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  1. soonwoo stan


  2. Benjamen Macarayan

    wtfff! THE8's HAIR!

  3. るーちゃん


  4. ほぬこ


  5. H

    Jun's voice is so beautiful i love it so much

  6. eya loves txt

    i cant get over the fact that dokyeom is wearing an earring

  7. 입버릇


    1. 입버릇


    2. 입버릇


    3. 입버릇


    4. 입버릇


    5. 입버릇


  8. Siffa

    Seungkwan has little screentime but when he's showing up he's glorious and handsome af

    1. Amni Mn

      Siffa only truth.

  9. i i

    またついて行くから! 今は健康に気をつけてお過ごし下さい😭 わざわざメッセージ動画なんてできる子たちや…ほんとに

  10. あ?


    1. TOR


  11. Mo on

    와 이렇게 영상으로 함께 억울하는 아이돌은 처음이다 ... 本当にいい運営、もちろん本人たちも。一緒にまた夢を叶えようね!!

  12. Firly Zilba

    too beautiful and it was art!

  13. Mận Nguyễn


  14. 1

    みんな顔一緒❤ とっかえてもわからないね❤ 良い機会なので日本で活動しないで❤

  15. ana yoou

    I LOVE Jeonghan's new hair style... he looks good in blonde but I always prefer his black color one because this makes him look younger and cuter I want to cuddle uwu 💙💙💙

  16. 帝王ペンギン


  17. Savage Lil meow meow

    that aishiteru never fails to make me smile

  18. みたらし団子

  19. Mini Khuman

    #2 in Japan

  20. Yu Ting

    okay now what.. i can't find the choreography video when i search it... youtube do your job please

  21. Jin's hoe bleh


  22. Mafuyu_667

    Really? This choreo video doesn't appear when I search Fallin Flower :c

  23. NandT

    I can't wait for them to perform this live!!! I'm already in awe just imagining it. Everyone would be rendered speechless witnessing this art!!!😩😍

  24. Dhea Frastika

    Mingyuu wonwooo so handsome♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥

  25. Dhea Frastika


  26. non grata


  27. Dhea Frastika

    13 my fav boys♡♡

  28. 村上 葉


  29. Yu Ting


  30. count up


  31. maru maru


  32. ツベトレ


  33. ばっさー


    1. 名無し

      ばっさー SEVENTEENという韓国のグループです

    2. cc


  34. bwichoo

    This is beautiful

  35. ツベトレ


  36. carat thingz


  37. carat thingz


  38. あんちゃん・妖怪推し

    ずっと耳悪いのコンプレックスだったけどお揃いならそれでいいやって思えた ありがとう💗

  39. Bonnie Sky

    This might be one of my most favorite mv of seventeen. It's so aesthetically beautiful and enchanting.

  40. :민지

    악 개존잘ㅠㅠ

  41. Joyce Nicole


  42. S RK

    MOON JUN world domination ♥♥❗

  43. woosquare

    fallin flower mv was fixed, and now the choreo video is not showing when we search fallin flower... -_-

  44. Dimitar Cvetkovski

    can someone tell me were can i by dk's shoes ????

  45. Lulu05 ST09

    I'm so impressed by this video! It's shot so beautifully!

  46. Mica Calo

    Hoshi, my Amorrrrrr, as beautiful as ever, because you have to be SO perfect. I love you so much, I have no words to describe how much I love you, you are the most beautiful thing that my eyes can see, my eyes see PERFECTION. You are SO beautiful and SO special to me I love you very much Sooniee Beautiful I love you, you have no idea how much I love you very much <3 <3

  47. Lol

    Finally this art shows up in the search bar when i search 'fallin flower'

  48. りお


  49. 蛋笨

    💎💓Even though they’re canceling the tour in Tokyo dome, let’s still stream their MVs because they’ve worked so hard! They work hard, but us carats can work hard during this quarantine❣️Fighting❣️ 💗💎

  50. 蛋笨

    💎💓Even though they’re canceling the tour in Tokyo dome, let’s still stream their MVs because they’ve worked so hard! They work hard, but us carats can work hard during this quarantine❣️Fighting❣️ 💗💎

  51. 蛋笨

    💎💓Even though they’re canceling the tour in Tokyo dome, let’s still stream their MVs because they’ve worked so hard! They work hard, but us carats can work hard during this quarantine❣️Fighting❣️ 💗💎

  52. 蛋笨

    💎💓Even though they’re canceling the tour in Tokyo dome, let’s still stream their MVs because they’ve worked so hard! They work hard, but us carats can work hard during this quarantine❣️Fighting❣️ 💗💎

  53. caragy tragedy

    they want us to stop watching again.

  54. an se

    大丈夫。これが正しい判断。夢は諦めないからもう見えてるんだから!!!落ち着いたらまたドームで会いましょう🙌 カラットもセブチもそれまで何も無く健康に過ごそうね!!!

