZING film.....Adam Sandler has turned into Al Pacino....

  21. Bruno Jimmy

    why there is a black person portraying a knight? you know a little of history right? sometimes i see american things that dont fix

    1. Effect

      Nevermind that Dev Patel isn't black, there was a black knight within Arthurian Legend. Sir Morien, featured the saga of Morien written in the 13th-century. Described as "He was all black, even as I tell ye: his head, his body, and his hands were all black, saving only his teeth. His shield and his armour were even those of a Moor, and black as a raven."

  22. Sergiu Rar

    Commercials for yogurt are getting better


    LOL pc revisionist bullshit! Sir Gawain is a muslim, ok.


      I meant Dev patel

    2. La Avaler

      Since when Ralph Ineson is a Muslim?

    3. Effect

      Last I checked Muslims don't have green skin.

  24. S S

    The death of Long Dick.. Johnny Sins I cant say anymore..

  25. Paul Lannister

    This looks absolutely scary :( I like it need to watch

  26. Di Gix

    the white walker.. slummdog millionaire doesn't fear you

  27. Johnny Price

    This movie is really good. Now see why it won Oscar

  28. NTFHRize

    What’s the song towards the end

  29. John C.

    This movie originated in the mind of Satan and was passed to, I'm guessing, a satanic human being. A gross and disgusting inhuman movie that came drum a godless person. Do not watch the actual movie its trash.

  30. Adam Tak

    2:15 WOW brilliant shot. I love the color palette too.

  31. Ian Ditty

    I fucking love this movie

  32. joeypropeller

    The sound at the beginning of the trailer is from the opening of Twin Peaks: The Return.

  33. BLUEWOLF 154



    A24 film? Enough said...Im in!!!


    A24 film? Enough said, Im in!!

  36. Bred Sheeran

    I don't know why ,but I'm suddenly very obsessed with this movie

  37. Clyde Mystik

    0:45 So that's where that Sonichu meme came from

  38. Brandon Escalon

    So what is the rover ? Was his dog named rover ?

  39. Garrus1995

    This movie looks insanely intriguing. If nothing else, A24 produces films always try something different.

  40. produccionvagas

    The fox hunt. I need the fox hunt in this movie...

  41. Hernan Cortes

    Sir Gawain should be white.

  42. Dan Sweet

    When Dave says to James we should make a movie about The Room "That Great Idea "

  43. ꪀiᥴꪮꪶꫀՇՇꫀ

    Alguien más está aquí porque encontró este vídeo en la lista de reproducción de la serie "Desde mar" de Dama G?

  44. Jak Kidd

    How are these people thinking the world an everyone in it revolve around New York haha you’re city looks shit then and now.what a shithole

  45. Lance Hondrade

    When you see the A24 logo, you know you’re gonna come out a different person.

  46. Lindsey Boogie

    Chiron the adult man is good looking !!!

  47. PrairieStorm

    It doesn't say where it will be premiering. Is this in theaters or NETFLIX or Amazon or HBO...anyone?

  48. Paulette Shah

    This was the best movie I had ever seen

  49. Johnathan D. Hill

    A24 always making occult type films, Not mad about it - bud this lowkey my goto film company for some otherworldly shit

  50. Caleb H

    The Tale of the Green Knight is one of my absolute favorites! I can’t wait to see A24’s artistic portrayal of the story

  51. corey douglas

    If only they had a piano note with extra reverb : /

  52. Greed Fatigue

    'We don't know what the inner machinations of their mind are, or their heart. We don't know. But that's what we want to know when we go and see a film. We don't wanna just see life played out as is. We wanna see life as it is experienced, within this soft machine, within this...'

  53. ii Hunter

    The Question is he Named that cuz His Dick was Long...?

  54. 03 AI

    Hereditary is much better in my opinion, but Ari Aster is still a genius. He will be the leading director of American cinema.

  55. domdom

    This fuckin movie was crazy and stressful. Adam Sandlers easily one of my favorite actors ever. 💎

    1. Donald Ferr

      here's Johnny

  56. Liam Patrick

    The trailer is worse than the movie itself.

  57. William Stuart

    Sequels will be The Last Black Man in Harlem, The Last Black Man in Brooklyn, The Last Black Man in Chicago, The Last Black Man in Seattle, The Last Black Man in Portland.

  58. Flora L. Print

    ok but like... the green knight could get it

  59. James

    It's speaking on reality and gematria.

  60. Quiet 93

    Brownwashing European tales again.

  61. Bessie Hillum

    Tell me the ethnic gets the chop early.

  62. Duppy King

    Hope this is horror. Remember Excalibur. There was a touch of dread and horror in parts. Right tone.

  63. Duppy King

    Don't show the monster! Trim down a little and almost perfect trailer. Oh the horror !

  64. K Russell

    Haven't seen this movie yet but it looks like the original Wicker Man from the trailer

  65. alex green

    Damn that jumper is goooood !

  66. Max B

    Dumbest movie i have ever seen

  67. Dan Customer

    Yes I believe I can see a lot of head chops and dismemberment in this one !

  68. sean barragan

    What a chilling musical score.

