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  1. Kookie’s Lian

    Why did I cry watching this???

  2. Matilde Natera Almonte

    Te Amo

  3. h. n. g

    U took a sample of my pasta

  4. style 2016

    صحراء قاحلة

  5. Mariza Prestes Da Rosa


  6. Josefa Alves

    Y love you BTS


    Eu amo muito bts❤🇧🇷

  8. Jungkook

    طخيلوا بطاطص يتعلمون عربي ويشوفون التعليقات بس معارك وحب وزواج والله الا يحذفون الفيد بلاش قله ادب

  9. Haushah Jaja

    1:00 Chicken noodle soup

  10. رهف محمد& بتس ستان

    هاي ارمي

  11. Yoo Jung little sister

    I want to wake up, I hate being In dream

    1. Army Girl

      Why is it so dark without you

  12. Карина Сергеевна.


  13. Ангелина Ангел

    Она сказала сижу ю толови она скучает по ви это хосок не путай корейцев!! Ру арми вы тут??!!°°!!

  14. Rossi 46

    Let's get it until 1billion guys


    نِوِر لَأّنِ أّنِتّيِّ شٍبِشٍبِ فِّصٌيِّر أّلَمَشٍأّګلَ بَِّسبِبِجِ😂

  16. Park Skylar

    Cara, sinceramente... Eu me acho mó gata :v mas quando eu vou tirar foto com a câmera do meu celular, acaba com a minha beleza, cara...

  17. Stací Solsticē


  18. Army Girl

    Don't wanna be lonely, just wanna be yours

    1. Yoo Jung little sister

      Save me save me princess

  19. رهف محمد& بتس ستان

    ارمي عربي

  20. Josefa Alves


  21. Michelle Geniale

    Hobi is so good 😍💜

  22. Кебедгаджи Курбанов

    Шуга как всегда рулет

  23. Nylia geldani Herdanet Lozzy

    This is too addictive ❤️❤️❤️😍

  24. Isham Lopchez

    Hermoso performance. Una gran ovación para el bailarín principal.

  25. Salma Laila


  26. Ashish Khandelwal


  27. ᴛɪᴀ ᴘᴀʀᴋツ

    Finalmente minha foto de perfil atualizou ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  28. Ashish Khandelwal

    Let’s get to one billion

  29. Park Jimin

    wow!Who are they? Are they new girl groups? Are they also a KPop group? So far I only know BTS and TXT as kpop group. Looks like I like these girls! Can anyone give me the title of their song that I should hear?

    1. Ambar

      It's GFRIEND!

  30. ارميوال EXO**BTS

    ليش هيك عم يصر فهموووني

    1. JUNG KOOK


  31. bts_army mimi

    مين هنا من 2020 qwq اثبت وجودك (√~√)

  32. Jungkook

    جماعه ليش لمن اجي تصير عركه واي

    1. Jungkook

      @JUNG KOOK انطمي

    2. JUNG KOOK

      @Jungkook شٍتّأّبِ 👠

    3. Jungkook

      @JUNG KOOK سم

    4. Jungkook

      @JK ARMY اتص اوكيه

    5. JUNG KOOK


  33. ay yıldız

    this song is between us black and white .the amazing one suga🍀



    1. JUNG KOOK

      @JK ARMY دِوِمَ أّنِيِّ تّمَأّمَ 💜

    2. JK ARMY

      @JUNG KOOK بخيرر وانتِ?💗

    3. BTS جيمينشيه مجهوله!!!


    4. JUNG KOOK

      @JK ARMY 💜شٍلَوِنِجِ أّيِّمَأّنِ

  35. Фатимкаа Мимимишка

    ARMY LET'S GO 50☄☄☄

  36. senhorita jeon



    تعرفوا أن TXT ترسموا في اليابان أيضا في يناير الحااالي ... و احدثوا الكثير من التساؤلات عنهم و تلقوا كثير من الاعجاب.. لذا لندعمهم أينما كانوا ... أفتعجبوا أن رأيتهم مرة قد ترسموا في أميركا ؟هههههههه ... ربما يحدث ذلك ههههه

  38. Sharon Amorica Riri

    Aku cinta kamu RM

  39. bunny the kookie


  40. Lelph

    Eu sou o único menino no meio de todas essas armys?

  41. style 2016

    داي ....😉

  42. sergio alegado

    WOW!! This mv is awesome its really striking

  43. Riman Ali

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Lourdes Liveira

    Mais tarde volto gente amo vcs boa tarde 💜

    1. Park Jimin៹ღ

      tchauu! até mais tarde ksks, fica bem, te amo

    2. ᴛɪᴀ ᴘᴀʀᴋツ

      Tchau (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  45. Mida Rana

    wait what how ? dude I've no idea how? Can anyone help me? :') no hate okay?