  55. JB 17carat

    New levels of beauty: - cute - pretty/handsome - gorgeous - ethereal - SEVENTEEN

  56. 민지

    너네가 무슨색의 음악을 연주하던 항상 옆에서 응원 할 거야 너희를 떠나는 사람들도 있겠지만 항상 지키고 있는 캐럿들이 더 많다는 걸 알아줘 세븐틴을 청량으로 생각하는 사람들이 많지만 세븐틴은 그냥 세븐틴 자체라고 생각해 무슨 색이든 너네가 원하는 음악을 하고 행복했으면 좋겠어 빛내줄게 세븐틴

  57. Meghanaa Chandu

    This music video is just...... 𝒑𝒖𝒓𝒆 𝑨𝑹𝑻. 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚗 𝚕𝚎𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜

  58. afisindika fhp

    0:44 and 2:18 have same movement but it very different when scoups in the main of it. the movement look very strong and I really love it:"

  59. Amni Mn

    Okay lets talk about their visuals?? That's exceed perfection.

  60. Noona loves Jeonghan

    Love you seventeen and carats worldwide. Everyone stay safe and we will come back together happier and more energetic then ever before.

  61. Snehi Herenj

    This song is just 😱😱😱🤩🤩😍😍😍🥰🥰

  62. 中村正臣


  63. linh Nguyen

    Only they can do these move: so soft and elegant

  64. Ayra Simatupang

    man so proud of my boiss T_T

  65. linh Nguyen

    How can they think of this formation in the first place??

  66. フェレステア

    この曲はすごく、癒しだなぁ。やっぱりセブチはすごいや いつまでも憧れる人たち❗️

  67. 小咪小螃蟹

    Carat where are you?

    1. Amni Mn


    2. Noor Farhin

      Here ^=^

    3. myartistsvt

      小咪小螃蟹 right here

  68. Mai Svt

    Thank you for choosing the best choice. We’re waiting for you at Japan😊 So please protect by yourself.

  69. ARMY -Jakly

    Carat where are you?

    1. peach you

      I'm here:-)

    2. Noor Farhin

      I'm here with you guys..

  70. Guldana A

    1:04 века пукан у копов ахахпххахахахп

  71. Anjali Ishvara

    they so cool can't help😣❤❤❤🔥🔥

  72. 정보민

    솔직히 잘 선택한 거다..

  73. Cheddar Cheese

    How come my boy coups is getting more mesmerizing day by day its unreal

  74. Cheddar Cheese

    I need a performance vid asap

  75. Garden Vampire

    Aesthetic Masterpiece Beautiful Unique

  76. Amelia 1230

    세븐틴 짱🥰🥰🥰🥰

  77. Sab Rina

    I just hope they will release another dance practice but in different angle just like in the mv..it will be very beautiful and artistic❤

  78. Latha lakshmi

    Seventeen struggling in the chain Are they trying to 'break the chain'🤔 Good luck 👍

  79. Sofia Santamaria

    Svt world domination

  80. ni_ ha

    こればっかりは本当にしょうがないよね…。 seventeenメンバー自身も辛いだろうし、Caratの皆さんも辛い、 とりあえずファイティン💎

  81. to chwe is to chew


  82. a l l i e

    why do I feel like the ppl that can't go originally is celebrating like crazy rn

  83. 바보Bluelu

    *DK's part really stab right into my heart.*

  84. Darlenys Beckeld


  85. Darlenys Beckeld

    Tienen mucho talento 👌

  86. Darlenys Beckeld

    They are so perfect, amazing, cool I loved 😍

  87. Darlenys Beckeld


  88. Darlenys Beckeld

    son tan perfectoooos❣️❣️❣️

  89. Darlenys Beckeld

    They are so cool

  90. Darlenys Beckeld


  91. 박꼬미

    전원우 복덩어리

  92. 박꼬미

    세븐틴 사랑해 으아아아아ㅏㅇ

  93. Tenzin Chokdup

    Svt god of music, choreography, everything. Man they almost kill me with this music. My new fav song of the year.love from carat.

  94. linh Nguyen

    The8 had more lines, I like it

  95. Dea_ lovekpop


  96. Stev ie

    ok i after watching the 2017 kbs music festival where they did dont wanna cry i can imagine them doing something like that again for this song with the orchestra in the back and then a few members on the stage dancing then the rest of them coming out and they all start singing (if that made any sense)

  97. Bookmark05

    the views aren't changing? or is nobody watching???

  98. Aiwoo Boo Noeul

    6million before the next week!! Caratdeul's let's get it!!

  99. K A


  100. Only a girl

    I'm not a carat but I really like some of their songs and I have to say it: I not only praise SVT's discography but also their choreography, this one in particular is so graceful and soft yet it portrays such intense emotions; you can even feel the the hole metamorphosis of it, the way the flower blooms and dies, its thorns and petals falling with a gentle breeze. I was completely absorbed by this masterpiece I run out of breath. They may not be my ults or favourites, but I have to be blind for not seeing their magnificent talents in terms of music and dance