  69. JivvyTortoise

    2 Reasons why I want to watch this movie: 1) It seems like a good movie 2) I get to trigger a bunch of White Racists. Thank you A24 now I can enjoy watching the movie and feel good knowing I did something good :)

    1. Damn Fiddle

      @The Bandog litterally the comment above this one is about his race. Lol stop pretending to be an idiot😆

    2. The Bandog

      @Effect ~Well, I did read through the comments, and I can't find any. I think you're lying because it suits what you _want_ to be true. But whatever, as I said, even IF there were... so what? You said you don't give a shit, and people are allowed to criticize, so why would that make them racist? That was the original point, remember?

    3. Effect

      @The Bandog Because if you had you would have seen one of the numerous comments talking about the subject. I don't give a shit about the skin color of actors in movies, I never said people can't criticize.

    4. The Bandog

      @Effect ~No I didn't... what? Read through the comments? Of course I did. Lmao why would you even presume to tell me I didn't? And in any case, if you don't give a shit then why argue about it? _Aaaand_ even if you can cast whoever you want, aren't people still "allowed" to criticize the choice?

    5. Effect

      @The Bandog No you didn't. I personally don't give a shit, movies aren't real. It's a free world, you can cast whoever you like in your movies.

  70. Chris Corley

    This was pretty good, actually. The Monster could use some CGI design revisions though, and the first two acts were strongest. Solid directing for a micro-budget movie. Be real fun to connect this to "It Comes At Night" (2017) in some weird way. At this point, why not? Expand this A24 micro-budget universe. ☕ _c.

  71. Chris Corley

    It'd be fun to tie this unique horror story into "The Monster" (2016) for a micro-budget A24 universe trilogy. I would. ☕ _c. Bring on the connecting Sequel. 🎥🤔

  72. Chris Corley

    Stanley Kubrick smiling on Claire Denis down from heaven for HIGH LIFE. Challenging circumstances, but very honest about human nature. Great setting. Academy Award nominee material.

  73. Greg Varga

    Just watched it, unbelievable

  74. Rasmus Thomsen

    You're fond of me Lobster, ain't ye?

  75. Radiant Shay

    This movie is one whole anxiety attack

  76. Micah Johansson

    A24 doing wacky trailers. I'm in! Fully! I don't what this movie is about, but I'm excited. Looks fantastic.

  77. Allijandro McMullens

    Cherubs of justice

  78. Ddewin Æther

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that author is in a yellow garb?

  79. basil skaria

    I am from kerala...india 😍😍 nice moviee 📀📀

  80. Force Ghost Burt Reynolds

    "sword of the valiant" starring sean connery as the green knight - go watch that instead

    1. La Avaler

      @William Poole Neither one of those two movies is historical.

    2. William Poole

      @La Avaler because A24 is making diversity history movies. Might as well be a comedy.

    3. La Avaler

      Why not watch both of those movies?

  81. Tommy Gunn

    An Indian Knight in 1500's Britian😆😆😆😆😆😆

    1. Effect

      Arthurian legend is set in the 5th/6th century, not the 1500's.

    2. La Avaler

      @Tommy Gunn Hey if one can make a good movie out of it I see no problem. It's not like Robin Hood has been adapted dozens of times already with white actors playing the main role, right? I am once again asking about how did you come up with 1500's number?

    3. Tommy Gunn

      @La Avaler You know All those Indian Royals in Med-Evil Europe... Yes its i agree this movie is 100% fictional 😆 NEXT- Since Robin Hood wasnt Real, lets get an Old, Wheelchair bound, Woman of Color for the Role!! 😂😂😂 Lets make Robin an LGBT member while we are at it👍

    4. La Avaler

      1500's? Are you high? Not to mention the fact that Arthurian legends are fictional and do feature people of colour, but where did you get 1500's?

  82. Matias Cuebas

    Dama G??Acaso eres tú xddddd

  83. Tyler Barton

    Probably my favorite A24 trailer up to date, and that’s really saying a lot considering how good all of their trailers are

  84. winter ramos

    A24 be getting all my rent money

  85. Citizen Tart -

    But why the hell no green color

  86. Citizen Tart -

    I thought a24 was a company for independent films...

  87. Solder WW

    Best movie ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️but winslow dead😞😞

  88. Paulo Ricardo

    the jewisher of them all

  89. Irritable Down syndrome

    This makes me want to take my friends on a stow away vacation to a lighthouse and sink the boat we use to get there.

  90. PCStudio


  91. Dempsey Tapley

    “Foxes can’t howl.... “ my gf

  92. Allen Nicholson

    I've been to been to New York once ,around 2003? got there Friday afternoon ..was ready to leave Saturday afternoon ..too crowded for me

  93. ThomasEyeThink

    I still love how they made a movie about a movie

  94. BillyFreeTX

    Carona chan preview

  95. L P

    Colour me very interested

  96. Stan Smith

    Curtis used to orchestrate staged attacks. There’s not so unreasonable speculation that even his shooting was staged. Mafia triggermen don’t shoot people in the stomach.

  97. Btissam Boukhizzou

    i am watching the movie now and i think i am going to throw up so i stopped i cant take it anymore

  98. Hamza

    Soundtrack is a banger

  99. Esmeralda Barros

    Isso é um filme é?

    1. HoCine Lo Fi

      Enstgram hocine1212

  100. Light Kikib

    Does anyone know what's the music starting at 0:35 ?