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  1. BROOKLYN143


  2. Screwed Up Click

    This a quarter brick...this a 9 piece...this right here is all a nigga need to get on his feet yeeaahhh💯🔥

  3. Ottis Mendez

    This brother so talented

  4. OG Lazykkidd

    Bruh, all these people like this song cause its fire and hard asf. But me I like it cause I know what he going through I feel his pain. Love u rod and hope you go far in life

  5. Nana Yaw

    Leave grey if he's 🚮 Make it blue if he's talented 💯🤝

  6. Ottis Mendez

    Man this is music for the people

  7. Ottis Mendez


  8. The Boogey Man

    so, i'm just a sophomore in high school, meaning i shouldn't really be focusing on relationships. but here we go.. There is this girl that, I've liked for a while now. I find out that she's had the same feelings for me for the same amount of time. so we start talking and we fall more for each other, or so i thought. literally like 9 or 8 hours ago my time. it's 11 10 at the time of my typing this. Anyways at 2 or 3 today she had my ex tell me that she didn't actually feel the same way, she lead me on the entire f**king time. It hurt, more than I'm used to being hurt. this beautiful song, is how i've felt for the day.

  9. Wulox_TH

    If u from the hood u will understand this song better

  10. Kels Racine

    Depression is real!! Rod really touching alot of people through his music. I pray you overcome whatever demons you fighting!!

  11. Liveup Freeman

    Big up rod wave tuff song fans from jamaica just do the right bredda

  12. 10k Tha booley


  13. yo booty stank

    This shiiiit slap harder than my dads belt

  14. JORDEN


  15. TragiicFlu

    this nigga a goat for this one not gone lie

  16. Seville Brooks

    This song is me

  17. Karmon Salters

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyy this my song

  18. mehdz


  19. LaQuisha P.

    I love this. #727

  20. Tasha Banks

    Real life shit for friends , family , and relationships.

  21. Carl Victor


  22. Ken Ransome

    “Stand back n let it lock jit “ Don’t given da game Rod

  23. Jacquel Adams


  24. Dee Atlanta

    Ima black nigga with 400+ acre lets get it with out talking over social media King

  25. jarell seuell

    Rode wave put the game in a figure 4 piece 😂

  26. Tammy Reed

    This guy is one of the best ever..

  27. Team-INSTINCT

    Is ms Doris Anderson your auntie

  28. Gangsta Vic


  29. Kennedy Williams

    I’m just smiling watching this. So happy to see his elevation ☺️🙏🏾

  30. Evows

    Holy shit your music has moved me so much and I can relate to alot of your lyrics. Thank you for making music. You have a beautiful talent!

  31. Harlem Jvmvicvn

    Rich Homie Quan stayed in McDonald's

  32. Khadijah Jackson

    Love him 😍❤️

  33. Officially. Summer




  35. Khamanyie Richardson

    Omggg he really a goat

  36. Latrevia Wilson

    Rest up lil bit I love u bae n I miss u so much.. it's not the same without u here.. life is so cloudy without u.. when u died u took my hear wit u.. I promise I will never love another.. u was the realist woman god created.. until we meet again I love u bae..

  37. Kelton Dixon

    Anybody from Arkansas or Texas remember Southside Reggie? His voice sounds so much like him.

  38. Trena Keth

    This. Is the shit

  39. Jacoby Mckinnie

    This song gonna be on 2k21 because there’s no curse words

  40. Latrevia Wilson

    Long liv lil bit I love u so much bae.. i wish i could bring u back so bad.. i need u so much.. shit just not the same but my heart died wit u.. I will never love another

    1. Latrevia Wilson

      Rest up love the realist female god created

  41. FyN TwiN BeN

    Boy this nigga is amazing

  42. Moneybagg Twinn

    I swear rod wave hit different when ur down bad

  43. Young Lo 5100Southwin


  44. Tafa Varea

    Damn I’m glad I found this 🔥.... mad respect all the way from the other side of the world 679

  45. Demetrice Walker

    First time I heard it. I had to look him up!! I love it!!