    1. Ambar

      It's GFriend, a girlgroup

  46. stream DNA, n DejaVu by Dreamcatcher

    48,625,nine two nine

  47. SUBMASTER submaster

    Suga:don't let me shine A.R.M.Y:*AR YOU KIDDING ME?*

  48. ifor BTS

    Came here again to appreciate this master piece! I love this version so much 💜

  49. ARMY ClaiRee

    (SMA Main category) Last day to fight.Please cast your FREE votes now, everyone wants that top 10 places. Hold on there DAESANG IS CHOSEN FROM TOP 10 If BTS drop from top 10 , they won't be in the nomination of daesang

  50. Daniella Herrera


  51. Duoc Nguyen

    Omg guys Hitman Bang ( Bang Shi hyuk ) written for 2 Gfriend songs in the new album!!

  52. الـسنآفي Alsnafi

    بالله مين يتفرج على ذولا مدري مين البنت ومين الولد فيهم ههههه

    1. رهف محمد& بتس ستان

      ترا شدخلك فينا نقلع طلاع براتنا ولا تدخل بشي مابخصك ابدا فديت يلي ضاغطينكم

    2. رهف محمد& بتس ستان

      ؟؟؟ لبرا احسنلك

  53. Фатимкаа Мимимишка

    700 ARMY LET'S GO ☄☄☄

  54. xvツ

    they dont know how to dance or what

  55. song mae-ri

    For new fans of TXT (fangirl version! *You have been warned~)* 0:10 Left to right: *Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin, Kai, Taehyun* 0:22, 0:40-0:42, 0:58-1:02, 1:35-1:43, 2:28, 2:52 *Huening Kai* (maknae) 0:28, 0:31, 1:09, 1:13-1:19, 1:31, 2:54 *Soobin* (leader and BW) 0:30, 0:34-0:39, 1:04-1:07, 2:08, 2:42, 2:45 *Beomgyu* (main visual? but ALL of them visuals too :D) 0:46-0:52, 0:27, 0:56, 1:58-2:06, 2:09, 2:15-2:20, 2:56, 2:59, 3:19, 3:22 *Yeonjun* (from the moment I heard, "Want no one, but you," from Crown, he became my bias XD An all-rounder as well, again the others too!) 0:54, 1:47-1:55, 2:47-2:50 *Taehyun* (You guys, he can sing! Main vocalist.) 3:30 Taehyun, woke up, so did Yeonjun a little bit! 0:43 Kyahhhh Left: Beomgyu Right: Soobin Middle: Taehyun CX 2:11 Left: Yeonjun Right: Kai 0:44-0:45, 0:53, 0:55, 1:10, 1:25-1:30, 1:32-1:34, 1:45, 1:56, 2:14, 2:22, 2:32, 2:44, 2:53, 2:57, 3:09, 3:23, 3:25, 3:28 Why are they soooooo cute? 3:05-3:07 They look so happy, which makes me happy! 3:08 Ah yes, that star. Is that giving us a hint that the fandom name will be called, *"STAR (Stay Together Always Remember)?"* :D Of course, now their true fandom name is *MOA!* 3:15 Wooooah!

  56. Viktorija K.

    I can’t stop listening to the song in spotify and watch this video in YT. I love it so much. Just the emotion of the song is so amazing.... and then this video gets imprinted in your head so I just keep seeing this swan fighting and finally accepting it’s shadow. Love it!!!

  57. ᄋᄋ

    앨범내는거 아니였어..? 영화..를 만드나..?

  58. 밍밍

    지금도 좋지만 나는 화양연화 결코 잊지못해.. 탈덕한 그 순간에도 화양연화는 품고간다..

  59. 블링블링


  60. The Best GAMES


  61. Emily Pink

    I’m a new army fan someone help me with who’s who?

  62. The Best GAMES

    CUTE GROUP😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Isadora Gomes


  64. Nitwit

    Please self don't cry! 😢

  65. кiм ταєнyυทg

    Aquele jungkook do dia da briga nunca mais apareceu aqui kkk

    1. Park Jimin៹ღ

      sim ksksk

  66. Zari Petrova

    Love you 😘💕💝💟💞

  67. Estefany Pires


  68. Army Girl

    I lost my prince Did you see my prince manse?

