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  1. 서뇽

    すごいって言うか怖い… 血管大丈夫かな…?

  2. E S2

    Eu posso comer um 15 em um dia.

  3. Professor Plumm

    Butter toffee and chocolate?? Is it like a skor candy bar for the states?

  4. 서뇽

    곱창집가서 대창만 10인분 시켜도 다 드실수 있을거같아

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    スーパーの コロッケ あじふらい メンチカツ カキフライ 天ぷら とんかつ もしてほしい

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  11. speechless05

    Lol that chef being having way too much fun messing with them

  12. Athirah Auji

    Daim is so delicious😭💕💖 I have some in my fridge rn😂 It's such a nice choco to eat whenever you want💝 Thank gosh I live in Europe.

  13. c7887h

    前から思ってたけど、食卓テーブルにロンちゃん上がるの不衛生だと思う。 いくら室内飼いでちゃんとお風呂に入れてるとはいえ、良くないと思う。

  14. Kris Amorim

    E muito bom o pão de queijo eu amo demais ❤️❤️ Yuka quero conhecer você pessoalmente um dia.❤️❤️

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  17. void 9

    I loved your video, so cute

  18. _ Rui

    美味しそう(*'ω' *)✨🍴

  19. void 9

    essas Japa são um buraco sem fundo, slk

  20. Anin Galaxy

    Bring back the old pancit canton 😭

  21. speechless05

    I really hope she went and ate like 5kg of salad or veggies after that

  22. m kana

    昔みたいに、インスタントラーメンにいろいろ好きなものトッピングしたものの大食いが見たいです❣️ 動画楽しみにしてます!がんばってください💗

  23. Y Miku

    わかるわかる!醤油よりも昆布つゆの方が甘塩っぱくてすごい卵に合うから、こりゃまたご飯が進んじゃうんだよね🍚🥚🤤 朝ごはん食べたのにゆうかちゃん見てたらTKG食べたくなってきた😂

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    Pedas? Wkwk apa kabar indomie ayam geprek

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  29. Ruben Garza

    1:17 かわいい😂❤️

  30. juri abc

    私もTKGはつゆ系で食べます(●´ω`●) お出汁が効いてて美味しいですよねぇー( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )❤︎

  31. Dr. Apollo

    *salmonella* has joined the chat

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    Please make the food from Ajinomoto I saw the commercial and I want you to make video ♥️

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    So lovely person and delicious food😂😂😂

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  41. Andrew Lee

    That's pretty fun. A good combination of comfort foods.

  42. Andrew Lee

    really interesting. I'm sure it made the ramen taste smooth.

  43. Mukbang Mermaid

    🍔🍕MUKBANG 4 LIFE🍔🍕YUKA My gills are drooling!!!! YUMM

  44. Dessert Comes First

    Was going to have butter and toast for breakfast but now I want eggs and rice...

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  49. beet

    Took me 2 minutes in to realize I forgot to turn the subs on. 😂

  50. arcturus 7

    Daim is also sold at IKEA 💙🌚

  51. ぬま

    卵かけごはんには井ゲタ醤油のたまごかけしょうゆがおいしいよ!!! チャーハンの味付けに使ったりもしてるぐらい愛用🤣

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    Subscribe to my channel I'm Egyptian JPselr

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    ゆるちゃんだと思って観てたw daimのチョコおいしいですよねー!!

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    Cream in carbonara is sacrilegious

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    ゆうかさん「この後すぐ寝らんといけないんでね、あんまりちょっとね、食べると良くないんでね、五合くらいでね(控えめに)」 自分「寝る前?控えめ?!?!」

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    サーモン4キロは…クマっ🐻?!(笑) 美味しそう😊

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    That looks the same as a heath candy bar it's chocolate covered toffee

  61. Ninety Five

    I love it when you talk more. And share some stories with us. Luv u 💖

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  63. dhglowlightblue

    I’m not sure if you have IKEA in Japan, but usually, you can find Daim there! ☺️

  64. Ninety Five

    Always stole my bro's Daim sooo like it

  65. Adagio

    Omg thank you for showing your fav snack! I'm glad that you're more comfortable now ❤❤ ganbareee

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    عافيت. اولسن

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    It sounds like a version of our Heath bar!

    1. carrocaramell

      Yes! Check this out: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daim_bar

  68. s n fakhirah

    01:17 am

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    まさかスープ飲むとは思わんやった😅 恐るべし

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    Kinoshita eu te amo e te adoro

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    woaaah how can u eat this

  74. isabel de carvalho

    Kinoshita você é muito linda ❤️❤️ UM dia quero te conhecer

  75. Muhammad Aidil

    woww coklat Daim. Kalau pergi pulau Langkawi,Malaysia mesti beli coklat daim haha

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  77. Kugathalord22

    I tried egg on rice but can't eat uncooked white, the white has to be cooked for me so I try to use the egg right after putting rice in my bowl. I needed more meat!

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    예전엔 자막이 나라별로 많더니 왜 지금은 없는거죠??

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  89. WorldEmpire2027

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    Find it at IKEA. Don’t know if you have or they ship Japan

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