  46. prince j

    *Baby Youngin*

  47. PrinceAaron


  48. SlaM Ù

    Sometimes I think how can a young dude go thru so much then I remember my past in Afghanistan with an AK over my shoulder at 11 seeing dead bodies and the US army some of em was coo some not now I’m 28 and I been through hell my whole life has been hurt wen I feel happiness it don’t feel rite

  49. Amir Akins

    when is this gonna be on apple music

  50. Lakiyah Green

    And they say all his songs sad 😝😝Well look at what we have here

    1. vliduu zeeb

      This that shit but this my shit frfrbjpsel.info/video/bideo/pXSts4qqvp6la7Y.html

  51. Liveup Freeman

    Real song bredda 💯

  52. Ry Nachreiner

    funniest video of 2020 jpsel.info/video/bideo/pnm_sHKt1ZqYodA.html

  53. tlt1984

    Lil fat emo nigga lol

    1. tlt1984

      @vliduu zeeb lol

  54. Antonio And dasae

    Dis bih Pressure rod wave

  55. tay tra


  56. tay tra



    Shed a fuckin tear. This exactly how I feel . I’m boutta leave my crib and do this rap shit on my own .

  58. TinyDigg Deep

    Everybody I invested trust turn out to be snakes

  59. Brett Wayne

    Rod wave music like free therapy

  60. Ienvy_ headshot-_-

    His best song!💯

  61. Amayia Baker

    Say mama hey mama 💚

  62. Mack

    “quarter pounder on my bus i’m finna murder that” det nigga so damn fat it makes no sense😂

  63. dareal og daddy cain mbh

    I like this song periodtt

  64. Kiearah Simpson

    Right na today!

  65. Mariah Morrell

    This song fire asf

  66. Rayshawn Gee

    I love this song sooooooo much😍😍😍😍

  67. LifeAsADoll


  68. LifeAsADoll

    Like if this song lock

  69. Boss Don

    Good music

  70. TheReal Tyk-_-Hacker

    “It’s demons inside my heart I can feel them growing...”

  71. Flakita Duarte

    He killed this song 🎶 💜

  72. Percy Vance

    Get yo money man fuck these haters

  73. Megan Withrow

    Best song ever

  74. zehts

    "dont know what to believe😭❤️"

  75. Shakiya Thompson

    my song

  76. khaigirl_slay 1

    This shit soo hard uu can hear da pressha and pain in his voice 💔!!

  77. Sammy Lowe

    I lik your lyrics you good

  78. Lady Love Ares BossLady

    First time hearing this song heard it on someones fb pg. I said let me check him out.. it's catching ok.. he did that..

  79. Odd-1 Talks Truth


  80. silk silk

    I feel his pain 💯 even though i had went through the samething 👌

  81. Joseph Robles

    0:16 no tryna roast I love rod wave but WTF is that

  82. Kendrick Pervis

    I Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  83. Dakarai Hillman

    fam you have to put this beat back on the tube stop hoggin 😂😂

  84. CLUTCHxMVPx 305

    Rob bro yo music Crazyyyyyy Clutch!!!!!! I’m going DUMB this year on me bruh

  85. all about ducks

    Damn no hate but ive been seing him everywhere but he is just a mumbler

  86. Champstyle Beats

    This song hard bro

  87. biggi poppa

    I feel this sk deep

  88. Yolanda Leverett

    I love your song

  89. spaceytrill

    Unreleased rod wave song jpsel.info/video/bideo/pXazs6io1OCli64.html

  90. UploadError-


  91. Omar Lawrence


  92. Moco Jr TV

    U up thier there now aint no coming back 💯💯

  93. Charles Navarro

    wooooo the best

  94. Angel296

    Based savage is gone for good man...

  95. Kâý Łâ

    Y'all better stop sleeping on Rod Wave

  96. Marvin Yancey

    Real niggaz gone feel diz. I dead ass feel like dude be talking to me!! Goin through a lot right now but diz music keep me sane!! Keep goin bru!!

  97. Lamiyah Thomas


  98. roderick anderson

    Rod Wave get your own cologne designed by you and get it sold to the masses this can be a great stream of income for you www.whiff.com

  99. BBw I Candy


  100. Semaj Dunbar

    Yo he the only rapper that do rap and sing who wish he was your dad