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    est dixie

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    1.3 m de seguidores no youtube

  3. Natalia De Pina Alves

    Essa menina é muito famosa

  4. Rhino Kh

    3:32 the way addison looks at him

  5. Tyler the hater Jack

    why there is no black people here?

  6. Sami Bocharov

    U would ball that guy 😂 ,

  7. Katerina Siegle

    "Look at how the turn tables turn on well" 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Flaynt

    Hi im 12

  9. Sara Mohamed

    Oh it Charli I can’t believe that girl stole the dance and didn’t say anything till she was exposed

  10. Farhana D

    And now she’s soaking and laying down on the floor

  11. Farhana D

    Wow she took a bath in the waterrr

  12. Just Dylan

    i still cant get over that she is 15 and is so popular and this shows that you can do anything if you try just like charli <3

    1. Jokes

      75percent of (fan) aka are hater and the 25percent are real fan

  13. Farhana D

    Hey Jordan your really good at taking photossss splendid workk

  14. Farhana D

    And u guys too

  15. Farhana D

    Me just watching. This hopefully it works out for. Meeeee

  16. Zoro Ninja!

    Why u stole the renagade dance

  17. Tim Stefan


  18. Farhana D

    Hiiii people especially charli and addisonnnn

  19. Farhana D

    Where’s dixie I love herrr

  20. Randomzoid

    I wish I was best friends with you guys. I love y’all! ♥️

  21. Hazel Mapingire

    Jalaiah Harmon created the real Renegade 😒🙌👏

  22. Hazel Mapingire

    Jalaiah Harmon created the Renegade 😒🙌

  23. Hazel Mapingire

    Jalaiah Harmon created the Renegade😒🙌

  24. 지후You Tube

    싫어요 뭐냐

  25. Mare Van TILBORG

    1:40 poepen

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    Charli com to luxemburg in europe pls

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    Germany sorry 😐

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    Tik tok i m folowing you😂💜

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    Wow like 💗💗🦄

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    My heart went oops when she hugs tony

  31. Jaden Leuppert

    I love you

  32. ItsAsh !

    Woah! Earning money from tiktok and JPsel too shes My Favorite! :)

  33. Lee Taeyong

    y’all not gonna talk about the original renegade creator she never even gave credit to her

  34. Lee Taeyong

    no ones gonna talk about the fact that she copied a dance from a black girl and never once mentioned that it wasn’t created by her?

    1. lore 맑은 날

      Lee Taeyong she never claimed the dance was hers once, and nobody posted a single renegade video with credit to anybody including charli. the girl and charli have already met and are even friends and totally fine with each other so stop trying to create a scandal where there is none. she never claimed the dance, not once.

  35. Lee Taeyong

    how come you guys aren’t talking about the fact that she copied the dance of the original renegade dancer

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  37. Myujgyan Mihaylova

    Please follow me in tik tok is called Queen of beauty

  38. Myujgyan Mihaylova

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    She only has 3 vid and then she has 1,29 mil subs ;-;

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    Com to belgie

  44. Ecrin Demirtas

    I like you charli

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    i love you charlie you are my favorit tiktokeur and addison rae love you guys😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👼👼👼👼👼you are15🍑you have a lotof talent i really love you am sharon a hope that you read this😘

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    Charli I’ve subbed to you from 3 thousand subs

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    Did charli even study!? No hate she’s so young

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    Hi i love you very very love

  50. Cooking With Alfie!!

    This giving me gta v vibes 😂😂

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    Wtf with tonys face in 3:41???

  52. its me Khenzhy

    ohh so now people are gonna believe us (charli’s fan ) that she doesn’t need to get paid for a picture or video

  53. XxmajorwolfXx90 Joshua allison

    WhAtS YoUr LeAsT FaVoRiTe TiKtOc dAnCe ? I cringed so god damn hard.

  54. Inês Duarte

    Here from TikTok

  55. sean raven Bautista

    i wish i was charli..... lol

  56. Zeus.

    She look's like the girl from eh bee family

  57. Πουλί Μαύρο

    1:05 some gay stuff

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    Что-то не понимаю, а где все рашен герс?😉

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    THE THUMBNAIL HAD ME DYING, look at tony and Addison legs it looks like Tony’s legs.

  61. ThethinkleThonker

    Umm. This may seem weird but I’d actually like to see actual vlogs from Charli just a day in her life being herself we can see the tik tok charli everyday but i feel like she doesn’t get enough time to be what she wants to on social media :D

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    I'm chatting you in messenger 😁

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    You cute tho❤️😊🥰

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    One guy goes to girls shops

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    love you sooooooooooooooooooo much

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    Some people said u just copied the original renegade to get more famous .....well i dont. Know.........but noooo......is it?

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    Русские вы где

  68. Shih Tzus and more

    Charli, is this sounds weird and creepy, but we had a vote for a name for our class gnome, and “Charli D’Amelio” won...

  69. Troy Central

    I'm I the only one who's crying because Charli needs to go to hell for being Rich and famous for something she didn't create

  70. Bleuberry Waffles

    This could be jalaiah all you had to do was credit her for her dance and she would be doing this rn but you had to trick people into thinking you made the renegade

  71. Elizabeth Lyons

    wowww over 1 million subs





  74. Eliah Sahil

    Were are the shoes ahahah

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    I am turning 10

  76. Lourdes Perez

    I really want Charlie and Addison at my birthday party on March 8

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    Where’s the subscribed gang at ? I’m a member

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    hi Charli i am a big fan plz come to New zealand PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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    No one: Literally No one: Charli D'amelio:dances while talking on her intro.

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    The face that yall went on the same exact location I go to a lot on grant theft audio and the same roller coaster

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    bro.. that’s me at 4:56 😂😭

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    your not faire

  86. Angelica Peralta

    get a life

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    I love all of you guys

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    Am I the only one who was shocked when Jordan cursed

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    omg charli your the best youtuber and tiktoker💖💖💖💖💖

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    Analenapretty_123 is my TikTok

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    Can you do 20 tic toks in 20 minutes challenge plzzzzzzzzzz but you have to do completely new ideas and dances to make it harder since your an expert

  93. Hazel Hollister

    Remember when u hated renegade. 🥺✨ and then u started to learn it and now it’s ur favorite dance. I still remember that meet n greet 🥺

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    She’s so cute ):

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    Omg tony❤️🥰

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    Can you do tik tok dance tutorial

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    U don't know how many videos on til too showed u guys here cuz they seen u

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    I've got a mate that say ur shitter then shit get better easy dubs

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    Me encanta tus videos aquí y en tik tok gracias a ti y a más tik toker aprendo los pasos

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    I love you Charli❤️!