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  1. Mr Silence Dogood

    Worlds fastest pit stop crew... CHECK! Best driver! CHECK! Best CHASSIS! CHEEEEECK! Best HONDA! CHECK! READY?! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK!!!!! LETS GO!!!

  2. Albert Einstein

    I cringe at the bad acting that features in this majestic video.

  3. Sơn Hồng

    I'm from vietnam

  4. Joseph Bloe


  5. Executer83

    The moment where F1 finally died.

  6. Yatharth Verma

    We need a miami street circuit

  7. tiger saux

    Mixed memories from Istanbul I wonder why?

  8. Felo Rivera

    Can we do promos like monster's gymkhanas, but with f1 cars? RedBull: Hold my energy drink brb

  9. PITBULL 9379

    1.5x speed sounds like normal gearing

  10. F1 things

    “Were here on eau rouge” *That raidillon actually buzzer intensifies*

  11. Diogo Soares

    RB dominando os esportes..

  12. Wolf Motorsport

    Sebastian vettowel

  13. Tachanka God

    And now wait for the v4 engines

  14. Love the cards fate deals & play them

    I’ve just started getting into F1, and one of the most interesting parts to me is the entire team & structure and how they all seek improvements in their processes & equipment. Whether it’s the engineers, pit crew, radio, tires, logistics. It’s like everyone is trying to constantly improve to win. I like this & it makes me seeing an F1 car win a race appreciate everything that goes into that victory.

  15. Adam Galić

    People comparing the speed of an f1 car to the v8 know nothing about supercars. If you look at Max's eyes he is actually very interested by what is going on and has always said good things about the supercars.

  16. Rahul Dev

    Hahhhaaahhhaa, this one is really cool...

  17. swedereaper

    Wheres the halo?

  18. Hareesh Kumar


  19. Pritam 01

    Just Awsome Unpluged Video 1st time making pulsetting feel..F1 realy👌✌Wish some day future soon it will b Road legal😉

  20. can i have beans?

    Max's 2021 Car Livery must have the Unicorn instead of the Bull

  21. can i have beans?

    So when is Red Bull going to Pikes Peak?

  22. llAntimatterll

    *Just one time* I wanna see someone go against the grain, and go around the oval the opposite way. Sick of seeing left turns on ovals 😂

  23. Gaming Asthetic's

    The moment when you cry because of a video about a bolt😂😢

  24. OMGclueless

    The most impressive thing about this video is the camera stabilization.

  25. jzues

    Sucks to be Riccardo right now ;'D

  26. Dennis van Tol

    I would love to know what soundtrack this is. (There are more vids on YT with more of the engine noise.)

  27. Carbon2wheeler

    Less music more motor

  28. mieke decock

    when you hit the camera that hurt , big thank boys !

  29. FangJeff

    Fast screen writer: noted

  30. Víctor Alfonso Núñez

    Daniel es el mejor debería estar hay

  31. Drummercommander

    This proofs that no one on the PR department of RB gives a damn about cars. Let us hear the engine roar!!


    The crew 2 in real life 😂

  33. M L

    Championship winning car!

  34. Kaua Marques

    Oi Xexel

  35. Kaua Marques

    V vc como

  36. anto leyo

    Next, F1 goes *BOWL* racing

  37. Mikey Mike

    were can i purchase a little cart like that

  38. Veeti Aikio

    Most famous bolt on this planet

  39. Berkay Erdoğan

    Respect to the cameras

  40. francesco micheli

    sound video ?

  41. Lautaro Pintos

    3:35 jajajaja el drs para rebasar

  42. Daniël Lijmer

    I need to know the fucking top speed

  43. Valquiry 07

    Have a.c in car?

  44. Sulverius

    Another lost year with crashstappen

  45. Alan Caldoza

    That distance on paved, asphalt and dirt on an F1? Goodluck to your butt

  46. Jontelitooo

    -music +engine sound

  47. Chris

    hello redbull racing, we want more, thanks

  48. Ski11ed Pl4yer

    Literally looks like a Ford GT on crack. This will be a car that I will always would like but would never be able to get😂

  49. Ashish Agrawal

    Imagine Gasly watching this video.

  50. Tom Mack

    Not a bad looking car. Looks like a Group C prototype from 1990 with 30 yrs of aero and fully digital OS. Fundamentally similar architecture with modern materials and technology. V12 power in a carbon fiber monocoque with ground effects and double wishbones at each corner. More things change, more they stay the same...