  69. Lexi W

    Who is willing to bet that they where more makeup then most women? Btw I'm an english comment yay

  70. Let them be them Let us be us

    I can't wait to see BTS first stage of this song

  71. Mar iam

    شا يصبرني ليوم ما اشوف بتس يرقصوا على بلاك سوان

  72. Moon Jun


    1. Ambar

      @32최하나 GFriend QUEENS

    2. 32최하나

      Uwuuuu haters are burning of jealousy. We love it

  73. Nicole sanari

    Nicoll Nicoll Nicoll ..

  74. Estefany Pires

    “As cerejeiras estão florescendo, o inverno está no fim. Eu sinto sua falta.” - BTS

  75. Bariout Adem

    Jk V Rm Suga Jimin Jin J.hop Bts Army

  76. Arab Army

    نورهان ملاحظة انو كترانين شوقا ستان🌚🔪🔪🔪

    1. Suga is mine

      @Arab Army 😧😭امال لما يواعد ايه هيكون شعورك 😭

    2. Arab Army

      @Suga is mine الانستا كلن عم يحطو ستوريات عن شوقا وهون كلن شوقا ستان خلااص انا تعبت من الغيرة💔

    3. Suga is mine

      @Arab Army عشان انتي قولتي انك مش هتسهري

    4. Suga is mine

      -شوقا ستان صار لازمهم اباده🌚🔪-

    5. Arab Army

      @Suga is mine مابعرف اليوم بدي نام عندي رفيقتي لماذا

  77. Eloysa Vitória Viegas

    Amooo vcs bts

  78. bunny the kookie

    Vamos a 700m ainds esse ano genteeee

  79. Camila Ojeda


  80. ĸɪиɢταи ._

    شويه واجي

    1. Me Me

      اوك حب ❤🌹

  81. кiм ταєнyυทg

    Eae pessoas, tudo bem? :v

    1. ᴛɪᴀ ᴘᴀʀᴋツ

      Tudo sim, e com vuxe ?

    2. кiм ταєнyυทg

      @Park Jimin៹ღ to de boas :v

    3. кiм ταєнyυทg

      @Park Skylar tbm :v

    4. Park Jimin៹ღ

      tudo sim e vc? :3

    5. Park Skylar

      Eae, man. Eu tô na paz, e tu? ~( ̄▽ ̄)~

  82. Park Skylar

    Gente, vocês ganham mesada ou trabalham? :v Eu trabalho, a minha mãe faz assim: Se eu arrumar a casa sem ela pedi, ganho 1 real. Se eu arrumar o guarda-roupa, ganho 5 reais. E assim vai :v Trabalho com outras coisas também, sem ser em trabalho doméstico . _.

    1. ᴛɪᴀ ᴘᴀʀᴋツ

      Eu não ganho nem 50 centavos Kkkk

    2. Park Skylar

      @Lourdes Liveira Tenho 12

    3. Lourdes Liveira

      @Park Skylar tem quantos anos ?

    4. Park Skylar

      @Lourdes Liveira KKKKKK minha mãe fala que eu ainda sou nova pra mesada ;-;

    5. Lourdes Liveira

      Mesada meu pai pega uma mesa e taca em mim kkkkkk brincks mais canho mesada

  83. jose luiz lacerda

    Bosta pura.

  84. Antonella

    Me terminé enamorando de la canción y de ellos ayy

  85. JK ARMY

    Me sinto entediado(⊙﹏⊙)

  86. fArHa YosAaAAaf

    *woop woop suckerrrrs gfriend comin back stronger than everrrrr* . . . support from all around the world <3

  87. Vanessa Diaz

    A pesar q soy blink , me gusto esta cancion ya q no esta tan mal

  88. Hải Anh

    Đúng hôm sinh nhật mk luôn 9/1🎉🎉🎉

  89. 《Kim Zaina》

    خلص بفطس بختنق ارحموني انا جنيييتتت😭😭 ولكم تففف انا حماره ليش شفته تف علي😂😂😂😭💔

    1. JK ARMY


  90. Anjali Thakur

  91. hujo 981

    ياه بعدني مشغوله باجر اريد اطلع😑 عاد ان شاء الله عدهم مجال حته نطلع

    1. Me Me

      انشالله يطلعون راح تحمضين بالبيت 😹😹😹

  92. Фатимкаа Мимимишка

    650 Fighting !!! ARMY LET'S

  93. Marcela Carvalho Campos


    1. Marcela Carvalho Campos


  94. Amanda Costa

    Procure aí por- *FODA-SE K-POP* Rachei mt de rir com esse vídeo 😹😹KkKkK

  95. Thao Nguyen


  96. PTTV gaming


  97. bts ميمي army

    الجو خرافي رعد ومطر وهوه عالي

  98. bunny the kookie

    Simbora galeraaaa