  51. Trần Xuân Đình

    Wellcome F1 to Hanoi -Vietnam 2020

  52. Steve Clements

    The pot holes around here would smash it to bits.

  53. Quincy

    i.e. what happens when Adrian Newey cheats road regulations instead of F1 regs.

  54. MrJr

    So sad that this will not be included in the hypercar class of LM in 2021



  56. Dan B Cooper

    I think Aston Martin advertised it as being as fast as an F1. F1-drivers reaction to the test drive; not so much...

  57. Echnaton Hechtmeister Hering

    I like the content but not the video. ...and i didn't hear the real music! Just a bunch of weird screaming sounds, which tried to distract me from the content itself. Humans, you can do better!!

  58. Malvina Sula

    jj gb gb4j ghlhv bbtrrřtfyahs6e6r6r6r6r66uyuucghh

  59. Kratos 0296

    Fucking hell the music on top of everything is such a bad idea, idk how you put music that loud to the point where you can't hear talking/engine sound

  60. cool btohshaiqnddiwjdns

    what kind of tires

  61. Ben Rogers

    If kvyat was given this......

  62. big smoke

    2020 we need a new one

  63. Ędøårdø Pìçardi

    I love music the crew 2

  64. TheDestroyer32

    You have the best sound track in the world, a V12, and you put some shitty music over it... fire the cunt who did that!

  65. Nick Pallatt

    why would you put this awful music over the sound of the car? what is wrong with you people?

  66. skconstructions S

    Hey Max that's sounds and born from Formula One but from the outside this behemoth can resemble some of the portions of the Lemans Prototype 1

  67. Jack Jeter

    Beautiful livery

  68. X Fade

    "Drive with caution" on the hud.

  69. C Brooks

    Not bad for a first edit. But next remove that "music" so we can hear the car!

  70. the german

    it would be cool if it was in the 24hours of lemans

  71. Abdul Don

    Should be hibernating in the winter

  72. General Prime

    the COMPLEXity in the creation of a single SIMPLE bolt....

  73. Mickehd00d

    Less music, more of that glorious V12 singing, please!

  74. Adonis Top of Men

    great car …….

  75. diggi juri

    This is the vagner in gta right

  76. Dario DeNiro

    A road car, really?

  77. blackflagqwerty

    Fuck that shit awful music off! Let me hear the fucken engine! Thumbs Down, Unsubbed and fuck you video editor!!!

  78. 24 Miles of James

    RIP, thanks Stroll🇨🇦

  79. Shane Jackson

    Why bother? It has been reported today that the Aston Martin Valkyrie has been cancelled and will not be in the Hypercar series. www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/other/aston-martin-reportedly-kills-off-valkyrie-racecar/ar-BB108A55?li=AAgfYrD Seems Lance Strolls father is behind this.

  80. Dim Per

    Lol the vagner

  81. C439672-D

    He wasnt going very fast. What was it "yes we will shut all the roads for you and remove all the traffic but don't you dare speed"!

  82. Kim Live

    Less shitty music, and more sound from the car... And just more about the car and the drivers.

  83. Charles Griffiths

    Engine sounds like a small motorcycle rather than an F1 car. The Valkyrie sounds amazing.

  84. David Quinn

    What a lush car

  85. 케헹냐

    The Crew 2..?

  86. marcus_rss

    der neue Endgegner ;-)

  87. Orcawhale

    0:40 Same guy who was behind the Mclaren P1, so no doubt this will be a proper hypercar.

  88. Ride On


  89. Brian Rose

    I bet you can't put shittier music to a video

  90. Jeshkam

    I'll miss the LMP1 cars...

  91. Denis Denonovich

    Bad team .crash crash and crash pls .fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  92. ka i

    I love these two but damn my heart hurts seeing that durian wasted like that 😭

  93. Only UPSC

    Try in india😜😜😜

  94. And


  95. Chris Hagan

    2:44..... What a teaser. Where's the full video

  96. LamboCoin Cars

    So that's where the camo livery went... :)


    So disappointed Aston Martin pulled the plug on their hyper car program for WEC. I was really looking forward to September & seeing them run against Toyota. That being said, maybe now we can get the LMDH cars in both IMSA & WEC as the top category. Hopefully with quite a bit more power than the DPI cars currently running.

  98. Zeth Loveless

    This is what f1 cars wish they could be 😈

  99. Joanie E

    1:40 when Lamborghini’s are in the tunnel